Jain University - Online and Distance Degree Program 2024

Jain University - Online and Distance Degree Program 2024

It’s been decades that distance education has been introduced in India, however, it is yet to become prominent amongst millennials and Gen Z. some myriad students are not convenient with distance education and it is because there are plenty of bogus universities providing online and distance learning programs and not even recognized by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB).

But if you see the silver lining online and distance education can be the key to your dream job because it gives you ample time to deal with the hustle of your job along with a reputable degree. Yes, I said valid degrees. If you take admission to approved and recognized universities then your distance and online degrees will be valid everywhere.

This is why most people are only aware of IGNOU Admissions, as an online and distance learning university and is because the university has been approved by UGC-DEB, AICTE and is famous across the country. However, there are other well-recognized distance universities you don’t know about and one of the famous distance and online universities is Jain University.

Jain online and distance university in Bangalore is promoted by the Jain group and its recognized university as one the leading universities in India. Jain University has been recognized by UGC entitled online degree programs, the University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB) and is accredited by NAAC with an A Grade. The university's campus is situated in Bangalore but you don’t need to visit the university as its admission process is also online.

The university has been awarded numerous awards and it has earned the status of Deemed-To-Be-University. Jain has been ranked 91-95 among top Indian Universities. Jain offers you both online and distance learning courses separately unlike IGNOU.

Why Jain Online & Distance University Bangalore Is A Better Choice In 2024?

Both Online and Distance Courses:Jain University offers both online and distance learning courses separately. As you can take admission in the course as per your preference. Jain Bangalore helps students in choosing courses based on their flexibility as you can give exams online in online courses but not in distance learning courses. On the contrary, IGNOU offers only distance learning courses and exams are offline only.

Students will get the same courses in both Jain online and Jain distance university. Here are the major courses of Jain University Bangalore that you can find in both online and distance learning:

  • MBA (more than 21 Specializations including dual Specializations)
    • MBA in Finance
    • MBA in HRM
    • MBA in Marketing
    • MBA in General Management
    • MBA in System And Operations
    • MBA in Marketing And Finance
    • MBA in Finance And HRM
    • MBA in Marketing And HRM
    • MBA in Aviation Management
    • MBA in Information Technology
    • MBA in Logistics And Supply Chain
    • MBA in Banking Finance
    • MBA in Financial Markets
    • MBA in International Finance
    • MBA in Finance And Leadership
    • MBA in International Marketing
    • MBA in Data Science And Analytics
    • MBA in Digital Marketing E-Commerce
    • MBA in Fintech
    • MBA in Investment Banking Equity Research
    • MBA in Strategic Finance
  • B.Com
  • BBA
  • MCA
  • MA (specializations like psychology, English, history, etc.)

Best Online and Distance University For MBA

Jain online & distance is one of the best universities in Management because it offers you a plethora of MBA specializations from single specializations to dual that you will not find even in IGNOU. Jain University Bangalore offers all the MBA specializations in both online and distance mode. This university helps you in being specialized in two subjects at the same time. Also, the academic fees of online and distance learning courses differ which means you can apply as per your preference and interest. Find: MBA from IGNOU 2024.

Scholarships at Jain Online & Distance University

Jain online and distance University offers you a total of 6 types of scholarships on the basis of your talents, whereas, IGNOU offers you scholarships on category and financial condition. There are scholarships based on academics, sports, music, dance, and literary categories. The last type of scholarship is based on visual, auditory and other significant physical disabilities. Hence, you can apply for scholarships at Jain on the basis of your capability and talent.

Candidates can apply for scholarships at Jain by submitting the scholarship form with all the details. You will be rewarded with the prize of scholarship once you accept the scholarship and apply for the same.

Placements for Jain Online & Distance Degree Programs

The placement cell of Jain is also better than IGNOU as the placement cell was formed in 2005 and it is hardly functional. Jain Bangalore has an official placement or training cell which helps both regular and distance students. The name of the placement cell of the university is Superset and it is a well-developed placement cell that bridges the gap between a student and a professional employee. The placement cell of the Jain University majorly works on the skill development of students so that they can get hired by firms. The university helps students in developing employability and technical skills for the growth prospect. Also Know About: IGNOU Diploma Courses List

But the fees are too high!

So far you have read the facts about how Jain would be a better choice on IGNOU. However, the academic fee of Jain University is more than the academic fee of IGNOU courses. IGNOU is a government-funded university and hence it offers you courses at a less academic fee. IGNOU is a people’s university which means it makes education available even to the disadvantaged section of society. However, Jain is a private university that offers you more facilities but with high academic fees.


Albeit both IGNOU and Jain are well-recognized universities approved by the University Grants Commission and accredited by NAAC. The decision of choosing one university for you lies in factors like courses offered by the university, academic fee, Learning Management System (LMS), placement assistance, and so forth. Both universities are providing facilities or infrastructure for online classes but their way of delivery differs from each other. You can figure out more details regarding both these universities on their official websites. Also Read: IGNOU Mumbai 2024!

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⭐ How many courses does Jain online and distance university offer?

Jain Deemed-to-be University offers around 22 undergraduate, 45 postgraduate, and other research courses in disciplines like Commerce, Engineering & Technology, Management, Humanities, and so forth.

⭐ Does Jain offer online and distance courses separately?

Yes, both distance and online courses are different in Jain online and candidates can either take admission in distance courses or in online courses.

⭐ Is Jain online and distance degrees valid?

Yes, all the online courses are valid as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission. Hence, Jain online degrees are valid everywhere because the university has gained approval from UGC.

⭐ Which is more affordable, Jain or IGNOU?

There is no doubt that IGNOU is more affordable than Jain Deemed-to-be University as IGNOU offers all the courses at less academic fees. However, Jain University offers you plenty of facilities regarding well-developed LMS, Placement Assistance, and so forth.

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