IGNOU MBA Course - Master Of Business Administration Jan 2024

IGNOU MBA 2024 - Master of Business Administration

Indira Gandhi Open University is popular for the Masters of Business Administration Program through Online & Distance mode learning. Program is well structured for the working professionals as well as for the students. The duration of the program is minimum of 2 years and maximum of 4 years. Ignou MBA Course focuses on the study of Business growth, new ideation and planning organised structure for organisation profit. Qualitative learning and Entrepreneurship Skills are taught to the students throughout the course study. The faculties and educational experts are available by IGNOU University. Selection of specialisations, mode is available for applicants. Also for the distance mode there is an entrance test of Open MAT that is compulsory and for the online mode students are not required to appear for any entrance test.

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IGNOU Started Admissions January Session 2024. Click here to apply Till 31st March!!

IGNOU MBA Admission 2024 Last Date

IGNOU MBA are carried out twice a year in July and January. Students for the Masters in Business Administration require to appear for the Entrance Test that is known as Open MAT. The Registration and Re-registration procedures both open in the admission cycle for the fresh candidates as well as for the existing students. For the MBA Ignou admission there are a variety of specialisations offered to students and according to the students preference they can select and confirm.

After the covid situation the IGNOU was not conducting OPEN MAT entrance and admissions were undertaken directly on the basis of the general eligibility. Students should check out all the details at Official Website accurately before applying.


  • Management Studies with IGNOU can give students a flexible routine to follow.
  • IGNOU has obtained Global acceptance for the MBA program study.
  • Degree, PG Diploma in MBA program is offered through various subject choices available for the students.
  • Program is designed for both working professionals as well as for the students.
  • Two modes Distance & Online Mode are available for the MBA program at IGNOU.
  • E-books & Study Material Hard copy is provided to the students with the latest curriculum. 

Key Highlights of IGNOU MBA Program

For the IGNOU MBA students we have highlighted some of the key highlights which can assist in selecting the best MBA distance education programs. The details are available with a brief explanation to provide students an overview. Check out each section as it will be helpful for the admission selection.

IGNOU MBA Fees Structure 2024

IGNOU University for the MBA program study has semester wise fee structure, as for the 2 years program of MBA there are a total of 4 semesters. IGNOU is an attraction centre for the international students and there is a different fee for the foreign students. Application fee for the Open Category student is 300/- rupees, whereas for the reserved category students the fee is 200/- rupees.
The total fee is 62,000/- rupees which is divided as 15,500/- rupees per semester. While the fee payment options for IGNOU are now very easy and flexible like UPI, NEFT & Bank Transfer. The material cost of hard copy can differ as the soft copy over mail has no such charges. The fee of OPEN MAT Entrance registration is around 800 for the General Category students and 600 for the reserved category students. For the examination the fee of 200 rupees is structured for each subject. Fees structure is subjected to the change accordingly.

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IGNOU MBA Eligibility

For admission in MBA IGNOU requires a certain eligibility slab or criteria that says students for the Masters in Business Administration need to complete their graduation degree from a relevant stream study. The minimum marking criteria should be 50% for the MBA program admission.

For the reserved category there is relaxation of 10%. For the academic selection students are required to appear for the Open MAT Entrance test that is must for the students to clear. Students who are awaiting their final year results can also apply for the Indira Gandhi Open University MBA program. Working professionals can also be eligible for the MBA IGNOU program admission.

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IGNOU MBA Duration

The best part of IGNOU University is that the program duration extended feature is available like the resuming of educational journey can be resumed with 5 years of maximum period. The IGNOU MBA program duration is of 2 years where there are 4 semesters. The flexibility helps students to have a relaxed study environment as the grace period of 3 years is like a saving point for the students who discontinue due to some genuine factors as they can have a rejoining course option.

