CMS ED Diploma Course IGNOU: Fees, Syllabus, Admission 2024

CMS ED Diploma Course IGNOU 2024

Community Medical Services - Essential Drugs (CMS & Ed) is a Diploma Program introduced in recent times. CMS ED Program is a certificate and authority provider to an individual who has complete knowledge of medical treatment through the medicines but the degree is missing.

Basically it is observed in rural areas that there are some units where medicinal aid services are runned without any authority or licence. Such Individuals through pursuing CMS & ED Diploma can be authorised and can work as primary health workers.

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Who can Pursue CMS & Ed?

Here are some key aspects to remember about Online CMS-ED Admissions:

  • CMS & Ed can be suitable for the workers who are already working in a similar field.
  • One who is experienced in Medical Services but has not pursued any formal education can opt this program.
  • Skills and Knowledge to treat a patient with accurate medicines can have the best learning experience with Community Medical Services - Essential Drugs Program.
  • Work Experience in a particular field can help to relate with the course case studies and practical sessions.

  • Candidate who is available for the Hybrid Mode learning because the practical sessions will be practised in labs.
  • A basic level educational background will be allowed to pursue CMS & Ed Program.
  • Health Primary Workers, Nurses or rural doctors can choose CMS & Ed.

For Example: There are small dispensaries in villages/rural areas who can just give us medicines or first aid for surviving in emergency situations , these are the experienced ones but they have no such certificate or degree to prove.For all these individuals CMS & ED program is structured with a theoretical and practical exposure.


Facts About CMS & Ed Program

In this article we will be listing down the important details about the course, the pointers and the details can help you for the authentic selection. Accurate and researched details are added for the better understanding.

Course Fee

₹ 60,000

CMS & Ed Program is preferred by the candidates who are already actively working in the field and for them the structure is designed with an essential Curriculum with a minimum course cost. CMS & Ed course fees is around 60000/- in total. Course fee payment can be availed in monthly EMI options where the working professionals can continue their educational training. The fee pattern is structured according to the course subjects, Admission Registration, Lectures with Updated Curriculum, Lab Practices, Viva’s, Examinations and certifications. All the procedures are carried out for the 18 months and the fee which is described in inclusive all the procedures.

Eligibility Criteria

10th or 12th

Eligibility slab is very easy for the applying candidate. An Individual required to complete their 10th or 12th from a recognized board from any subject/ Diploma will be equally accepted, but only the difference is that candidates with 10th class eligibility should have 2 years of work experience and the 12th passout needs to have 1 year of work experience which is not so compulsory. Also the work experience should be specific and relevant to the course study and alternative work experience will not be accepted. Basic Knowledge of the medicines and the first aid procedures to be professional after the course completion.

Course Duration

18 Months

The Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs duration is of 18 months which can be calculated as 1.5 years. Throughout the duration the admission procedure, course learning, lectures, Practicals, Assessments and Examinations are prepared accordingly for the students learning.Training and the live sessions cannot be extended so the maximum learning duration is not applicable for the admissions. The education is flexible enough but the time extension is not available for the program.


CMS & Ed Programs are not the general or any educational learning options which can be opted by a normal student.The program was introduced to facilitate the health workers who are not legally allowed to provide medical services. WHO- World Health Organization has approved the course and validated the programs through which an individual can avail the course and recognize their skills with a valid certification.The rural area doctors, workers can study and earn a certificate which is a lifetime proof of their existing knowledge in medical assistance practises.


The program is valid for the students in regular distance as well as through hybrid mode. All the modes have a same course learning pattern, just for the working professional a comfort and easy mode can be beneficial for the educational mode learning.

Admission Procedure 2024

Procedure for the admission is through very simple intakes and steps.Once a individual follows the eligibility needs to arrange the documents accordingly with a proper work experience certificate.Admission procedure is through Online mode as the academic filling requires the digital form filling steps. Educational and Professional details should be authentic so that your application is accepted after the evaluation.

Career & Scope

Career Upgradation one dream for, and when the knowledge and practice is existing then just a relevant field certification is all that you need. The career options in CMS & Ed are open with exciting opportunities. Career Growth is experience through some skill advancements and that's what is included in the course learning. Professional Journey after the course will open some trending career options where the eligibility slab or the experience category will not be a barrier.

Rural Development in the Health Sector can be a great career achievement which can be chased by an individual who completes the CMS & Ed course. Scope is inevitable in nature where the dynamic steps and consistency can have a good scope in a particular sector. Health and Treatment has major research and invention where an individual can have unpredictable growth.


Placement is the key factor of gaining a hike through educational training. Jobs which can enhance your work in the health sector. Health Service Work Providers have a variety of work organisations who are in need of CMS & Ed Professionals. On the basis of an individual's capability and ability which in simple terms the efficient candidate can be at good positions. University inhouse placement is like a recommendation where students details are shared and matching the skills in interview a candidate can be placed.

CMS & ED Diploma Course Syllabus

Community Medical Services & Essential Drug Syllabus refers to the subjects and topics a student will learn while enrolling for the course studies. Syllabus is basically a list of pointers which will be taught in detail and through the elaboration of the course core headings that are available in the study material. From the basic treatment lessons to the remedial and accurate medicine, the cure process is added in the syllabus for the students better understanding.

Anatomy National Health Problems
Basic Medicine Public Health & Epidemiology
Elementary Obstetrics & Gynaecology Special Health Programs
Environmental Health Communicable Disease
First Aid Psychology & Sociology
Pathology, Pharmacology Medical jurisprudence
Patient Care Practice of Medicine
Home Nursing Common Ailments
Physiology Primary Health Care
Social & Preventive Medicine Elements of Surgery

CMS & Ed Detailed Program Description

Program intends to provide an individual with the basic concepts which are dealing with human anatomy & physiology with pathology, community health & hygiene with the science of drugs and its administration.

