IGNOU B.Com Syllabus Subject Wise - Guide 2022 [Download PDF]
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IGNOU B.Com Syllabus Subject Wise - Guide 2022 [Download PDF]



Indira Gandhi National Open University is noted for offering low-cost distance education courses, which is why it has a student body of over 7 million. By making higher education cheap, the institution touches a huge number of people. Other than distance education, students enrolling in the B.Com. course can have a really incredible career in the field of accounting and finance. Moreover, the students can also go for higher level professional exams such as CA, CS, CMA and so on. The university aims to offer distance education to every student in an easily accessible way.

The university offers a plethora of courses to students in various streams. However, talking about B.Com., the university offers an excellent faculty for the course. B.Com is an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting. The students with a 10+2 passing certificate from a recognized board are perfectly eligible for the course. It is a six-semester undergraduate course which is deeply delved around accounting and management. Here, in this blog we will be briefing you with the syllabus structure of the course in a detailed way. Also Read: Virtual MBA.

IGNOU B.Com. Syllabus

Course Code Course Name Credits
Core Courses
BCOC 131 Financial Accounting 6
BCOC 132 Business Organization and Management 6
BCOC 133 Business Law 6
BCOC 134 Business Mathematics and Statistics 6
BCOC 135 Company Law 6
BCOC 136 Income Tax Law and Practice 6
BCOC 137 Corporate Accounting 6
BCOC 138 Cost Accounting 6
Discipline Specific Elective Course
BCOE 141 Principles of Marketing 6
BCOE 143 Fundamentals of Financial Management 6
BCOE 142 Management Accounting 6
BCOE 144 Office Management and Secretarial Practice 6
Skill Enhancement Courses
BCOS 183 Computer Application in Business 4
BCOS 184 E-Commerce 4
BCOS 185 Entrepreneurship 4
BCOS 186 Personal Selling and Salesmanship 4
Generic Elective
BCOG 171 Principles of Microeconomics 6
BCOG 172 Indian Economy 6
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies 4
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills 4
BHDAE 182 Hindi Vasha Aur Sampreshan 4
Language Courses (English)
BEGLA 135 English In Daily Life 6
BEGLA 136 English At The Work Place 6
BEGLA 137 Language Through Literature 6
BCOLA 138 Business Communication 6
Language Courses (Hindi)
BHDLA 136 Hindi Vasha: Lekhan Kaushal 6
BHDLA 137 Hindi Vasha: Sampreshan Kaushal 6

Career Opportunities after B.Com. IGNOU

B.Com is a course that offers an incredible scope in future for the students who wish to explore the business world. For the students who complete their graduation in the respective course, there are several job options available for them. Let us take a look at some of the job profiles:

  1. Accountant
  2. Auditor
  3. Financial Risk Manager
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Digital Marketer
  6. Public Sector Banking
  7. Auditor
  8. Business Development
  9. Financial Analyst

Why should you Pursue IGNOU B.Com.?

B.Com. is an undergraduate degree that is very high in-demand for 12th pass outs. Moreover, the course opens up many streams as an option for the future for the students. Other than that, the course helps in having a better understanding of the management world and prepares an individual for higher level exams and jobs. Job options such as a Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Accountant and so on. Furthermore, getting a distance degree in B.Com. from IGNOU will also benefit the students in terms of the value of the degree.

The following are some of the advantages of pursuing an IGNOU B.Com course:

- Students can learn at their own pace and from any location, which is the primary and most fundamental benefit of distance learning.
- Students can gain work experience while still in school, which is the second benefit.
- IGNOU provides both printed and online learning tools.
- Students pursuing an B.Com. at IGNOU will have access to placement aid.
- If you enrol in a remote undergraduate programme, you can take both undergraduate and diploma courses at the same time. It helps you save both time and money.

Placement Assistance IGNOU

IGNOU has its own placement unit, the Campus Placement Cell (CPC). The purpose of the cell was to provide students with job placement options and career assistance. Since its inception in 2005, the Placement Cell has been a reliable source of support. This has been taken into consideration by the school in order to aid students in selecting what is best for them. As a result, the establishment of the placement cell has proven to be incredibly advantageous. The placement cell is working on efforts to make it easier for students to find effective career opportunities.


⭐ What is the Duration of IGNOU B.Com.?

The duration of IGNOU B.Com. is 3 years, however, students get the time of 5 years to pass all the exams of IGNOU B.Com.

⭐ Is IGNOU B.Com. in the Yearly Mode?

Yes, IGNOU provides the B.Com. course in the yearly mode, instead of semester mode.

⭐ What is the Academic Fee of IGNOU B.Com.?

The total academic fee of IGNOU B.Com. is Rs. 8, 100.

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