Agriculture Courses After 12th: Fees, Admission 2024

Agriculture Courses After 12th: Fees, Admission 2024

Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the best career-based programs out there. There are various programs available after class 10th, 12th and graduation levels. There are various types of specializations and courses offered by various institutions. Some are from Science, some from management while others are related to other categories. Agriculture is one of the best programs out there that provides top-quality skills to make students good professionals in the field of agriculture.

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Last Date of Admission to Agricultural Courses After 12th

Every university has its own guidelines for admission. If you are searching for a good university for admission to your desired course, then you can choose IGNOU. The varsity also provides best-in-class courses after 12th (intermediate education.) As a student, you can use the official website of the varsity for checking the course and admission guidelines. The complete details related to the admission procedure are provided there. One should check the fee, eligibility, course structure and syllabus before choosing a university.


Key Specification of Agricultural Courses After 12th

You can search for the best agricultural university after passing your class 12th examinations if you want to go for job opportunities in the field of agriculture. Some reputed universities like IGNOU provide agricultural programs under online and ODL modes. B.Sc in Animal Husbandry, B.Tech/B.E in Food Technology, Diploma in Meat Technology, B.Tech in Agriculture, B.Tech in seed technology etc. Candidates before taking admission to a college should check the necessary details related to the course. Some of the main points are provided below:

Course Fee

₹ 15000 to 80000 INR

The course fee may differ from one course to another. The program fee ranges from 15000 to 80000 INR. Candidates need to check the complete guidelines of fee submission and also the fee structure for the particular program. All the universities provide a complete fee structure on their respective websites.

Criteria of Eligibility


The eligibility criteria for class 12th-based agricultural courses may differ from one program to another. Students must have completed senior secondary schooling from a recognized board or institution with at least 55% marks in aggregate. He/she may be from any of the streams be it art, commerce or science for some courses, while for B.Tech or B.E need mathematics in class 12th.

Duration of the Course

2 years

The course duration ranges from 3 years to 5 years. Students should check the complete guidelines related to the program and their duration using the official website of the varsity. Most of the programs are UG level and they need a minimum of 3 years from the students. Students should check the official webpage of the university to which they want to take admitted.

Admission Procedure 2024

The admission procedure is very necessary to read by the students. Candidates who want to enroll themselves on an Agricultural course should know the admission procedure. There are various steps to follow for making admission smooth. They are: 1- First of all, candidates are required to get themselves registered. 2- They are asked to create their USER ID and password. 3- Now, students need to sign in to their account and then fill out the application form. Uploading the documents is the next step. 4- Finally, candidates need to get the acknowledgement slip by downloading the same.


Each syllabus or program differs from the other based on the course type and the specialization you have chosen. Students need to check the syllabus of the course using the official website of the varsity. The official webpage will provide relevant details regarding the same. One can easily download the syllabus from the university’s website.

Placement & Career Assistance

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers top-quality placement and career assistance to the students related to their offered programs. IGNOU provides its own CPC through which the varsity provides top-quality career assistance and job opportunities.

Top Agricultural Programs after class 12th

Students who have completed class 12th need to know the courses and programs offered by various universities at the UG level:

B.Sc in Agriculture

B.Tech in Agriculture

B.Sc in Animal Husbandry

B.Sc in Agro Processing

B.Tech in Seed Technology

Certificate in Water Harvesting

Diploma in Meat Technology

Certificate in Organic Farming

Diploma in Watershed Management

Diploma in Horticulture

Diploma in Dairy Products

B.Tech in Agriculture

B.Sc in Agricultural Biotechnology

B.Sc in Dairy Technology

B.E/B.Tech in Food Engineering

Detailed Program Description

The field of agriculture is growing very fast. There are many courses available after class 12th. The main courses are B.E/B. Tech Agriculture, B.Sc in Food Technology, Certificate in Organic farming, B.Sc in Dairy Technology etc. There are many universities providing courses in agriculture. One of them is IGNOU as the varsity provides top-quality programs for a bright future. Students should know various things like fees, eligibility, course structure etc using the official webpage of the varsity.

System of Learning

There are various institutions that provide quality education to students. Candidates can easily fetch necessary details and other guidelines using the official webpage of the varsity. The varsity provides an in-class education system with good course materials both in printed and online modes. Students want to know the course details and system of instruction before taking admission to the course. The complete guidelines for the learning materials will be provided by the university on the official website.

Printed Course Materials

There are many universities that provide printed course materials. One of them is the IGNOU. The varsity offers top-quality printed study materials to distance-mode students. If you have opted for courses in Agriculture in online mode, you need to access all the content through the official webpage.

Online Study Materials

If you are pursuing an agricultural course in online mode, then you will get relevant study materials in online mode only. The course materials are up to date and with the latest syllabus structure. Candidates are required to check the complete guidelines related to the program as all the instructions are provided in online mode. For instance: if you have selected B.Sc in Agriculture, then you will get online materials if you have selected online programs.

Counselling Session

Counselling sessions are organized every week by the university like IGNOU. The counselling sessions are related to agricultural aspects if you have been admitted to agricultural courses. IGNOU also holds various types of workshops and agricultural training if you have admitted yourself to agricultural courses after the 12th. Check the complete details related to the course from the official IGNOU website.

Audio and Video Lectures

Most of the online and distance courses include audio and video lectures. In online education, audio and visual lectures play a very crucial role. For instance: if you have been admitted to a course related to agriculture after the 12th, then there are many audio and video programs offered by IGNOU. There are several platforms through which students get quality information like SWAYAM, TV channels and AIR etc.

Radio Lectures

There are various types of radio sessions and programs offered by IGNOU to its students. The popular radio programs are GyanVani, GyanDarshan, and e-Gyankosh. The radio information system is very effective on several parameters. For instance, remote areas where students can’t reach their concerned regional centre for taking necessary information.


The assignment plays a very crucial role in the final assessments. The assignments carry about 30% weightage while the examinations carry or hold about 70% weight. Students who want to gain good marks for their final examination should prepare their assignments with great care. IGNOU provides assignment papers on its official webpage.


The examination plays a major role in the final assessments. Candidates need to check the course structure and examination system before entering a university. In IGNOU too, the varsity holds two examination sessions: June and December. Students can easily register themselves for their desired session for the examination.

Why Choose Agricultural Courses After 12th from IGNOU?

There are various reasons students choose agricultural programs after the 12th from IGNOU. The major reasons are:

UGC approved university

AICTE recognized institution

Top-class course structure

Best and updated course curriculum

Good teaching faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any query related to Agricultural Courses After 12th? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

Yes, IGNOU is one of the best and highly reputed universities in the country for distance and online education.

Most of the courses are UG based as you need to cover the syllabus in 3 years of minimum duration.

Yes, there are many career opportunities you can hold after 12th-based courses. Some of them are: Food inspection assistant, Quality manager, Food processing executive, Agricultural department supervisor, Crop distribution manager

Yes, IGNOU CPC is widely renowned for quality training, assessment and placement.

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