IGNOU Online MBA - Master of Business Administration Jan 2024

IGNOU Online MBA - Master of Business Administration 2024

Online MBA is a 2-year program offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University for those individuals who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration via online mode. This disciplines deal with topics like leadership, marketing, finance, analysis, problem-solving, etc just like any other regular MBA program. The only difference between an online MBA and a Regular MBA is that classes for an Online MBA are conducted via online mode, other than this both the disciplines are the same and hold the same value. The eligibility criteria for an Online MBA is that students are required to be graduates from a recognized UGC/DEB-approved university.

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What Is the Application Deadline for IGNOU's Online MBA Programs

IGNOU conducts admissions in two cycles- January (calendar year) and July (academic year). Check our website to stay updated about the July admission details for MBA course from IGNOU. You can apply for the course till the last date as based on IGNOU guidelines. Students can apply for various bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, postgraduate diploma, and certificate courses (both program and honours courses). Students interested can apply for the IGNOU's online MBA Course.   

Here are some key aspects to remember about OnlineMBA Admissions:

  • Any graduate with a minimum of 50% in the General Category/45% in the Reserved Category (including Chartered Accountancy/ Cost Accounting/ Company Secretary) is eligible to apply.
  • Applying to IGNOU's online MBA program has no upper age limit.
  • Last year students can also apply for this course.
  • Medium of this course will be English & Mode of this education is Online.  


Key Highlights- Online MBA from IGNOU

These are the highlights of IGNOU's Online MBA degree programme. At IGNOU, you may acquire a broad overview of all aspects of OnlineMBA. You can skim through each section to get all the information you need about the application. If you click on the link for each point, you can obtain a detailed picture of that section. Also Read: IGNOU Online Admission!

Course Fee

₹ 58,000/-

The online MBA program is divided into 4 semesters and the fee for semesters 1,2 &4th is Rs.14,000/- and for the 3rd semester the fee is Rs. 16,000/-. IGNOU has a flexibility for students where they can pay their fees in the instalment method or if a student wishes they can pay the fee in one go. The online MBA program is also offered to international students so the fee varies from the Indian students. For the International students is USD 1,100 for semesters of 1,2 & 4th and USD 1450/- for semester 3. The examination fee is not included in the program fee.

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Eligibility Criteria


A bachelor's degree in any relevant field is required of the candidate. A minimum aggregate percentile of 50 percent for the general category and 45 percent for the reserved category is required for the degree to be completed from a recognised university. Furthermore, students with a CA, CS, or CMA degree are also qualified for an MBA. There is no upper age limit for applying to IGNOU's OnlineMBA programme. It provides a variety of specialties and guides students through advanced management and business administration coursework.

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Course Duration

2 to 4 Years

Working professionals can complete their higher education with IGNOU in the most convenient way possible. One of the key reasons why the 2-year degree has been extended to 5 years is that the institution provides students with 2 extra years to complete the course at their own pace while they figure out what they want to do next. IGNOU makes it a point to provide practical experience to students who want to pursue higher education while still working.

Admission Procedure 2024

IGNOU's admissions procedures are divided into two sessions. It takes place twice a year, in January and July. IGNOU's main goal is to provide online education to people who have a busy schedule and can't afford to attend traditional programmes. IGNOU aspires to deliver online education to people from all around the country.

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IGNOU offers two specialties in its online MBA programme. One is a conventional MBA, while the other is a Banking and Finance MBA. The programme consists of 21 courses, each with five mandatory subjects and one choice subject. IGNOU MBA graduates are eligible to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Only students who have completed an MBA will be eligible to enrol in the PG Diploma programme. Furthermore, students can apply for a Ph.D. at the same institution.

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MBA has become a very in-demand degree, and as a result, placements following an MBA are easier to come by. MBAs are in high demand in both the business and public sectors. MBa graduates from any domain will be able to get high-skilled work at MNCs, as well as a competitive wage package. MBA graduates from IGNOU have a particular level of credibility and would be given first priority when it comes to job placements. IGNOU MBA will provide students with excellent placement opportunities.

Which Online MBA Specialization Is Best from IGNOU in 2024?

IGNOU MBA offers some of the best MBA specialisations, all of which are relevant to business trends and needs. The following is a list of MBA specialisations offered by IGNOU:

Online MBA in Banking and Finance

IGNOU uses a modular approach to the entire degree program, which means that if a student enrolls in MBA and, for whatever reason, is unable to complete all of the courses, she or he will be given exit points. The student will be given the PG Diploma in that particular specialization if he or she completes 6 courses in that specialization, including the fundamental course.
The shortest time to complete the entire MBA degree program is 2 years, and the maximum time to complete the IGNOU online MBA program is 4 years.

Detailed Program Description

One of the most popular programmes is IGNOU's Online MBA. IGNOU, the world's largest open university, provides Online MBA programmes in marketing management, banking and finance, and human resource management, among other specialties. Students from all around India and throughout the world come to the University for world-class management education.  

Admissions to IGNOU's Online MBA programme for the January Session are now closed. The results of an entrance exam known as the OPENMAT are used to determine MBA enrollment. For its two MBA semesters, IGNOU administers OPENMAT twice a year. The date for the next OPENMAT will be revealed soon.

When it comes to the job market, an MBA from IGNOU is a highly acknowledged degree. This is why working professionals prefer IGNOU's Online MBA programme. IGNOU MBA is a great option for working individuals who want to get a management degree without having to leave their existing job. IGNOU MBA is designed for those who have substantial experience in a particular field but find that obtaining a management degree is a barrier to advancement.  

