IGNOU MA Sociology July 2024 - Syllabus, Fees, Admission

IGNOU MA Sociology 2024 - Syllabus, Fees, Admission

Students who desire to acquire a Master's degree but are unable to attend traditional classes for a variety of reasons can enrol in the Distance MA programme. The two-year programme is divided into four semesters of six months each. Because the course information is organised in this way, students may easily prepare for their particular assessments. A variety of advantages come with an Distance master's degree in Sociology including the ability to work while studying. This training is flexible and saves time. If you're already employed and want to advance your career, an Distance MA in Sociology is the way to go.

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IGNOU Started Admissions July Session 2024. Click here to apply Till 30th June!!

What Is The Last Date Of IGNOU Distance MA Sociology Program Admission 2024?

IGNOU conducts admissions in two cycles- January (calendar year) and July (academic year). Check our website to stay updated about the July admission details for MA Sociology course from IGNOU. You can apply for the course till the last date as based on IGNOU guidelines. Students can apply for various bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, postgraduate diploma, and certificate courses (both program and honours courses). Students interested can apply till the last date according to IGNOU guidelines. Because the college offers direct admission to the IGNOU MA program, there is no need to take an entrance exam. To enroll in the course, go to the official IGNOU website and fill out the application form.   

Keep the following points in mind when applying for an Distance MA in Sociology:

  • Admissions for the IGNOU MA Sociology programme began in June for the July cycle.
  • To be eligible for the course, graduates must have a minimum of 50% in the general category and a minimum of 45 percent in the reserved category.
  • The IGNOU's Distance MA Sociology programme has no upper age limit.   

Key Highlights - Distance MA In Sociology from IGNOU

This section summarises the essential characteristics of the IGNOU MA Sociology programme to provide students with an overview of what to expect. You'll learn vital details regarding the IGNOU's Distance MA Sociology programme as you advance through the modules.

Course Fee

₹ 12,600

Almost all courses are now less expensive and more readily available than they were previously. The pricing structure for Distance MA Sociology programmes is comparable to this in order to encourage students to apply for admission to the world's largest open university. The cost of the Distance MA in Sociology is determined on the student's chosen specialisation. The IGNOU offers an Distance MA degree divided into two parts with eight different themes. The first half of the book covers specialty topics, while the second half focuses on foundations. IGNOU offers a modular curriculum.

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Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s Degree

To be eligible for admission to the IGNOU's MA Sociology programmes, students must have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university. Despite the fact that IGNOU provides a large selection of MA specialisations, each discipline has the same criteria. The MA Sociology programme at IGNOU is open to students of any age. Students of all ages are welcome to enrol in their chosen subject. The MA programme, which is available Distance, was created with the current state of society in mind.

Course Duration

2-4 Years

Working professionals can continue their education through the IGNOU while continuing to work. As a result, unlike other Distance MA in Sociology programmes, IGNOU's curriculum is four years long. This means that the MA Sociology programme at IGNOU will take a maximum of four years and a minimum of two years to finish. Because of its flexibility and low cost, the IGNOU programme may be a good fit for students who desire to continue their education while working. This curriculum will be most beneficial to those who plan to pursue a PhD degree and begin preparing for it as soon as they graduate.

Admission Procedure 2024

All university courses offered via distance learning and online learning, including distance learning and online learning, are included in the MA Sociology programme. Applicants for certain university courses were obliged to apply twice a year, in January and July. The university's mission is to provide high-quality education to students from all walks of life at an accessible price, regardless of their financial situation. Students who enrol in this IGNOU programme will be equipped to work in any country around the world.

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The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a diverse range of online courses as well as a high-quality curriculum. Aside from that, the MA Sociology programme at IGNOU is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of our country's creative and cultural history. When the university offered this option, IGNOU established the School of Humanities to teach courses in a number of areas. This course seeks to educate and explore learners' worlds by introducing them to key science, humanity, and science subjects and issues.

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The MA Sociology degree offered by IGNOU may be beneficial to those who plan to pursue further education in the future. IGNOU's MA programme assists students in gaining the knowledge they need to pursue a PhD in a specific discipline. Aside from that, students are introduced to job descriptions for a variety of MA history-related careers, such as content writer and copywriter, teacher, historian, and professor. After completing their studies, students can work in a variety of government-sponsored programmes and ministries, including the civil service.

Objective of IGNOU MA Sociology Program

Students enrolled in the IGNOU MA Sociology programme will study the culture and religion of the country. Sociology is a specialisation that strives to transmit knowledge to students in order for graduates to contribute to the country's growth. The following are some of the course's supplementary objectives:

To provide high-quality education to the students.
To provide information about a wide range of events that have occurred throughout Sociology 's, from its beginning to the present.
To give students with higher education in order for them to seek postgraduate degrees.
To provide students a thorough understanding of the country's religion and culture.
To provide our existence a conceptual context.
It primarily instructs applicants about current events and how they affect our lives, as well as India's and the rest of the world's advancement.
Provide distance learning courses to encourage students to learn independently.

