Is IGNOU Good for M.Tech? - Online M.Tech Ultimate Guide 2022
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Is IGNOU Good for Online M.Tech? - Online M.Tech Ultimate Guide 2022


The Indira Gandhi National Open University is a government-funded institution that offers over 227 distance and online learning courses. Working professionals can earn their M.Tech through IGNOU's distance and online learning programme. Students who have earned their bachelor's degree in a science field with Mathematics as one of their core topics are eligible to apply for IGNOU's online M.Tech programme. This blog will provide you with all of the information you need about IGNOU's online programme.

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, and it is one of the most prestigious distance-learning institutes in the world. The Indira Gandhi National Open University Act of 1985 established IGNOU in 1985. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was created by the Indian government to provide distance and open education to people all around the country. Students benefit from the ease and flexibility that online and remote learning affords, which is made possible through a number of online platforms.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University, based in the Indian city of New Delhi, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate diploma, diploma, and certificate programmes. These programmes are open to students from all over the world. The college offers a total of 227 courses across its 21 schools and 67 regional locations across the United States and Canada. Also Read: Top Executive MBA Colleges In Pune.

What is IGNOU online M.Tech/ Master’s of Technology?

An online M.Tech is a professional programme intended specifically for working professionals. Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a two-year distance master's degree in technology to students who have earned a bachelor's degree in technology or a master's degree in science. IGNOU is a government-funded university that offers over 227 courses at low costs. IGNOU's online M.Tech programme is one of the greatest options for working individuals who want to pursue a career in IT or engineering.

How to get Admission in online M.Tech at IGNOU 2022?

IGNOU's online M.Tech programme accepts applications online through the university's official website, making it one of the most convenient ways to apply. Please follow the steps described below to enrol in this course:

- For more information, go to the IGNOU's official website.
- Choose the option for new admissions, and then create a new user account with the information you've gathered.
- Fill out the application form completely, including your contact information, educational qualifications, programme specifics, and so on.
- Along with the application form, upload your papers.
- After that, pay the academic fee for the chosen programme using any of the site's digital payment methods.
- Following the completion of the preceding steps, the institution will verify your documents and send you a confirmation email.

Is IGNOU Online M.Tech. Good?

IGNOU's online programme is designed specifically for working professionals, since it combines online and classroom study. IGNOU has partnered with JSS University to offer students a Master of Technology programme, with classes held at JSS University. The University Grants Commission has acknowledged this M.Tech for working professionals as a genuine course. As a result, it is clear that the online M.Tech from IGNOU is a fantastic alternative for working professionals because it allows them to obtain a genuine professional degree without endangering their jobs.

What is the Fee Structure of IGNOU online M.Tech. 2022?

The IGNOU online M.Tech. academic cost is INR 2,75,000 in total. This is a course intended specifically for students who do not want to spend a lot of money on their M.Tech degree.

What are the Eligibility Criteria of online M.Tech. at IGNOU?

Students must meet the following educational requirements in order to be eligible for IGNOU's online M.Tech programme:

- The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in technology or a master's degree in science with a minimal percentile.
- The candidate must demonstrate that their degree was issued by a recognised university.

What is the Course Duration for IGNOU online M.Tech.?

The online M.Tech. course lasts two years, however the maximum time allowed to complete it at IGNOU is three years. Students who are currently employed now have an extra year to balance their studies and jobs. IGNOU's online M.Tech. degree is ideal for working professionals because of its flexibility.

What are the Subjects/Syllabus in the online M.Tech. IGNOU 2022?

The online M.Tech. programme teaches courses such as engineering, information technology, and other related fields. Engineering students can also study M.Tech. in a variety of specialties based on their interests. Data and Analysis Algorithms, Computer Networks, and other courses are popular in the programme, which is a two-year programme. Ignou M.Tech Syllabus Guide 2022.

How can I Download the IGNOU online M.Tech. Prospectus 2022?

On its website, IGNOU posts all of the most recent information on courses, fees, and admissions. Students can also obtain the IGNOU prospectus, which contains all pertinent information, from the university's website. Students should go to the university's official website and click on "Downloads," where they will see the option for the common prospectus 2022. By clicking on the link, you can learn everything there is to know about the university and the course.

How can I Download the IGNOU’s Online M.Tech. Study Material 2022?

Students can download the IGNOU mobile application, which is available for download. Then, using your enrolment number, login to access your course's study materials. You have the option of downloading it from the app or simply studying without it.

What are the top Online M.Tech. colleges in India as IGNOU’s Alternatives?

Students can study online M.Tech. or M.Tech. for working professionals from well-known and accredited colleges, as online is not a viable programme. The following are the universities that provide online programmes for working professionals:

  1. BITS Pilani
  2. Shobhit University
  3. Lingayas University
  4. Sri Venkateswara University

Can I get Scholarships in IGNOU for Online M.Tech Programs?

The central government of India owns and governs the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), and IGNOU students are eligible for Government of India scholarships. You can search for all available scholarships on the National Scholarship Portal of India and apply online after verifying your eligibility.

Is there any Difference Between IGNOU M.Tech. and IGNOU Online M.Tech?

IGNOU is an online and distance learning institution, and all of the university's courses are available online and via distance learning. IGNOU's M.Tech programme is created specifically for professionals in the field. It is offered by the university in conjunction with JSS, Bangalore. As a result, IGNOU M.Tech and IGNOU Online M.Tech both refer to the same course, and students studying it must attend a few classes at the JSS institute. Also Read: Chandigarh Online & Distance MBA.

IGNOU M.Tech./Distance M.Tech. Vs IGNOU Online M.Tech.

IGNOU is an online and distance learning institution that provides a variety of courses. IGNOU offers online study materials for all of its distance learning courses, and there is no distinction between IGNOU Distance M.Tech and IGNOU Online M.Tech.

What is the Scope after Completing IGNOU Online M.Tech.?

A postgraduate degree always provides you with additional professional prospects than an undergraduate degree. However, a significant number of students opt to work after graduation, and many individuals find it difficult to pursue their further education while working. Students, on the other hand, can effortlessly study an IGNOU online M.Tech. and find a plethora of work options. Following is a list of occupations that are available when you complete your M.Tech. at IGNOU:

  1. Senior Engineer
  2. Software Developer
  3. Research Associate
  4. Project Manager
  5. Machinery Engineer
  6. Planning Engineer
  7. Software Engineer
  8. Software Programmer
  9. Technical Director
  10. Maintenance Engineer

What is the list of Study Centers for the IGNOU Online M.Tech Program?

IGNOU provides an online M.Tech. programme in conjunction with JSS Bangalore, and as a result, all classes will be hosted at JSS. Students would no longer be able to attend classes at any other IGNOU study centre; instead, they will be connected to JSS Bangalore institutes.


⭐ Is IGNOU online M.Tech AICTE Approved?

As online, is not a valid course but the M.Tech. program offered by IGNOU is AICTE approved because IGNOU does not offer M.Tech. in the entirely online format.

⭐ When to Apply for IGNOU Online M.Tech.?

IGNOU opens the admissions two times a year; January and June. You can take all the updates regarding exact admission dates from its official website.

⭐ How to Apply for IGNOU Online M.Tech.?

You can apply by visiting the official website of IGNOU directly.

⭐ Is IGNOU online M.Tech. Valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, students can go for government jobs after IGNOU online M.Tech.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online M.Tech. Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU online M.Tech. has been recognized by UGC or the Government of India and hence this degree has validity across the world.

⭐ Is IGNOU online M.Tech. Degree Valid?

Yes, it has been approved by UGC-DEB and AICTE.

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