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Is Online MBA In Retail Management IGNOU Good? - Ultimate Guide 2022


IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University and it is a central university that offers online-learning UG and PG courses. Those who have finished their bachelor's degree from a recognised university can pursue an online MBA in Retail Management through IGNOU. This blog will provide you with all pertinent information regarding IGNOU's online MBA in Retail Management.

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University and it is a well-known university that offers a wide range of online and online learning courses. Since its founding in 1985, the university has actively promoted the use of online education methods. The university was founded in 1985 under the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act and is a government-funded institution. The Indira Gandhi National Open University was founded by the Indian government to provide online and online learning education to people all over the world (IGNOU). Students benefit not only from a valued degree but also from the ease and flexibility of online and remote study, which is made possible by a number of online learning platforms.

What Is IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management?

Online MBA in Retail Management is a two-year management programme that provides a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing retail and industry trends. This degree programme aids pupils in comprehending the retail industry's know-how and dynamism. Retail Management as a focus in an MBA can lead to a variety of job opportunities in the retail industry. If you hold a bachelor's degree in the relevant field from a recognised university, you are eligible to apply for this course. Students who complete an online MBA in Retail Management are prepared for positions such as marketing executive, retail manager, product manager, and so on.

How to get Admission to IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management?

IGNOU's online MBA application process is one of the easiest, and students can submit their applications immediately through the university's website. You can also enrol in this course right away by following the procedures mentioned below:

  • Visit the university's official website for more information.
  • To register as a new user, go to the Admissions menu and select "New Admission."
  • Please fill out the OPENMAT application form.
  • After that, make certain that you appear for the entrance exam on the scheduled date (IGNOU releases the entrance dates on its website).
  • Then, if you are chosen by the university based on the score of OPENMAT, you can proceed to fill out your application form.
  • Complete the application form to the best of your ability (contact details, prior qualifications, etc.)
  • Before submitting the academic fee online, make sure to upload all of the required documents.
  • After that, submit the application form, and you will receive an email from the university confirming that your documents have been verified.

Is IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management Good?

IGNOU offers courses in management, business, humanities, science and engineering, and other subjects. The online MBA is the most well-known of the management programmes provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The following are some of the benefits that online MBA students can take advantage of through the IGNOU:

  • The online MBA programme is valid because the university is UGC recognised and NAAC certified with an A+ grade.
  • IGNOU offers online MBA courses at a low cost, allowing the university to reach a wide number of students.
  • With the use of IGNOU's Learning Management System, students can access both printed and digital content.
  • Students enrolled in IGNOU's remote MBA programme will have more freedom in their schedules while working and focusing on other things.
  • IGNOU offers both printed and online study material.

What is the Fee Structure of the IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management 2022?

The total academic cost of the online MBA Retail Management programme is Rs. 37,800, which must be paid in advance via bank draft in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University from any of the recognised banks. Academic fees must be paid in person to the appropriate regional centre at the start of each session.

What is the Eligibility for an Online MBA in Retail Management in IGNOU?

A student must meet the following conditions to be considered for admission to IGNOU's online MBA Retail Management programme:

  • Students must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a nationally recognised university to be eligible. Also Find: MBA Eligibility Criteria 2022.
  • To be considered for any online MBA programme, students must have a graduating aggregate score of at least 55 per cent.

What is the Course Duration for an IGNOU MBA in Retail Management?

MBA programs last between two and five years, depending on the specialisation. To be considered for the programme, students must first meet the eligibility criteria and pass the admissions exam. The course duration determines a changeable period for students taking remote courses.

What are the Subjects of Online MBA Retail Management?

Despite the general managerial concepts online MBA Retail Management covers the concepts that help in sales and marketing. India is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world and you can find a myriad of businesses here. Hence, it is important to understand the strategies of retail management. The common subjects of MBA Retail Management are mentioned below.

Strategic Management International Retailing Retail Sales Techniques and Promotion
Business, Government and Society Retail Retail Management Management Corporate Communication
Direct & Network Marketing Quantitative Methods Retail Planning
Product and Brand Management Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategic Retail Management
Retail Sales and Customer Service - -

How to Apply for an IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management Entrance Exam 2022?

