Download IGNOU MA Syllabus PDF 2024 [Subjects Wise]

Download IGNOU MA Syllabus PDF 2024 [Subjects Wise]

Indira Gandhi National Open University is well-known not only for offering a wide range of courses through open learning but also for providing students with the best curriculum. IGNOU MA syllabus is often structured in such a way that students can gain comprehensive knowledge of the course. The course syllabus was created by IGNOU's internal staff under the supervision of expert faculty and industry leaders.

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IGNOU MA Syllabus 2024: Detailed

The Distance MA course is offered in 8 specializations by the university. These specializations are created according to the skills and knowledge required to understand the different segments of art and culture. The syllabus of most pursued specializations of IGNOU MA like MA in English, MA in Economics, MA in History and MA in Philosophy is given below:

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IGNOU Distance MA Course Structure 2024

IGNOU follows the credit system and every student needs to score a minimum number of credits to successfully obtain the degree of any course. For example - to obtain the degree in MA you have to successfully complete subjects worth 64 credits. These are spread in two years. Each year you have to opt for 32 credits.

IGNOU Distance MA List Of The Subjects

The list of the above-mentioned specializations is listed here. You can check the list to get detailed information about the courses:

MA In History Syllabus
Course Code Title of the Course Optional/ Compulsory
I Year Courses
MHI-01 MHI-02 Ancient and Medieval Societies Compulsory
MHI-04 MHI-05 Modern World Political Structures in India History of Indian Economy Compulsory
II Year Courses
MHI-03 MHI-06 Historiography Compulsory
MHI-08 MHI-09 Evolution of Social Structures in India Through the Ages Optional
MHI-10 MPSE-003 History of Ecology and Environment: India Indian National Movement Urbanisation in India Optional
MPSE-004 Western Political Thought (From Plato to Marx) Social and Political Thought in Modern India Optional

MA In English Syllabus
I Year Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits
MEG-01 British Poetry 8
MEG-02 British Drama 8
MEG-03 British Novel 8
MEG-04 Aspects of Language 8
II Year Courses
Compulsory Course
MEG-05 Literary Criticism and Theory 8
Optional Courses (Choose any three)
MEG-06 American Literature 8
MEG-07 Indian English Literature 8
MEG-08 New Literatures in English 8
MEG-09 Australian Literature 8
MEG-10 English Studies in India 8
MEG-11 American Novel 8
MEG-12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature 8
MEG-13 Writings from the Margins 8
MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation 8
MEG-15 Comparative Literature: Theory and Practice 8
MEG-16 Indian Folk Literature 8
Total 64

MA In Economics Syllabus
I Year Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits
MEC-101 Micro Economic Analysis 6
MEC-102 Macro-Economic Analysis 6
MEC-103 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 6
MEC-104 Economics of Growth and Development 6
MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy 6
II Year Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits
Compulsory Courses
MEC-106 Public Economics 6
MEC-107 International Trade and Finance 6
MEC-108 Economics of Social Sector and Environment 6
MEC -109 Research Methods in Economics 6
Optional Courses (Choose 12 Credits Only)
MECP-001 Project Work – MECP-001 6
MECE-001 Econometric Methods 6
MECE-003 Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice 6
MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets 6
MWG 11 Public Policy and Analysis 8
MGSE 9 Electronic Governance 4
(Note: MWG-11 and MGSE-9 Courses to be taken together)
MEDSE 46 Development Issues and Perspectives 6

MA In Philosophy Syllabus
IGNOU MAPY I Year Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits
Compulsory Courses
MPY-001 Indian Philosophy 8
Elective Courses (Choose any six)
MPYE-001 Logic 4
MPYE-002 Ethics 4
MPYE-003 Epistemology 4
MPYE-004 Philosophy of Human Person 4
MPYE-005 World Religions 4
MPYE-006 Dalit Philosophy 4
MPYE-007 Research Methodology in Philosophy 4
MGP-005 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution 4
IGNOU MAPY II Year Subjects
Course Code Course Name Credits
Compulsory Courses
MPY 2 Western Philosophy 8
Elective Courses (Choose any six)
MPYE-008 Metaphysics 4
MPYE-009 Philosophy of Science a Cosmology 4
MPYE-010 Philosophy of Religion 4
MPYE-011 Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics) 4
MPYE-012 Tribal Philosophy 4
MPYE-013 Philosophy of Technology 4
MPYE-014 Philosophy of Mind 4
MPYE-015 Gandhian Philosophy 4
MPYE-016 Aurobindo Philosophy 4
MPYP001 Dissertation 4
Total Credits 64

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