IGNOU MBA Admission Procedure 2024

For the admission procedure IGNOU University has 2 cycles January & July session. The registration procedure is carried through the simple steps where personal, educational, professional details must be filled correctly. For the IGNOU MBA students the very first need to appear for the Open MAT is the compulsory and mandatory one. Since after covid the examination was cancelled but now for the 2024 academic session the admission will be done through entrance examination.

Once the entrance is cleared a candidate can apply for the admissions. Attach all the accurate documents and accordingly filling the form procedure will be with less difficulty. Inserting the details and completing the form with the payment step will confirm your details and you will not be able to do any corrections in it. Students after the payment step need to wait for the university confirmation which will be forwarded to students registered email id. Correction window will be opened once the registration is closed. The review of the admission registration takes generally a month once the registration is done a welcome mail will be received by the students and accordingly the session information and notifications will be circulated in continuity pattern. 

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IGNOU MBA Examination

IGNOU MBA Examination pattern is structured in a way where students firstly need to fill the examination form where students need to select the examination centre and accordingly they will be getting the nearest exam centre. Also students for the examination should carry their hall ticket that can be available on the IGNOU university official website.

MBA IGNOU Examination paper is for 100 marks per subject and the passing criteria is at least 40 marks. Instructions for the examination will be available on the hall ticket which students should go through before appearing for examination. For the examination there are no extra sheets provided so students need to complete their answers in the given pages booklet.

IGNOU MBA Placement

Career Assistance or Job Assistance is one of the essential parts which is designed for the students who want to start their professional journey. IGNOU has some webinars and seminars where students can participate and can acquire some small internship programs and through this support students can develop their skills and start their career at the initial stage.

Also the IGNOU University is globally verified and accordingly students can have good profiles and positions once they have completed their IGNOU MBA program. In recent times the placement options have increased for the MBA and Managerial roles. There can be an increment in position as well as some salary hike can be experienced once the program is completed.

IGNOU MBA Trending Specializations 2024

For the students' betterment there are a variety of specialisations offered by IGNOU MBA and for the details we have listed down the specialisation list from which students can select their choice subject specialisation. All these specialisations have some specifications and they are helping students for being a particular learning expert as according to their interest students can opt the subjects.

MBA in Banking and Finance Management

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Hospitality Management

IGNOU MBA Specializations in Detailed

Learning with some trending specialisations will help students to have interesting career jobs after the course completion. There are some industrial trending programs offered to the students and for them we have extracted a brief information below, read out the detailed version of specialisations.

IGNOU MBA In HR (Human Resource)

IGNOU Masters in Business Administration in Human Resources is a 2 year specialisation program offered to the students who want to learn the organisational set up and management studies. Students from educational learning can opt this program.

  • There are a total of 4 semesters available in this program.
  • Students for the admission need to complete their bachelor's degree from a relevant stream study and students should obtain 55% marks in their graduation degree.
  • Students throughout the course study get to learn management, psychology, communication, economics and sociology.
  • Job prospects after the course completion are wide and for the working professionals a hike in position can be experienced.

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IGNOU MBA In Finance

IGNOU Masters in Business Administration in Finance program is one of the trending and the latest programs where the numbers, profits and the financial management skills are taught to the students. Some calculative topics are added under the curriculum.

  • Applicants for the program are required to complete their Bachelor's degree in a relevant stream where maths should be a subject.
  • Program is 2 years long with 4 semesters included in the program.
  • For the academic selection there is no such age boundation as any group can opt for the course.
  • Students are trained with a perspective of a professional skilling with providing industrial exposure.

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IGNOU MBA in Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance sector together are one of the demands as the banks are upgrading themselves and for the management and some essential responsibilities that require a MBA graduate in a similar field. IGNOU MBA Banking & Finance Program is of 2 years with 4 semesters in it.

  • Students having a good mathematical sense can have interesting educational activities.
  • Applicants just need to complete their graduation degree from a relevant stream , commerce stream is the most preferred one.
  • Topics related to Banking sector and Financial management will be taught to the students.
  • Professional Journey can be exciting once a student completes their course successfully.

