Is Online MBA In Business Management IGNOU Good? - Info
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Is Online MBA In Business Management IGNOU Good? - Ultimate Guide 2024


The IGNOU was founded in 1985 as one of India's best-known and oldest open universities. The University is a government of India affiliated and recognised and provides all segments of society with the best education quality. In addition to managing courses, IGNOU offers many courses. In this article, we will discuss all the information on IGNOU's online MBA course in business management.

What Is IGNOU MBA In Business Management/Ignou MBA In Business Management?

The online MBA in Business Management is a two-year postgraduate programme offered in the management field by IGNOU, providing knowledge of the organisation, communication skills and helps to address all business problems. IGNOU has 67 regional centres in different areas of society throughout the country where students can learn. IGNOU's Management School is one of India's most renowned managing schools, offering online learning management courses. The course gives the management knowledge and skills needed to manage various business sectors.

The Indira Gandhi Open National University is the University Grant Committee's accredited University. There is a small number of NAAC accredited universities in India, including the A++ degree and the IGNOU. NAAC has certified an A++ degree in order to offer high-quality education and other related training services to students. This university is entitled, and is a recognised centre, to recognise other online universities. The UGC-DEB recognises the university for offering different online courses. In 21 schools and 67 regional centres worldwide, IGNOU provides 227 programmes. Also Find: Chandigarh Distance & Online MBA 2024.

The Online MBA in Business Management curriculum includes subjects like Change Management, Talent Management, Business Negotiation, Financial Administration and Accounting. This course can be attended by students who have the good business knowledge and interested in managing any organization's financial, marketing and other business activities. The course for corporate management includes the interdisciplinary study of corporate governance, marketing, accounting, businesses, finance and IT systems.

Online MBA in business Management Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Degree Postgraduate
Full-Form Master’s in Business Administration
Specialization Business Management
Approval UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC with A++ Grade
Duration Minimum Duration: 2 years Maximum Duration: 4 years
Age No Age Limit
Eligibility Graduation from a recognized university
Fees Incurred INR 2,12,440/-for full course
Average Salary Offered INR 5 LAKHS TO 8 LAKHS PER ANNUM

How to Get Admission in Online MBA Business Management in Ignou 2024?

IGNOU students must pass an entry test in order to seek entry online MBA business management. OPENMAT is the entrance test to IGNOU, which you must pass. The students are required to apply online via the IGNOU website. The students must complete all details and registration fees. The IGNOU cut-off will allow you to pick up if you qualify for OPENMAT. The candidacy form must be completed, the material downloaded and the fees in the IGNOU Business Management programme presented to all IGNOU students following an online choice. This is all you have to allow for IGNOU's MBA business remote management.

Is IGNOU MBA In Business Management Good?

The IGNOU Online MBA is beneficial for students in many respects in business management. First, not only in India but also abroad, the university degree is valuable and valid. Here are some other advantages.

  • In a course of business management at IGNOU, students do not have to take regular classes during online training MBA.
  • The materials provided by the university can also be easily understood by the students themselves.
  • You can use your time to do other tasks to improve your career and to graduate.
  • In contrast to other universities, the fee structure of an MBA course through online business management education at the Indira Gandhi National Open University is slightly lower.
  • Students can achieve work experience in corporate management during an online MBA that will help them gain higher salaries after their course has been completed.
  • An online MBA in business management at IGNOU can be applied without affecting the job of the worker who participates in certain jobs, who is intended for higher education in business management.

What is the Fee Structure of Ignou Online MBA In Business Management 2024?

MBA programmes can be expensive, particularly if you visit a renowned private university, but IGNOU offers the course at the lowest price. The low-cost online learning and management cost of MBA costs for IGNOU is recognised for a total of Rs. 2.12,440. You can receive an online MBA from IGNOU at such cheap prices in any specialisation such as business management.

What is the Eligibility for Online MBA Business Management in Ignou?

To be considered for admission to the IGNOU online MBA business Management program, a student must meet the following requirements:-

  • Students must pass all of their Bachelor's exams in all disciplines in order to be eligible for admission into the online MBA business management program.
  • To be eligible for this training course, students must have a minimum grade point average of 55 per cent and a diploma from a recognised university.
  • The OPENMAT entrance exam must be completed and passed.

