What Are the Fees for IGNOU M.Tech? - Complete Guide 2022
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What Are the Fees for IGNOU Distance M.Tech? - Complete Guide 2022


Indira Gandhi National Open University; IGNOU is a well-known university that was formed in the year 1985. The university has been offering distance learning programs to students for a very long time and has been promoting easily accessible education to every student. The university is globally recognised by the UGC-DEB and NAAC with an A grade. The university's mission is to give the finest quality education to students from all walks of life. IGNOU has 67 regional centres throughout the world and offers 227 different programmes through 21 different institutions.

The university offers various courses under the UG, PG, Diploma and Certificate courses in a lot of different specializations. However, this blog is specifically about the fee structure of M.Tech. in the most detailed way.

This article will help you know everything that you need to know about the M.Tech. course offered by IGNOU and the fee structure that it follows. Also Find: Cheapest Top 7 Online MBA Programs.

What are the Fees for IGNOU M.Tech.? – Detailed Fees Structure

M.Tech. is an postgraduate programme offered to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field or equivalent. Because IGNOU offers a wide range of specialties as part of this degree, the fee structure for each area will vary depending on the interests of the students. When it comes to M.Tech. however, IGNOU offers different specialisations. Here, we will take a look at the fee structure of all the specializations offered under the course:

Courses (Specializations) Fee Structure
M.Tech. in Embedded System Design and Information Systems Security INR 56, 000
M.Tech. in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Microelectronics & VLSI Design INR 2, 40, 460
M.Tech. in Advanced Information Technology with specialisation in Intelligent Transportation Systems INR 3, 00, 000
M.Tech. in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Satellite Communication & Space Systems INR 2, 40, 460
M.Tech. in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Automotive Engineering & E- Manufacturing INR 2, 40, 460

IGNOU M.Tech. Fees For SC Students

In comparison to other institutions, IGNOU's tuition fees are exceptionally inexpensive, allowing students to pay for their education on their own. The objective of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is to provide high-quality education to people from all areas of life. On the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, students from both the restricted and unreserved categories can apply for distance B.Tech. programmes (IGNOU). SC students, on the other hand, do not receive a tuition discount, and the academic price is the same for everyone.

IGNOU M.Tech. Online Exam Fee Payment

The fees for the TEE June 2022 examination have been raised from Rs 150 to Rs 200. At the end of the term, the IGNOU Exam Fees for both Theory and Practical Exams would be the same. Candidates must pay the relevant fees for any courses they wish to take the exam for in June 2022.

Exam forms for the June Term-End Examination and the December Term-End Examination must be submitted by March 31st for the June Term-End Examination and September 30th for the December Term-End Examination to avoid a late charge. If the following prerequisites are met, exam forms will be accepted without a late fee. Students may be penalised if they do not complete their tasks within the allowed time frame. Students can contact the university via email if they have any questions.

IGNOU M.Tech. Registration Fees

In addition to the non-transferable programme price for the first semester/year, a non-refundable Registration Fee of Rs. 200/- will be collected at the time of admission (unless otherwise noted). The registration fee will not be returned if the event is cancelled.

Before submitting a request for a fee payment cancellation, students should read the University's refund policy. The rules and conditions for a fee refund are as follows:

The following are some of the advantages of doing an IGNOU M.Tech Course:

  • The money would be repaid after deducting Rs.200/- from the total amount of the fee paid before the deadline for submission of the admission form.
  • Within 15 days of the final date for submitting the admission form, fees will be refunded after a deduction of Rs.500/- from the amount payable.
  • If the application is received within 30 days of the deadline for filing the application, fees will be repaid after a Rs.1,000 processing charge is deducted.

It is necessary to consider both the deadline for submitting an application without a late fee and the deadline for submitting an application with a late fee. However, any late costs will not be repaid.


⭐ What is the Fee of IGNOU M.Tech.?

The total academic fee of IGNOU M.Tech. depends upon the specializations one chooses.

⭐ Do I have to Pay the Registration fee for M.Tech. in IGNOU?

Yes, you need to pay the registration fee while taking admission in the distance M.Tech. course of IGNOU. The payable registration fee is Rs. 200 and it is non-refundable.

⭐ Is there any Value of a M.Tech. from IGNOU?

M.Tech. from IGNOU is a valuable course for those who are unable to attend regular classes and it provides the entry level job opportunities such as Data Analysing domain.

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