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IGNOU MBA in Hospital Management

Hospital is a health management sector for which a MBA can help students to understand the correlation of management structure and hierarchy of Health care unit. Communication Skills, presence of mind, solutions and modern techniques everything is included in 2 years of program.

  • Program teaches the execution of solutions through planning strong strategies for smooth management.
  • For MBA in Hospital Management students require the completion of Bachelors degree form a relevant stream.
  • Interest and the basic knowledge about the course can help students for the educational learning engagement.
  • Job options after the course study are vast and the professional journey will be exciting with different roles and responsibilities.

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IGNOU MBA Program in Detailed

IGNOU University for the MBA program is considered to be one of the popular programs offered to the students. There are some of the details that a student needs to know and for them we have showcased some of the elaborated information which a student must read carefully. Prospectus, Assignments, Study material, Entrance examination and many other details are available below:

IGNOU MBA Prospectus 2024

IGNOU University each year designs a prospectus with detailed information. Prospectus in simple words is the brochure which has admission, fees, curriculum, assignment as well as examination pattern inserted inside. The university brief information is also included for the students better understanding. Most probably the university page has display categories but rules, regulations, overview and A to Z detail is available in the prospectus. For the 2024 academic session university will release the New 2024 prospectus soon.
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IGNOU MBA Assignment 2024

For the Assignments students need to solve some questions that are prepared within the syllabus. These assignments are the assessments which have been evaluated and according to the answers students are granted the marks. Students need to submit the handwritten assignments before the deadlines. Once the deadline is crossed you cannot submit the assignments. Students for the MBA Program also get some presentation work that students require to complete and submit. Without submitting your assignments students cannot move to the next year. The Assignments are checked so prepare accurate assignments without any copy.
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IGNOU MBA Entrance Exam

Entrance Examination for the IGNOU MBA is conducted which is known as OPEN MAT. The Examination is computer based with 3 hours of duration and it is conducted twice a year. Students for the Entrance need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of graduation degree. The entrance examination contains MCQs and some general questions which students need to answer. The fee for the entrance test is 800/- rupees for the Open Category students and 600/- rupees for the reserved category students. For the IGNOU MBA program entrance, post covid the test was cancelled but from 2024 the entrance will be continued again.
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IGNOU MBA Study Material

Study Material is the learning material that is provided to the students who enrol for the MBA program. The topic wise books and the some swayam, Eghyankosh, online ppt is provided to the students for preparing study topics and also the lectures for some of the important topics are scheduled by the expert faculties. Basically the material carries all concepts, theories, case studies. While taking admission students will get the option to select the Study material hard copy or the soft copy the charges are exclusive for the hard copy as the hard copy is delivered via courier at your address.
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Books for IGNOU MBA

The theoretical material is provided in the format of books for the hard copy accessed students and the books are in PDF format for the students who have availed for the soft copy learning material. EGyankosh is accessible by the students who are IGNOU students.Books are structured with the latest curriculum and the topics are modified according to the latest program studies. For the assignments and the examinations the book's reference can be beneficial for the students.

IGNOU MBA Evaluation

MBA evaluation at IGNOU starts from registration where the entrance scores should match the evaluation criteria. Accordingly students during the curriculum study get assignments to complete and submit and on the basis of it marks are provided to the students. 30% marks are assigned for the assignments and the practicals. Evaluation Next step is Examination which is carried out on a semester basis and the examination is for 100 marks out of which 40 marks are for the passing. No leniency is accepted by the university. Assignments and Examination marks are made available on the grade card released on the official website of the university in the student zone section.