Learning Management System

Study Material Delivery, Assignment Submission, and Examination are all part of the IGNOU MBA learning approach. IGNOU's teaching technique is ODL, as it is an open and distance learning institution (Open & OnlineLearning). IGNOU has built a presence on a range of internet platforms to enable students to easily access course materials in both offline and online modes. In IGNOU, LMS is known by the name of egyankosh and for more detailed information. Visit the link: https://egyankosh.ac.in

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Study Material Distribution System

In the following ways, IGNOU provides self-study materials and teacher assistance: The printed courseware for MBA is sent to the student's correspondence address by IGNOU. The cost of courseware is included in the cost of the MBA programme. The programme is taught by prominent professors from IIM and IIT. In terms of information and substance, IGNOU's printed study resources are world-class.

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Counselling Sessions

Students are provided counselling sessions in the study centres, which are run by the study centre coordinator. Each subject has six counselling sessions, which are usually scheduled on weekends, i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

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Audio Lectures

IGNOU has evolved throughout time and now provides audio and visual lectures on a range of platforms, allowing students to learn in the comfort of their own homes. On the following platforms, IGNOU has made audio and video content available.

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Online Study Material

For those who do not prefer to purchase the printed edition, IGNOU also provides an online version of the study materials. Students who have been accepted to the course can access the course materials over the internet. Students can download courseware from IGNOU's website and access it at any time.

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Radio Lectures

All India Radio Lectures, distributed by DD1, are broadcast at Study Centers across the country.
Lectures provided live using services such as SWAYAM, etc. are available for purchase as recordings.
IGNOU offers a range of interactive sessions in partnership with All India Radio and phone-in programmes. GyanDarshan Broadcast, GyanVani, and e-GyanKosh are among the channels that give lectures and course-related information.

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Assignments: IGNOU allocates a 30% weighting to assignments in the final conclusion. Students can submit assignments online and track their submissions' progress. Among the tasks are Case Studies, Objective Answers, Short Type Answers, and Long Type Answers. Tasks must be submitted by a certain date. All assignment specifics must be kept up to date by students.

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Semester Exam

Exams are held in June and December each year for the two admission cycles. Exams taken during the semester account for 70% of the overall course mark. If a student does not receive the required passing grades throughout the course, he or she will be given another chance during the next cycle, up until the program's end.

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IGNOU MBA Sample Certificate

Earn a UGC & AICTE, NAAC A++ -recognised MBA degree from IGNOU

  • Learn from the best faculty and industry experts.
  • Become a part of the IGNOU Alumni network.
  • Build job-ready skills to get ready for the workforce.
IGNOU MBA Sample Certificate

Key Features - IGNOU for Online MBA: Master of Business Administration

Programme Type Degree
Mode Open Distance Learning
School School of Management Studies
Duration 2 Years
Specialization Business Administration
Salient Features
  • Program are approved by AICTE
  • Offered across pan India and in selected Countries outside India
  • Modern curriculum and updated study material
  • Low-Cost fee
  • Flexible learning
Eligibility Passed Bachelor Degree of Minimum 3 years duration with at least 50% marks (45% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category).
Fee Structure The Total Programme Fee is Rs.58,000/-. The student has to pay Rs.14,000/- in the I, II & IV semesters and Rs.16,000/- in the III Semester.
Program Co-Ordinator Prof. Rajeev Kumar Shukla and Dr. Venkataiah Chittipaka School of Management Studies(SOMS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068.

IGNOU Online MBA Course/Subjects Details

Course Credit Course Code Course Title


Credit-4 MMPC-001 Management Functions and Organisational Processes
Credit-4 MMPC-002 Human Resource Management
Credit-4 MMPC-003 Business Environment
Credit-4 MMPC-004 Accounting for Managers
Credit-4 MMPC-005 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
Credit-4 MMPC-006 Marketing Management
Credit-4 MMPC-007 Business Communication


Credit-4 MMPC-008 Information Systems for Managers
Credit-4 MMPC-009 Management of Machines and Materials
Credit-4 MMPC-010 Managerial Economics
Credit-4 MMPC-011 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues
Credit-4 MMPC-012 Strategic Management
Credit-4 MMPC-013 Business Laws
Credit-4 MMPC-014 Financial Management


Credit-4 MMPC-015 Research Methodology for Management Decisions
Credit-4 MMPC-016 International Business Management
Credit-4 MMPP-001 Project Course (Equivalent to 2 Courses)
And Four courses from any one of the specialization


Credit-4 MMPC-017 Advanced Strategic Management
Credit-4 MMPC-018 Entrepreneurship
Credit-4 MMPC-019 Total Quality Management
Credit-4 MMPC-020 Business Ethics and CSR
And Three courses from any one of the specialization


Do you have any query related to MBA Online Education Course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

To be admitted to IGNOU's Online MBA programme, candidates must take the Open MAT entrance exam, and admission is based on overall merit and exam percentile.

Yes, the IGNOU Online Online MBA is a good degree because the curriculum and university are accredited by the UGC-DEB.

IGNOU Online MBA is a wonderful degree because the institution and programme are both UGC-DEB accredited and job-oriented.

Candidates can use previous year paper practise and entrance examination study material to prepare for the IGNOU Online MBA entrance examination.

Yes, IGNOU offers an Online MBA entrance exam known as OPEN MAT.

The IGNOU Online MBA entrance examination is held twice a year, in January and July.

To enroll in IGNOU Online MBA distance education, a candidate must first get a bachelor's degree from a recognized university and then pass the OPEN MAT entrance exam.

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