Detailed Program Description

The MA in Sociology is one of the university's postgraduate programmes. IGNOU's Distance MA in Sociology is the most popular programme among online students. The MA in Sociology, MA in English, MA in Psychology, and MA in Sociology are among the specialties offered. Students may select one based on their career objectives and interests. IGNOU Masters in Arts is a postgraduate online programme that allows you to study from the convenience of your own home instead of attending regular classes.  

To apply for admission, go to IGNOU's official website. From the first week of June to the last week of December, IGNOU will accept registrations.Indira Gandhi National Open University has campuses across the country that provide undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and certificate programmes.   

Instructional Learning Resources

This university has a different educational philosophy than established universities in other countries. Under the Open University System, which is more learner-centered, student participation in the teaching-learning process is more widespread. The majority of training is done via distance communication rather than face-to-face interaction. The following is a list of instructional resources that the institution has made available to students for their own use:

Printed Study Materials

The institution's principal mode of instruction is print. You should spend the majority of your time reading the written materials that the university sends you on a regular basis to gain a thorough understanding of the problems discussed in the course. Printed materials would serve to complete tasks and prepare for term-end assessments. Also Learn About: IGNOU MCA 2024


Face-to-face contact between students and their tutors/counselors is critical to the learning process in distant education. The goal of this interaction is to resolve any concerns you may be having and to dispel any doubts you may have, which may not be achievable through other lines of communication at this time. It also gives you the chance to socialise with other students. At the Study Centres, academic advisors with years of experience are available to assist and advise you on the courses you've chosen. They'll also be able to respond to any questions you might have.

Online Study Material

Students can also use the online study materials provided by IGNOU, which are available in a variety of formats. The study guide is a digital version of a previously printed version. Analyses are in place at the college to assist them in their endeavour. In theoretical courses, there are two types of evaluation: continual assessment through assignments and a final examination at the conclusion of each semester. The final exam receives a 70% weighting, whereas all other course assignments receive a 30% weighting. You must receive a grade of at least 40% on the continuous evaluation (assignments) and 40% on the term-end test to pass a course.


Assignments are available on the Indira Gandhi National Open University's official website. Assignments are simply a type of ongoing evaluation. To avoid any delays in the term-end assessment system, assignments must be submitted well ahead of the deadline. When computing your final mark, the grades you receive on your assignments will be considered. Because assignments account for 30% of your overall mark, they should be treated with care.

Exams for the Semester

Semester exams are held in June and December of each year. Only once you have completed the course will you be able to take the exam. The term end test, as previously indicated, is the most essential component of the grading system, accounting for roughly 70% of the final grade. You must complete and submit your term end examination application before the deadlines.

Other Specialization Distance MA Programs from IGNOU

The institution offers a Distance MA program with ten specialties. These specialities are based on the skills and knowledge necessary to comprehend many facets of art and culture. The following is a list of MA specializations:

MA in Economics

MA in Sociology

MA in Rural Development

MA in Public Administration

MA in Psychology

MA in Political Science

MA in History

MA in Hindi

MA in Geography

MA in English

IGNOU MA Sample Certificate

Earn a UGC & AICTE, NAAC A++ -recognised MA degree from IGNOU

  • Learn from the best faculty and industry experts.
  • Become a part of the IGNOU Alumni network.
  • Build job-ready skills to get ready for the workforce.

Why Choose IGNOU For Distance MA In Sociology Program?

There are various elements that impact your decision to enrol in the IGNOU MA Sociology programme, but the value of the degree offered by this university is the most essential one. It's a globally recognised certificate that enables students to work from anywhere in the world once they've completed their Distance MA Sociology degree.

Other factors to think about when choosing IGNOU are:
NAAC A++ Accreditation, AICTE and approval by the UGC
India's only Central Distance & Distance University
High-Quality Curriculum
Most up-to-date courseware
Flexibility in degree programmes
Affordability in programme costs

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IGNOU Online MA In Sociology FAQ

Do you have any query related to Online MA In Sociology Management course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

Yes, the degree of MA in Sociology of IGNOU is valid and recognized by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau.

The minimum duration of IGNOU MA in Sociology is 2 years and the maximum duration is 5 years. The extended duration is provided by IGNOU so that if any student could not complete the course in 2 years due to any reason can complete the course in 4 years.

Yes, it is worth it as the university provides this course through distance education and while pursuing a distance degree you can get experience as well.

The fee structure of IGNOU MA in Sociology is affordable in comparison to other universities. The fee structure for the full course of MA in Sociology is Rs. 12,600.

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