Download IGNOU B Com Syllabus PDF 2024 [Subjects Wise]

Download IGNOU B Com Syllabus PDF 2024 [Subjects Wise]

B.Com is a graduate course designed specifically for students who are interested in gaining insight into the financial management aspects of the management sector. The distance and online BCom course take a minimum of three years to complete and a maximum of six years to complete. IGNOU BCom course comes with 4 specializations that are BCom general, major in accountancy and finance, corporate affairs and administration, major in financial and cost accounting. The syllabus pattern of the BCom course is given below for your better understanding.

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IGNOU B.Com 2024: Detailed

Indira Gandhi National Open University is renowned for offering world-class courses during distance learning and online learning.The course imparts the knowledge or core subjects related to commerce and finance. The student will be trained with the topics like financial accounting, corporate tax, economics, company law, auditing, business management, etc. The School of Management Studies, one of the world's largest open learning business schools, designed the B.Com course syllabus.

The programme is built in line with the industry's current needs by the expert faculty of IGNOU and a team of industry experts and experienced teachers from various universities to help the business sectors grow financially.

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IGNOU Distance B.Com Course Structure (2024)

To complete B.Com from IGNOU, the student has to clear out 132 credits in six semesters (three years) with 22 credits per semester. To pass out 132 credits, a student has to select courses from the following categories of courses:-

IGNOU B.Com Listed Subjects

The subjects of the IGNOU B.Com course are mentioned below in the table:-

Course Code Course Name
Core Courses
BCOC 131 Financial Accounting
BCOC 132 Business Organization and Management
BCOC 133 Business Law
BCOC 134 Business Mathematics and Statistics
BCOC 135 Company Law
BCOC 136 Income Tax Law and Practice
BCOC 137 Corporate Accounting
BCOC 138 Cost Accounting
Discipline-Specific Elective Course
BCOE 141 Principles of Marketing
BCOE 143 Fundamentals of Financial Management
BCOE 142 Management Accounting
BCOE 144 Office Management and Secretarial Practice
Skill Enhancement Courses
BCOS 183 Computer Application in Business
BCOS 184 E-Commerce
BCOS 185 Entrepreneurship
BCOS 186 Personal Selling and Salesmanship
Generic Elective
BCOG 171 Principles of Micro Economics
BCOG 172 Indian Economy
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills
BHDAE 182 Hindi Vasha Aur Sampreshan
Language Courses (English)
BEGLA 135 English In Daily Life
BEGLA 136 English At The Workplace
BEGLA 137 Language Through Literature
BCOLA 138 Business Communication
Language Courses (Hindi)
BHDLA 136 Hindi Vasha: Lekhan Kaushal
BHDLA 137 Hindi Vasha: Sampreshan Kaushal

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