How Chandigarh Distance Education is a better choice on IGNOU?

How Chandigarh Distance Education is a better choice on IGNOU?

Education used to be taken for granted, but times have changed dramatically, and with the changes, we can notice new alterations within, all for the aim of improving the quality of education among knowledge and opportunity seekers.

We stumbled into the New Normal universe! Where we have actually encountered and acknowledged the vital aspects before choosing a university for the specific degree. We now know that there are various key aspects to consider while choosing a university so that we may be certain of receiving a genuine degree, one that will push our career to new heights.

The beginning of success is determined by your willingness and desire to pursue your dream, as well as the platform from which you can begin your trip. Have you ever considered what would happen if you inadvertently or accidentally travel to the wrong location, causing your career to be jeopardised or disrupted, and breaking a leg of your dream somewhere along the way? So, before deciding on a platform or university, it's advisable to undertake a little or a lot of R&D first.

IGNOU is the pioneer of distance education and 90% of the students are more aware of this university instead of any other university when it comes to online and distance learning. However, there are numerous universities that are offering distance and online learning programs including Chandigarh University.

About Chandigarh University

Chandigarh Distance University has been providing distance learning services for many years. It was created in 2012 and is located in Punjab. Distance learning courses at Chandigarh University have been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC-DEB).

The university is also NAAC accredited, with an A+ grade estimate. It was also named the fastest-growing private institution in Asia. It has also been named third among India's best private universities, NIRF, and many others.

Chandigarh Vs IGNOU: Major Distance Courses

Chandigarh University is a UGC-DEB recognized university which means all your degrees of distance learning programs are valid everywhere. The university has recently been approved by the University Grants Commission to provide online programs.

Chandigarh University Distance Education Program
Course Name Duration Total Academic Fees
Bachelor of Business Administration 3-years Rs 80,700
Bachelor of Commerce ​3-years ​Rs 61,200
Bachelor of Arts​ 3-years Rs 58,800
B.Sc TTM​ 3-years​ Rs 73,200
Master of Business Administration 2-years ​Rs 52,800
MA English​ ​2-years Rs 44,800
MA Psychology ​2-years Rs 44,800​

IGNOU is well-known for offering practically all courses via distance learning with the use of online instruction at low costs. Distance education is well-known throughout the country, and students can pick from 227 different courses. The following is a list of all the programmes that Indira Gandhi National Open University offers:

Courses Academic FEE Course Duration
B. Ed Rs 50,000 only 2-4 years
MBA Rs 37,800 only 2-5 years
M. Ed Rs 40,000 only 2-4 years
B. lib. I. Sc. Rs 6,000 only 3-6 years
MA Rs 9,000 only 2-5 years
BCA Rs 40,200 only 3-6 years
M. Sc Rs 33,600 only 2-5 years
BA Rs. 6,000 only 3 years
M.Com Rs. 11,000 only 2 years
B.Tech Rs. 20,000 only 4 years
BBA Rs. 27,000 only 3 years
B.Sc Rs. 12,500 only 3 years
MCA Rs. 72,000 only 3 years
M.Tech Rs. 2,75,000 2 years
B.Com Rs. 8100 only 3 years
Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) Rs. 12,000 only 2 years

However, IGNOU offers only distance learning courses which means you will attend a few online lectures but you have to visit the exam centre for the sake of term-end exams. Whereas, Chandigarh University is approved to provide online degree courses.

Chandigarh University offers the following courses in the online mode:

  1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA)
  2. BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  3. Bachelor’s in Computer Applications (BCA)
  4. MA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  5. Master of Commerce (M.Com)
  6. General MBA
  7. Master of Arts (Liberal Arts)
  8. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Chandigarh Vs IGNOU: Learning Management System

Chandigarh University's online classes are essentially interactive classes in which students can ask questions or solve problems on any topic. It also has recorded video lectures available, so you may watch them as many times as you want and email any questions you have. There are live lectures as well as video-recorded lectures available on the portal. Questions can be left in the comments area or emailed to the author. LMS stands for Learning Management System, and it is via digital education that e-learning has become two-way learning, exactly like in a classroom. It's a well-organized panel that allows you to study quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, IGNOU also provides you with virtual study material through the app but it does not have any Learning Management System (LMS) for live or recorded lectures. There are very few classes that you get to attend in IGNOU and all these are live lectures, no recorded classes.

Chandigarh Vs IGNOU: Placement Assistance

Chandigarh University is also known for giving students the best possible job placement aid. During placement assistance, the institution provides students with necessary abilities such as communication, personality development, and soft skills to assist them in obtaining the finest jobs. Chandigarh University has also recorded it5s name in the Lmica Book of Records for inviting the highest number of firms for campus placements.

It is true that IGNOU has also established its campus placement cell in 2005 to provide placement assistance to distance learners. But, this placement cell is not working and needs to adopt plenty of technical skills to provide placement assistance virtually.

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⭐ Is CU good for BBA?

Yes, CU is good for the BBA program as it is a UGC-DEB-approved university with NAAC ‘A+’ accreditation so all of its courses are valid.

⭐ Is Chandigarh University good for distance education?

Chandigarh University is one of the top universities in education, and also it has approval from UGC-DEB, and is accredited by NAAC ‘A+’.

⭐ Which school of studies is best at Chandigarh University?

All of the departments or schools of studies of courses are best of Chandigarh University but Management courses are mostly opted by the students.

⭐ Which is more affordable, Chandigarh or IGNOU?

There is no doubt that IGNOU is more affordable than Chandigarh University as IGNOU offers all the courses at less academic fees. However, Chandigarh University offers you plenty of facilities regarding well-developed LMS, Placement Assistance, and so forth. But there is not much difference between the fees of both the universities.

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