Online MBA in Operations from IGNOU July 2024 - Fees, Admission

Online MBA in Operations from IGNOU 2024 - Fees, Admission

The Online MBA in Operations Management is a two-year postgraduate program that teaches students about supply chain and logistics management. After finishing this program, you will be qualified for positions in consulting companies, construction, warehousing, inventory management, and e-commerce, among other fields. Students with a bachelor's degree from a recognized university can easily pursue a distant MBA in operations through IGNOU.

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IGNOU Started Admissions July Session 2024. Click here to apply Till 30th June!!

What Is The Last Date Of IGNOU Online MBA In Operations Management Admission 2024?

IGNOU conducts admissions in two cycles- January (calendar year) and July (academic year). Check our website to stay updated about the July admission details for MBA In Operations Management course from IGNOU. You can apply for the course till the last date as based on IGNOU guidelines. Students can apply for admission to any programme offered by the university by visiting the institution's official website. IGNOU is amongst one of the world's most affordable colleges, offering exceptionally low-cost courses in fields such as humanities, science, social sciences, liberal arts, and management.   

The following are some of the important highlights of IGNOU's Online MBA in Operations Management program:

  • IGNOU administers a standardized entrance examination to all students interested in enrolling in a distant MBA program.
  • Admission to the online MBA operations management program is limited to graduates with a minimum of 55%.
  • The online MBA operations management program has a minimum duration of two years and a maximum duration of five years.
  • This program prepares students for positions such as operations manager, plant manager, assistant manager, and general operations manager.
  • This two-year curriculum is broken into four semesters of six months each.
  • Admission to the online MBA operations management program is not age-restricted.   

Key Highlights - Online MBA In Operations from IGNOU

Several major elements of IGNOU's online MBA operations management degree program are listed below for your convenience. Each section below summarizes this course at Ignou. Examine each part to get vital knowledge about the course:

Course Fee

₹ 212,440

IGNOU is well-known for delivering one of the most accessible MBA programs in both distance and online forms. The entire cost of an MBA from IGNOU is Rs. 212,440. Additionally, the MBA program at IGNOU offers a huge variety of courses, each of which is valuable and available at a cheap academic charge. As a result, both students and working professionals may enroll for online MBA programs without fear of incurring excessive expenses.

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Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s Degree

Students must complete all of their Bachelor's examinations in order to be admitted to the online MBA operations management program. To be eligible for this training course, students must have a minimum grade point average of 55% and a graduation from a recognized university. Students must have a high school diploma in addition to their high school graduation in order to be admitted to the program. It is required to take and pass the OPENMAT admission exam. Candidates for IGNOU are selected using the OPENMAT cut-off. As a result, the OPENMAT score is used to decide admission to operations management MBA programs or other specializations.

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Course Duration

2-5 Years

Many executives who are currently employed can complete their education while on the job. As a result, IGNOU has decided to extend the duration of the MBA program from two to five years. The IGNOU program is great for those who wish to continue their education while working because of its accessibility and cost. The IGNOU program teaches students how to develop advanced management abilities in order to supervise the work of the most capable administrators. All students have access to practical knowledge that may be beneficial to recent grads.

Admission Procedure 2024

To enroll in IGNOU's online MBA operations management program, students must first take the OPENMAT admission exam. Admission to IGNOU must be applied for online using the university's official website. Students must complete all relevant paperwork and pay registration costs. If you pass the OPENMAT, you will be selected based on your score above the IGNOU cut-off. Students accepted into IGNOU's online MBA operations management program must complete an online application form, provide supporting papers, and pay fees. That is all that is required to be considered for admission to IGNOU's online MBA operation management program.

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Curriculum Vitae

IGNOU is well-known around the world for its pioneering curricular architecture, which enables it to provide high-quality education to working adults and remote learners. IGNOU's online MBA in operations management for Working Professionals program is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in each topic. The course curriculum was created in consultation with industry professionals to ensure that students get the information and skills necessary to thrive in today's market.

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IGNOU has its own campus placement department that assists students in locating employment and pursuing different career options with multinational corporations and other businesses. Online MBA programs are one of the few that provide on-campus placement opportunities. The cell has organized a variety of job fairs and placement drives at the Regional Centers since its inception in 2005. In recent years, IGNOU's Placement Cell (CPC) has attempted to expand its activities.

Other Specialization MBA Programs from IGNOU

IGNOU offers a variety of online MBA specializations to provide students with an in-depth understanding of managerial principles. IGNOU offers the following online MBA specializations:

MBA in Marketing Management

MBA in Finance Management

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Information Technology

MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA in Hospital Administration

MBA in Banking and Finance Management

MBA in General Management

MBA in Retail Management

MBA in Rural Management

MBA in Business Management

MBA in Project Management

MBA in Hospitality Management

Detailed Program Description

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is named after India's previous Prime Minister and is based in New Delhi. Students may contact the university's regional centers for admission, assignment submission, or any other reason. This is one of the world's largest institutions, and it is well-known for offering remote learning courses around the country.  

