Agriculture Courses After 10th: Fees, Admission 2024

Agriculture Courses After 10th: Fees, Admission 2024

There are various students who want to pursue career-oriented courses after completing their class 10th. Several types of programs are there you can choose to become a skilled candidate for grabbing high-paying jobs in the field of agriculture. Nowadays, the field of agriculture is growing tremendously and thus it opens the door to many lucrative career opportunities. There are many universities in the country that provide diploma programs in Agriculture. One of them is IGNOU. Students can easily visit the official webpage of the varsity for taking admission to the course. If you are also thinking of pursuing a good career-oriented program after the 10th, then you can browse on the internet.

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Last Date of Admission for Agricultural Courses After 10th

Admission is live in many educational institutions in the country in various programs. If you want to pursue an agricultural course just after completing your 12th, then you can reach out to a reliable university like IGNOU. The last date can be checked using the official webpage of the varsity. It may vary from one university to another. However, if you want to get admission to IGNOU agricultural programs, then it is informed that IGNOU takes admission in two admission cycles: January and December. Students should check the complete details related to the program to which they want to take admitted.


Key Specifications of Agricultural Programs After 10th

There are many agricultural courses after the 10th offered by various universities including IGNOU under ODL and online mode. Some of the top programs are Certificate in Sericulture (CIS), Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF), Certificate in Beekeeping, Diploma in Agriculture etc. Students should read the complete admission guidelines before registering for the course. Students should have completed class 10th from a recognized board of education.

Course Fee

₹ 12000 to 60000 INR

The program fee varies from one course to another. The course fee ranges from 12000 to 60000 INR. Students should check the complete details related to the fee structure of the particular institution to which they want to take admitted.

Criteria of Eligibility

10th or 12th

The basic eligibility criteria for taking admission to the course is class 10th passed by a recognized board of schooling. The eligibility criteria may slightly differ based on the type of institution. The prospectus of the particular agricultural course specialization will provide you with all the necessary details related to the course.

Duration of the Course

2 years

The course duration of every program in the Agricultural stream may differ from the other. On average, the minimum course duration for 10th-based agricultural programs is 6 months and the maximum is 2 years. Candidates should check the complete guidelines related to the program using the official webpage of the respective varsity to which they want to be admitted.

Admission Procedure 2024

It is very necessary to read and follow all the admission guidelines of the respective university for agricultural courses after the 10th. Some universities follow their own admission criteria but the registration and form filing procedures are necessary for all institutions. Candidates need to follow these steps to taking admission to the program: 1.- First of all, students are required to get themselves registered. 2.- Then, they need to create a user ID and password. 3.- After that, log in to your account and enter the mandatory details there in the form. 4.- Now, fee submission steps come in. Now, students need to choose a payment method and pay the fee online. 5.- Finally, students are required to download the acknowledgement slip there.


The syllabus is one of the most necessary things in the admission procedure. Students should check the syllabus of the course in which they want to take admission. Every agricultural course differs from the other and thus syllabus also varies based on the type of the program and course duration. If you want to know the syllabus of the desired agricultural course after the 10th, you should browse the official website of the university or download the prospectus of the particular program.

Placement & Career Assistance

Every university has its own placement cell through which they provide relevant placements and career opportunities for the studies. For instance: IGNOU has its own CPC (Central Placement Cell) through which the university provides top-quality career opportunities to the students. Candidates should follow the admission guidelines and check placement records.

Top Agricultural Courses After 10th

There are many programs in the field of Agriculture you can choose after class 10th. The courses are:

Diploma in Agriculture

Certificate in Sericulture

Certificate in Bee-keeping

Diploma in Agriculture Engineering

Diploma in Hybrid Seed Production Technology

Diploma in Horticulture

Diploma in Organic Farming

Detailed Program Description

The field of agriculture is booming these days and many career opportunities are arising in this sector. So, most institutions have multiple courses on various levels in the Agriculture segment. If you are searching for the best course after class 10th, then you can easily get many in various educational institutions including IGNOU. Candidates should know the complete admission procedure, fee, and eligibility related to the course using the official website of the varsity. Read some necessary guidelines to know more about agricultural courses after the 10th in IGNOU:

Learning Management System

The learning management system is one of the most crucial things in the study of a program. The complete course structure of all the diploma and certificate programs in Agriculture of IGNOU after the 10th is student-friendly. Students get top-quality student support in quality education. The syllabus is provided in both written and online modes. Students can easily access various information through the IGNOU website.

Printed Study Materials

The study materials are usually dispatched to the address of the candidates in printed format. They are created and made by an expert panel of academicians and professors. The study material includes all the books and notes related to the course. For more details, candidates can easily track the status of their study materials using the official website of the varsity.

Online Study Materials

The study materials of IGNOU agricultural courses are also available online through e-content apps. Candidates can browse necessary details and online materials related to the course using the official website of the varsity. The online contents too are very rich in quality and offer an alternative to the traditional learning experience.

Counselling Session

Candidates of IGNOU receive top-quality counselling and training sessions along with their studies. The university also provides agricultural training, counselling and workshops to make students aware of various advancements and processes in agriculture. These counselling sessions are organized on weekends.

Audio and Video Lectures

IGNOU provides various types of courses in Agriculture through various means. Audio and visual lectures play a very necessary role in keeping students updated. IGNOU provides various services to make studies effective. If you have enrolled on Agricultural courses after the 10th, you can also get the benefits of audio and video lectures. IGNOU provides additional knowledge through SWAYAM, AIR, TV channels and more.

Radio Lectures

IGNOU provides a series of interactive sessions through various radio channels and phone-in programs. You can access IGNOU informational content through GyanVani, e-GyanKosh and GyanDarshan. The radio education system is effective for remote areas where the regional and study centres are very far for necessary training and information.


The assignment plays a very crucial role in every program in IGNOU. The assignment contains 30% weightage for final assessments along with other internal assessment criteria. The assignments should be handwritten. For instance: if you have selected a course in Agriculture after the 10th like Certificate in Sericulture, then you need to download the assignment questions related to your course and write in your own handwriting.


The examinations are very necessary for every program. It holds about 70% weightage for the final assessments. Candidates should clear all the examinations in order to be eligible for the next semester or for the award of a degree. Complete guidelines can be checked using the official webpage of IGNOU.

Why Pursue Agricultural Courses After 10th from IGNOU?

There are many reasons students choose agricultural programs from IGNOU after the 10th. Some of them are:

UGC approved University

NAAC A++ grade accreditation

Top-class teaching faculty

Updated and latest course curriculum

Good career scope

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any query related to Agricultural Courses After 10th? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

There are many programs you can pursue after 10th in the field of agriculture like: Certificate in Sericulture, Certificate in Bee-keeping, Diploma in Agriculture, Diploma in Agriculture Engineering, Diploma in Hybrid Seed Production Technology, Diploma in Horticulture, Diploma in Organic Farming.

Yes, the Agricultural field is growing very rapidly and it provides a perfect platform to grow your career. One can easily join the course after completing class 10th for a quick job search.

Yes, you can contact the university for more details about its courses after the 10th.

There are many job scopes you can grab after completing the course after the 10th. Some of them are: Agricultural Assistant, Irrigation and Flood supervisor, Food safety trainee, Food processing assistant etc.

Yes, there are many universities that provide many agricultural programs after the 10th including IGNOU. Visit the official website for more details.

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