Students applying to the online MBA in Retail Management programme must take an entrance exam administered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). To enrol in IGNOU's remote MBA programme, students must first pass the IGNOU common management entrance exam. Applicants for the IGNOU's OPENMAT entrance exam can submit their applications online by going to the university's official website. Also Learn About: IGNOU Entrance Exam 2022.

Is Openmat Necessary for an IGNOU MBA in Retail Management?

At IGNOU's School of Management Studies, students interested in MBA programmes need to take the OPENMAT. The OPENMAT is a national admissions test for IGNOU's MBA and PGDM programmes. The university conducts the IGNOU OPENMAT exam twice a year, in July and January. Applicants with the required grades may apply for any of the cycles. To apply to MBA programmes, management students must take the OPENMAT.

How can I Download the IGNOU MBA Retail Management Prospectus in 2022?

All important information is available on IGNOU's website, which you can access there. On the website, students can access the IGNOU prospectus for every course provided by the university. Two prospectuses are available on the website: the Common Prospectus 2022 and the Management Prospectus 2022. By selecting the management prospectus option, management students can get information about all of their management courses. This includes details on the admissions requirements, fee structures, and course schedules.

How can I Download IGNOU MBA Retail Management Study Material in 2022?

Students and teachers can access IGNOU learning resources via a variety of methods and platforms. Students can access study materials and other program-related information through eGyan Kosh and IGNOU mobile apps including the IGNOU e-content mobile app.

The IGNOU e-content app allows students to seek up the curriculum for any programme they are interested in. eGyanKosh, a digital platform that provides study materials and online video lectures for over 2500 different courses. IGNOU students value the ease of having all of their study materials at their fingertips online. Also Read: IGNOU Syllabus 2022-2023.

What are the Top Online MBA Retail Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

Other colleges, in addition to IGNOU, offer a Retail Management MBA programme. Take a look at the colleges that offer the Retail Management programme:

  1. NMIMS - Deemed to be University
  2. Jain University
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Management
  4. Chandigarh University
  5. UPES, Dehradun

Can I get a Scholarship In IGNOU for MBA Retail Management Programs?

Students interested in pursuing an online MBA in Retail Management can apply for scholarships from IGNOU. Scholarships are only awarded if certain conditions are met, such as the parents' combined income not surpassing INR 3 lakhs. Scholarship applications must be submitted through the university's designated platforms and venues. For the course of their MBA programme, the students will earn a scholarship of INR 1,00,000.

Is there any Difference Between IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management and IGNOU online MBA in Retail Management?

IGNOU solely offers online programmes, there is no distinction between the IGNOU online MBA and IGNOU online MBA programmes. However, IGNOU is making tremendous progress in making education virtual via online study material and online lectures through online meeting platforms.

What is the Scope after Completing an IGNOU MBA in Retail Management?

The area of expertise Retail management in online MBA is a well-known course that teaches you everything you need to know about the retail industry. As a result, you will have work opportunities such as:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Banker
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Retail Manager

Let’s Wind Up

The online MBA in Retail Management is a two-year management programme that teaches you about the retail industry. The course's curriculum assists students in dealing with the market's dynamic environment and retail management know-how. I hope this site has provided you with all of the necessary information about IGNOU online MBA Retail Management.


⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management AICTE Approved?

Yes, IGNOU MBA Retail Management has been approved by AICTE and also by UGC and DEB.

⭐ When To Apply For IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management?

IGNOU opens admissions twice a year; January and July. Students can apply for the MBA Retail Management course by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ How To Apply for IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management?

Students can apply for IGNOU MBA just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA in Retail Management Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, you can apply for government jobs after IGNOU online MBA.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get degrees that will be valid and recognized worldwide.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including online MBA are valid.

⭐ How To Prepare For IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management Entrance Exam?

You can take help from the previous year question papers in order to get an idea of the types of questions that come in the exam.

⭐ How To Apply for IGNOU Online MBA In Retail Management Entrance Exam?

You can apply just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

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