IGNOU is a central university that offers 227 remote learning courses and has registered over 7 million students to date. The institution was founded in 1985 by the Indian parliament under the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act 1985. The university has 67 regional locations and offers courses in 21 distinct fields, including business.

The institution has been accepted by the University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB), and it has been NAAC certified with a degree A++ for over 36 years of conducting distance learning courses.

System for Managing Learning

IGNOU, a remote learning institution, offers open and remote learning courses. As a result, it provides students with printed and online self-learning materials that enable them to study independently. If students want written study materials, an additional cost must be paid at the time of submission. Students can also access online PDFs using IGNOU's mobile apps; IGNOU e-content app.

Printed Study Materials

IGNOU provides all of its students with written research or study materials. Students may, however, elect to pay an extra charge for this option at registration. It is not required to acquire physical research materials or books; instead, you may use Internet resources to do your research. Students can access online learning resources using IGNOU's mobile applications. If you do not wish to pay for paper exam materials, you can utilize IGNOU's mobile applications to access online exam materials.

Weekend Counseling Sessions

Students from all programs are welcome to attend weekend immersion orientation sessions. There are about six weekend introduction workshops for each topic at each core. IGNOU has made great strides in distant education throughout the years. IGNOU offers students a variety of immersive sessions delivered via a number of mediums, including the following:

  • Broadcast on DD1 and All India Radio
  • Lectures are being shown in Study Centers
  • Purchasable recordings
  • Lectures delivered live using sites such as SWAYAM, etc.

Radio Lectures

IGNOU presents a series of immersive sessions in collaboration with All India Radio and phone-in networks. GyanDarshan broadcast, GyanVani, and e-Gyankosh are just a few of the stations that feature course-related content. IGNOU grades its students' work and examinations in order to calculate their grades. IGNOU's assignments and examinations are discussed in full below.


IGNOU accepts assignments from all departments, and they must be submitted on time to be eligible for the term-end examination. You can locate the assignments for any course, as well as the due date, on the official website of IGNOU. IGNOU assigns a 30% weighting to these exercises, and students are required to keep track of all outcomes. Students may complete their assignments online or in a regional center in their area.


Each year, exams are held in June and December. Exams account for 70% of a student's grade in each class, and if he fails, he will be allowed to repeat the test within the course's time limit the next cycle. For instance, if you are unable to provide tests in June, you will be authorized to repeat the test within the course's time limit the following cycle.

IGNOU MBA Sample Certificate

Earn a UGC & AICTE, NAAC A++ -recognised MBA degree from IGNOU

  • Learn from the best faculty and industry experts.
  • Become a part of the IGNOU Alumni network.
  • Build job-ready skills to get ready for the workforce.
IGNOU MBA Sample Certificate

Why Choose IGNOU For Online MBA In Operations Management?

Since 1985, IGNOU, India's largest remote university, has offered distant and open education, with the management school of studies being one of its most well-known schools. The objective of an Online MBA in operations management is to educate distant students about logistics and raw material supply in order to help them obtain their ideal career while saving money on costly tuition expenses.

India’s Only National Online University
Approved by UGC and AICTE
NAAC A++ Accreditation
Top-Notch Designed Curriculum
Latest Courseware and Study Material

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IGNOU Online MBA In Operations FAQ

Do you have any query related to Online MBA In Operations Management course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

IGNOU does offer an Online MBA in Operations Management.

The following are some of the topics covered in an Online MBA in Operations Management:

  • Managerial Economics is the study of how businesses operate
  • Demand for Business Communication and Business Forecasting
  • Production Control and Planning
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Sales in Information Technology

The IGNOU Online MBA operations management project covers a variety of topics, including:

  • A Study of Management Institutes in New Delhi on Total Quality Management Practices
  • A Study of the Management of Logistics Activities in Bonded Warehouses in Air Cargo Traffic in Delhi
  • Supply Chain Management in the Fertilizer Industry
  • Performance of Logistics in Transportation Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Logistics Management in the Retail Industry
  • Supply Chain Management Practices in Retailing: A Consumer Perception

Online MBA in Operations Management is a master's degree in business administration that prepares you to manage all of your staff and projects at work, as well as enabling students to pursue logistics, supply chain design, and supply chain management.

After obtaining an Online MBA in operations, you may pursue a job as a financial risk manager, chartered financial analyst, project management expert, and so on.

After earning an Online MBA in operations, a candidate can work as an Operations Manager, General Operations Manager, Area Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Process Manager, Supply Chain Program Manager, and other positions.

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