IGNOU MBA Previous year Question Papers

IGNOU University uploads old & previous year question papers for the students' preparation. Through the old question paper students can learn and revise by solving the question papers. The previous year question papers are available on the official website of IGNOU. The question paper syllabus can be old but some of the topics remain the same and the concepts remain similar. Before Examination if students solve and practise these questions for the preparation they can get good marks as they will be having a writing as well as answer framing knowledge.Also the Question Paper go through is essential to know the questioning pattern of university.
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IGNOU MBA Review 2024 (Good or Bad?)

The reviews are the real side of any university , IGNOU MBA reviews are surprising because we have observed students saying that if anybody wants to opt for the distance or online MBA then the IGNOU is the best choice as it covers all the essential aspects of Business administration studies. The major concern of any student is whether they will be getting good job options or not, IGNOU is solving this problem through their end by providing short duration internship programs to the students. Overall the majority of students have a positive approach towards the IGNOU MBA program and the enrollment number is increasing yearly. For the real and raw reviews students can search over google they will get the insights of the university and the course.

Sample Certificate for IGNOU MBA

Certification is a most important element of studies which helps for educational recognition. Degree Validation and certification of IGNOU is recognized all over the country, also students for their professional journey. The MBA program from IGNOU has a demand and students who have earlier pursued MBA are experiencing a good career scope and opportunities. For the organisational level the certificate is valid and the university itself provides ample job options for the students.

Pros & Cons of IGNOU MBA

The section of Pros and Cons is a very common query a student asks before they select IGNOU MBA, so for the better and clear understanding there some effective pros and cons we have discussed in below pointer, review it and also students are requested to match these pointers according to their educational preference because sometimes your approach cannot be suitable for others so first have a look on both and match for better educational choice.

  • IGNOU provides students a Qualitative learning environment with expert faculties support.
  • Variety of new subjects and specialisations are added by IGNOU.
  • New Mode of Online Education is offering Online MBA with technical assessment.
  • Seminars, Live Sessions with industrial expert faculties are enhancing students skills.
  • Degree From MBA is getting similar importance like regular one.
  • Career Guidance is a key feature IGNOU provides to MBA graduates.
  • Lack of Practical Knowledge can limit the behavioural growth of an individual.
  • All the factors and features are active but a communication barrier is still an issue.
  • The update and the functioning of the university is very slow.
  • Assistance is available but an individual requires to identify and study by self.
  • Examinations are tough and Assignments are lengthy.
  • Degree Delay is also a major problem by the university.

IGNOU MBA Online 2024

Online mode in recent times is creating an optimistic approach by the students and the working professionals. The major relief to the students is that the online program has got the validity from the UGC board and the program study will be worth it for the career prospect. IGNOU has started offering Online Mode education with some popular programs from which one is MBA Online. Ignou Online MBA Program study is offered for 2 years of duration.

Program is designed with a business static perspective and students get exposure about the planning, innovations, and modern strategies involved in the program study. The learning is all carried through the online medium. Students for accessibility need to have a basic computer knowledge and MS office for the course activities.

Features of IGNOU MBA Online

IGNOU Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

IGNOU Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

Online IGNOU MBA programs are carried in semester wise pattern and the fee is bifurcated accordingly. The fee of 1st, 2nd & 4th semester is 14000/- whereas for the 3rd semester the fees is around 16000/- rupees. The fee is exclusive of examination fees which will be charged externally.

For the international students the fee is divided according to the SAARC validation if the students SAARC is valid then the same fee is applicable but if a student is not SAARC validated then the fee is US($) 1,100/- for the 1st, 2nd & 4th semesters and for the 3rd semester the fee is around USD 1450/-.