Course Snippet

The course is structured with a core and basic concept of boosting the existing knowledge with a professional execution. Course includes all the minor and major Understanding of subjects and topics with the practical assistance ensured throughout the program learning. Around 1 and half years the course is prepared and the lectures are well organised for the educational training.

Live Lectures and LMS

Lectures and the Learning Management System is technically created with the faculty assistant feature where students can learn with the best and experienced lecturers. Also the doubt solving feature is active for the 24*7, which will help working professionals to connect at any time.

Learning Procedures

Theoretical stuff is prepared by the industry and field experts who have a vast experience in the health sector and want to add on the educational material for the students effective learning.


To intervene the demand and facilitate the students with the professional techniques. Medical and Health Precaution training is provided to avoid consequences. Course training contains in-depth information for leading a qualitative journey.

Assignments & Practicals

Throughout the 1.5 years duration there are an end number of assignments for the learning techniques that improve with the best educational methods application. Also the practical are the practising of theoretical topics.

EMI Facilities

Course Fee with a one time go is not convenient for all the applicants for this students are given EMI facility is provided with No Additional costing. Through this students can pay monthly EMI and side by side can attend the classes.

Skill & Knowledge Boosting Activities

The knowledge or the experience is based on the unsure or the internet based information but to recognize the correct method and involve it in the basic procedures is all included in Program study. Skills Upgradation for the dynamic nature is must once a student evolves in methods and sequence of learning and practising.

Placement Experience

Also the Hands on Experience is provided through the internship programs provided to the students once they have finished their theoretical journey. Here they will be getting an opportunity to explore around and learn new techniques and treatment methods. Experiencing and working in a similar field will always be profitable and will for career betterment.


The examinations for the CMS & Ed courses are scheduled accordingly and for the examinations the subject based questions are prepared and also there is some practical based training where students activity is monitored and the marks are granted to the students. The semester based examinations are conducted for the students. Majorly the practical based tests are being prepared for the better evaluation. Examination will provide the certification once the student has passed the examination.


The curriculum is relatable to the understanding of what exactly a treatment procedure carries. Throughout the learning phase the educational reference notes are designed with a chapter wise explanation. So it's a theoretical explanation and for the same the practical lectures are assigned to practise the concepts. How to cure Diarrhoea, Fever, Stomach Ache through correct medicinal assistance needs to remember and practise. The mixture of theoretical and practical sessions the candidates are trained for sustainable growth. The labs and the practical rooms are the interesting part of the course added for the curriculum with best and important topics available for the students.

Does Ignou Offer CMS & ED Diploma Course? (Facts & Alternative)

IGNOU is not offering a CMS & Ed course and this has to be noted, because students who are wanting to pursue this course from IGNOU need to go for the alternatives where the course is offered to the students. Ignou has some different courses in the health sector - Centre of Paramedical Science and one more the Community Health which are offered in distance mode.
There is one university Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, who are offering the CMS & Ed courses through Hybrid Mode.

Shri Venkateshwara University Facts:
  SVU Holds a State Private University Recognition.
  Campus is 60 acres flourished with unique plantations.
  Agricultural, Medical, Arts and research programs are offered with faculty experts.
  Study Material, Learning Practices, Lab Trainings are with the latest technologies.
  Placement Assistance is well organised by the university for students career growth.

About SV University:

SVU- Shree Venkateshwara University was established in 2010 by UP Govt and is UGC certified. Also the university is legally authorised and approved by UGC . University offers a variety of educational training programs from which one of the programs is CMS & Ed.

University has all updated facilities and amenities for the working professionals & students. University is dealing with specialised and expert faculties onboard who are training students for career growth. Infrastructure is well maintained of the university with labs, digital classrooms and technical assistance services. Placement factor also is one of the attraction points where students can be recommended to reputed organisations with good monetary benefits.


The University is certified and has a valid UGC, AIU, INC, PCI, BCI, NCERT & MCI approval so students need not worry about the validation. Students for the CMS & Ed get online mode approval where students or the working professionals can learn easily with their own comfortness. The approvals are official and applicants will be provided the authentic certificate which will be 100% valid for the educational training an individual went through.


The registration fee of the course is 1000 rupees and the semester based pattern of fees is followed at SVU, Examination charges and IT Support Charges are included in the course fee structure. The total fee is 60,000/- rupees for the 18 months duration of CMS & Ed program. Also for the fee procedure students have EMI options available through which a student can process their monthly No Cost EMI option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any query related to CMS-ED Online Course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

After the course completion one can be recognized as a primary health care worker and not as a doctor. For the Doctor recognition one needs to complete their MBBS degree.

The course is valid, There is a Judicial approval granted to the course who are interested in practising CMS & Ed course in India.

It cannot be said to be a clinic but a first aid centre or a small dispensary for the quick and emergency situations.

Yes, in recent times the hospitals and clinics have started the hiring of candidates for the general checking and treatment of a patient who has a degree in CMS & Ed.

Course is beneficial for the rural workers who are working without any legal approvals, the course of CMS & Ed will help for the future betterment where no one can question the validity or proof.

For the CMS & Ed course there are various other institutes/Universities who have started the course offering like Xaviers Institute of Medical Science, SVU are some of the popular places through which a student can start their educational training.

Yes, the online mode is applicable and valid for the working professionals who are already working in this field and just want a recognized certificate or degree.

The fee range for the course is around 60,000/- rupees for the 18 months of duration. Students for the fee can avail the EMI option that is offered by various universities.

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