What Is the Course Duration for Ignou Online MBA In Business Management?

The duration of IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management is 2 Years and is further divided into 4 semesters. IGNOU offers many specialization courses and the duration of all courses is similar. IGNOU MBA Business Management course can be completed in 5 years.

What are the Subjects/Syllabus in Online MBA Business Management Ignou 2024?

The IGNOU online MBA in business Management curriculum is comprehensive, encompassing all managerial principles from a range of subjects in one place. The following is a list of all the subjects offered through IGNOU's online MBA in business management program:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Organizational Marketing Management
Managerial Economics Financial Management
Quantitative methods Operations Management
IT Managers Management Of Technology
Accounting For Management E-Business
IT for manager's lab Business Research
Business environment Human Resources Management
Business communications Managerial Skills Development
Semester 3 Semester 4
Management Of International Business Strategic Management
Summer Training Project Project Report
Entrepreneurship Business development Business Intelligence and applications
Information Systems Management -

How to Apply Ignou Online MBA In Business Management Entrance Exam 2024?

The students must pass the IGNOU MBA Business Management OPENMAT examination. In order to check students' ability in management training, the entry test is done by IGNOU.

The applications for the entrance exam is accepted online through the official IGNOU website. For this test, candidates must apply online by filling in the required details. The examination date is then announced on the university's official website. This test is performed online. At your registered address, you will receive the examination card that is obligatory upon entry into the company IGNOU.

Is Openmat Necessary for Ignou Online MBA In Business Management?

Yes, IGNOU performs entrance exams to allow MBA business managers to receive online admission. You must pass the entrance examination that will be part of the MBA programme for corporate management at IGNOU. OPENMAT is named after the IGNOU entry examination for MBA courses. Students can apply online for this test via the official IGNOU site.

OPENMAT is a national MBA and PGDM admission test offered by IGNOU. Twice a year, in July and January, NTA runs the IGNOU OPENMAT exam. Valid grades of candidates shall be eligible for any of the cycles of admission. Management students need to take the OPENMAT examination to apply to MBA programmes.

Management Courses Offered by IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides several management programmes that can help you gain a thorough understanding of a variety of managerial topics. The management programs offered by IGNOU are as follows:

  • Online BBA
  • Online MBA
  • Online MBA In Financial Management
  • Online MBA In Operations Management
  • Online MBA In Marketing Management
  • Online MBA In Human Resources Management
  • Online MBA in International Business Management
  • Online MBA in Information Technology
  • Online MBA in business management Management
  • Online MBA in Banking and Finance Management
  • Online MBA in Hospital Administration
  • Online MBA in Management
  • Online MBA in Retail Management
  • Online MBA in Rural Management
  • Online MBA in Business Management
  • Online MBA in Project Management
  • Online MBA in International Trade Management

How can I Download Ignou Online MBA Business Management Study Material in 2024?

Students and teachers may follow multiple paths to IGNOU learning materials. Students can use repositories such as Gyan Kosh and mobile IGNOU apps to access study documents and other program-related information, including mobile IGNOU content.

Using IGNOU e-content tool, students can check the curriculum for any programmes. EGyan Kosh is a digital portal offering over 2500 presentations and materials online. IGNOU students are assessing the convenience of all study materials.

How can I Download the Ignou Online MBA Business Management Prospectus in 2024?

The common Prospectus of IGNOU is available on the IGNOU's official website. The students will find on the IGNOU website the option of a common 2024 prospectus, which will give them the details of the university as well as the courses. This leaflet is designed by the university itself and contains all the data on the courses offered, fee structure, eligibility criteria and other significant information. All information on the institution will be available to students, including achievements, distinguishing features, detailed university programmes, eligibility requirements and IGNOU online curricula.

What are the Top Online MBA Business Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

A lot of colleges other than IGNOU are there for Online MBA in Business Management, let us take a look at the colleges that offer MBA in Business Management such as:

  1. NMIMS - Deemed to be University
  2. Jain University
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Management
  4. Chandigarh University
  5. UPES, Dehradun
  6. IMT

Can I get a Scholarship In IGNOU for Online MBA Business Management Programs?