IGNOU MBA Syllabus [Updated 2024]

IGNOU Masters of Business Administration has business study topics as well as different area subjects are covered under this program, for the latest syllabus list read below:

First Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MMPC-01 Management Functions and Organisational Processes 4
MMPC-02 Human Resource Management 4
MMPC-03 Business Environment 4
MMPC-04 Accounting for Managers 4
MMPC-05 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications 4
MMPC-06 Marketing Management 4
MMPC-07 Business Communication 4
Second Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MMPC-08 Information Systems for Managers 4
MMPC-09 Management of Machines and Materials 4
MMPC-10 Managerial Economics 4
MMPC-11 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues 4
MMPC-12 Strategic Management 4
MMPC-13 Business Laws 4
MMPC-14 Financial Management 4
Third Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MMPC-15 Research Methodology for Management Decisions 4
MMPC-16 International Business Management 4
MMPP-01 Project Course (Equivalent to 2 Courses) 8
Select 4 Courses from any of the specialisation 16
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MMPC-17 Advanced Strategic Management 4
MMPC-18 Entrepreneurship 4
MMPC-19 Total Quality Management 4
MMPC-20 Business Ethics and CSR 4
Select 3 Courses from any of the specialisation 12
Total Credits
IGNOU MBA Syllabus 2024


Distance & Online both modes are one of the trending modes for the learning and students who are unable to opt for the regular mode studies have the best option to have a flexible and convenient learning. But due to two modes of learning the confusion is also increasing so in this section we will discuss what is the difference between Ignou Distance MBA and IGNOU Online MBA.

IGNOU Distance MBA
  • Distance Mode IGNOU MBA is basically a study pattern where students need to self study and attend the weekend lectures or evening lectures.
  • Attendance is not mandatory but physical visit for assignment submission and examination is compulsory.
  • Working Professionals have a good option of distance mode IGNOU MBA.
  • The time schedule can be managed as the self study can be guided through the books and the material is provided to the students for the assistance.
  • IGNOU MBA Online Mode is the newest mode which helps students to study from anywhere and anytime. Students for the online mode do not require to visit or attend the lectures as there is a LMS and recorded lectures offered to the students for their own convenient study.
  • For the online IGNOU MBA mode learning there is no such boundation of visit, may it be assignments, examinations everything is done through online mode.
  • Working Professionals for examinations or assignment submission do not require visit the university, submissions are done online without any hectic procedure.
  • Recently IGNOU Online MBA mode learning is trending as it is effective and beneficial for resuming educational journeys.

Both are the best and effective learning alternatives but as it is said modern problems require modern solutions, so the educational transformation is better with the online mode as it has some positive corners for the hustle free learning.


IGNOU University is being a life saviour for the working professionals and the students who are unable to have a regular study. Providing Management studies through distance and online mode, definitely won't be as effective as the regular one but the exceptional case is that students are getting a chance to resume their educational journey. The whole article is the information about the course and the university offering pattern, for the online & distance mode studies students need to be wise also till now IGNOU has been a authentic and reliable university for the students and the working professionals.

Why Choose IGNOU For Distance MBA?

IGNOU is one of the largest providers of Distance Education in the world. There are many advantages unique to IGNOU as far as distance learning MBAs are concerned. Some major advantages are listed below:

India’s Only National Distance University
Approved by UGC and AICTE
NAAC A++ Accreditation
Top-Notch Designed Curriculum
Latest Courseware and Study Material
Flexibility in Degree Programs
Lower Program Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any query related to IGNOU MBA Course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

Study is not tough but yes the curriculum is like a tough one, but the study and practice will have a qualitative impact on students educational growth and will help for the professional journey as well.

Yes, for the factual knowledge Online Mode Learning is given a recognition from the UGC board and the value of the program will be considered to be equal as the regular one.

Yes, top and brand companies are accepting IGNOU degree as the university is approved and study of university and program is up to the mark.

IGNOU MBA is not that costly as it is affordable for the students and the working professionals. As compared to other universities the fee cost is nominal and minimum which is not expensive for students or working professionals.

For now the Re-registration procedures and fresh January Session are ongoing and the last date for the admission is 31st January 2024.

Yes, OPEN MAT will be conducted for the students who will appear for the MBA program study, as before due to covid issue the entrance test was cancelled and admissions were accepted on the basis of previous educational degree marks and students were enrolled for the MBA program.

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