Students who have a full-time Masters degree programme at IGNOU. Students seeking a PhD, SC, OC or ST degree are eligible for IGNOU bursaries. The parents or guardians' annual income should not be greater than Rs. 3 lakhs. The Buddy4Study platform enables candidates to apply inline. For the duration of their MBA programme, the MBA students chosen will receive a bond of INR 1.00.000. (INR 1.00 Lakh per year).

Is there any Difference Between IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management and IGNOU online MBA in Business Management?

In business management, IGNOU offers MBA in business management, both online and in the distance learning modes, no difference between IGNOU Online MBA and Distance MBA. Students do not need to attend regular lessons, but if you need online lectures to delete certain issues, you can take recorded lectures online, access online books and, if necessary, connect to mentors. We can say that both IGNOU's online MBA in business management and IGNOU's distance MBA are the same.

Placement Assistance at IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has a Campus Placement Cell that was established in 2005 to help students find work. The placement cell is responsible for all actions relating to placement and helps students to locate appropriate jobs.

The cell was developed to provide campus placements for all students in all programmes and solve placement-related concerns.

The Campus Placement Cell (CPC) of the University organises on the other hand the university's regional centres for placement drives, careers fairs and employability improvement programmes.

Campus placement units for online education institutions actively encourage students to take their courses online while helping them develop a strong future. The campus placement units of IGNOU actively encourage students to study online and to help them develop a sound future. Also Learn About: Jain Distance And Online MBA Program 2024.

What is the Scope After Completing IGNOU Online MBA In Business Management?

There are plenty of jobs after an online MBA in Business Management. The main business sectors are financial institutions, corporations, employers, banks, government departments, media and publications. Candidates can apply for a position that is suitable for their skills and skills. They can also undertake training in business management before applying for full-time employment. Some of the profiles obtainable after an MBA are:

  1. Marketing Manager
  2. Financial Advisor
  3. Human Resource Manager
  4. Financier
  5. International Manager
  6. Supply Chain Manager
  7. Sales Manager
  8. Brand Manager


Online MBA in Business Management is a 2-year postgraduate management course offered to students who are willing to work in various companies at business management positions. IGNOU offers different online MBA specialisations and is all valid as the University has received UGC-DEB approval. I hope you have found all the information on IGNOU's online MBA management.


⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management AICTE Approved?

IGNOU is a well-recognized university that is globally approved by the AICTE. Hence, the degree of online MBA

⭐ When to Apply for an IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management?

Tests are offered twice a year at the university, with students choosing to take their program's exams in June or December. Students who are unable to sit for exams in June will be able to sit for them in December.

⭐ How to Apply for an IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management?

Students must first meet the course's eligibility conditions before applying for the IGNOU Online MBA in the Business Management program. The students must then take the university entrance exams.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU MBA in Business Management is valid for government and private sector jobs, for both of them.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA in Business Management Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU's Online MBA in Business Management degree will be recognised globally because it is a globally recognised university.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online MBA in a Business Management Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU diplomas are recognised throughout the country. The university is well-known and accredited by the UGC and NAAC, which adds to its overall value.

⭐ When is IGNOU Online MBA in the Business Management Entrance Test?

In 2024, IGNOU Online MBA admissions will be determined by the OPENMAT MBA university-level entrance exam. On April 11th, 2024, the OPENMAT was held.

⭐ How to Apply for the IGNOU MBA in the Business Management Entrance Exam?

Students must get the prospectus from IGNOU's official website. Then, using the application URL listed above, you can apply for the OPENMAT admission exam online.

⭐ How Long does it Take to Study business Management?

MBA in Business management can be completed in 5 years. The Bachelor’s degree will take 3 years and after that, the Master’s degree will take 2 years.

⭐ How many times does the University Conduct Term-End Exams for Online MBA Business Management in a Year?

The university conducts exams twice a year and students can give exams of their concerned program in the months of June and December. If students are unable to give in the month of June then they can appear in the month of December for exams

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