What Is IGNOU MBA in Operations Management? - Guide 2022

What Is IGNOU MBA In Operations Management? - Guide 2022



Operations Management is an MBA specialization that allows for extensive research in a variety of fields, including supply chain management. The main focus of this specialization is on planning, managing, and managing the organization's production and manufacturing processes. Supply Chain Management and Logistics are the two key areas in which an Operations Manager works.
The career options that come with this degree are also numerous and provide students with a bright future. MBA in Operations Management of IGNOU is a two-year postgraduate degree that can be completed in 4 years. IGNOU gives two extra years for MBA students and it is an apt course for working professionals.

IGNOU is a well-known university that was formed in 1986 by an Act of Parliament. The UGC-DEB recognizes IGNOU, and it has a specific level of recognition and validation. Operations Management is an MBA specialization that allows students to explore a variety of topics, including supply chain management. In this blog, you will find all the information related to the distance MBA Operations Management course offered by IGNOU.

Distance MBA In Operations Management Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Degree Postgraduate
Approval UGC-DEB | NAAC A++
Duration MIN - 2 Years | MAX- 4 Years
Age No Age Limit
Eligibility Graduation from a recognized university
Fees Incurred INR 37,800/-for full course
Average Salary Offered INR 5 LAKHS TO 7 LAKHS PER ANNUM

What are the Eligibility Criteria of Distance MBA Operations Management at IGNOU?

A student must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission to the IGNOU distance MBA Operations Management program:
-Students must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a nationally recognized university.
-In order to apply for a distance MBA in Operations Management, students must have at least a 55 per cent graduation rate.


In 1985, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was founded. IGNOU's introduction into the Indian education realm altered the scope of open learning. IGNOU is connected with the University of Georgia and is DEB and AICTE approved. IGNOU is the world's largest university, with over 7 million students. IGNOU University's distance education program offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programs. With the support of 21 schools and 67 regional centres across the country, IGNOU offers 227 programs to students in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Students can access university lessons through IGNOU's virtual campuses.

The university dispels the myths and barriers associated with online learning and Open University education. IGNOU is aiming to instil skills through sophisticated technology and training using novel concepts, technology, and methods while ensuring that each student's level is reached. IGNOU has achieved outstanding success in higher education, community education, and professional development. As an open university, IGNOU offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programs.

The Admission Procedure of IGNOU MBA in Operations 2022

The admission procedure for distance MBA in Operations at IGNOU is one of the simplest and most traditional ones, and students can apply directly through IGNOU's official website. You can enrol in this course directly by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the university's official website.
  2. Select the option for new admission and then register as a new user.
  3. Fill out the application form or the OPENMAT exam form.
  4. Then ensure that you appear for the entrance exam on the specified date (IGNOU releases the entrance dates on its website).
  5. Following the results, if you are selected by the university based on the cut-off, you can proceed to fill out your application form.
  6. Fill out the application form completely (contact details, prior qualifications, etc.)
  7. Upload all required documents before submitting the academic fee online.
  8. Then, submit the application form, and you will receive a confirmation email from the university once the documents have been verified.

Is IGNOU MBA In Operations Management Good?

IGNOU provides a wide range of distance and open learning courses, allowing students to further their education in areas such as management, business, humanities, science and engineering, and more. Despite the fact that IGNOU offers a variety of management programs, the distance MBA is one of the most well-known. Some of the benefits that IGNOU provides to distance MBA in Operations Management students are as follows:

- The course has been approved by the UGC-DEB and is internationally recognized.
- The distance MBA in Operations Management program is affordable and open to a wide range of people.
- The university delivers printed study materials or books to students' homes.
- The study materials for the course are also available on IGNOU's various websites.
- On weekends, students can also attend counselling sessions at IGNOU.

What Is the Fee Structure of IGNOU MBA in Operations Management 2022?

The total academic cost of the distance MBA Operations Management program is Rs. 37,800, which must be paid in advance by bank draft from any of the designated banks in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The academic fee is due at the start of each session, and students must pay it to the appropriate regional centre. Also find: What Are The Fees For IGNOU Distance MA?

What is the Duration of the IGNOU MBA Operations?

The minimum duration of IGNOU MBA is 2 years and the maximum duration is 4 years. IGNOU offers 2 more extra years for you to clear all the exams of the course.

What Are the Subjects/Syllabus In MBA Operations Management IGNOU 2022?

The IGNOU Distance MBA in Operations Management curriculum is comprehensive, bringing together all managerial principles from a variety of subjects in one place. All of the subjects available through IGNOU's distance MBA in operations Management program are listed below:

Semesters Subjects
Semester 1 - Managerial Tasks and Behavioral Dynamics
- Corporate Communication and Managerial Economics
- Legislative Framework of Business
- Accounting and Taxation for Managers
- Operation Research
- Business Development and Entrepreneurship
Semester 2 - Human Asset Management
- Corporate Finance and Services
- Marketing Planning and Management
- Production Technology and Industrial Engineering
- Information Science for Managers
- Strategic Management and Corporate Governance
Semester 3 - Research Methodology
- Total Quality Management
- International Business Management
- Project System Management
- Production Planning and Control
- Safety and Maintenance Management
Semester 4 - Materials and Stores Management
- Manufacturing Resource Management
- Technology and Innovation Management
- Quality Assurance and Audit
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management

How to Apply for An IGNOU MBA In Operations Management Entrance Exam 2022?

Students can apply for the IGNOU MBA Operations entrance exam by submitting the application form on the website. You need to fill in all your details in the form and submit the entrance fees to proceed with the procedure.

Is Openmat Necessary for An IGNOU MBA In Operations Management?

Many candidates are unsure whether or not they are required to take entrance examinations for distance MBA programs. Students are not required to take entrance examinations for every distance MBA program, but they are required to take tests for the IGNOU MBA program. Students seeking admission to IGNOU's MBA program must take the OPENMAT. OPENMAT is a national-level entrance examination for IGNOU's MBA and PGDM programs. IGNOU administers the OPENMAT exam twice a year, in January and July. Students must pass the OPENMAT exam in order to be considered for admission to any MBA or PGDM program.

How Can I Download the IGNOU MBA Business Management Prospectus in 2022?

The common prospectus for IGNOU can be found on the university's official website. Students will find the options for a common prospectus 2022 and a management prospectus on the IGNOU website, which they must select in order to access the entire prospectus, which will include all of the data regarding the courses offered, the fees structure, the Eligibility Criteria, and other pertinent information. Students will find all of the necessary information about the university, such as its successes, distinguishing characteristics, detailed information about the university's programs, eligibility criteria, and IGNOU's online learning programs.

How Can I download IGNOU MBA Operations Management Study Material In 2022?

IGNOU study resources are available to both students and teachers via a variety of channels. Students can access study materials and other program-related information through repositories such as eGyan Kosh and IGNOU mobile apps such as the IGNOU e-content mobile app.

Using the IGNOU e-content app, students can look up the curriculum for any program. eGyan Kosh is a digital platform that provides study materials and online video lectures for over 2500 different courses. IGNOU students value the convenience of having all of their study materials available online.

What Are the Top 8 Distance MBA Operations Management Colleges In India for IGNOU Alternative?

There are numerous colleges that are offering MBA/PGDM in Operations to students who are willing to pursue higher studies remotely. Here is the list of all the distance Management colleges where you can find Operations as the specialization of MBA/PGDM:

1. NMIMS - Deemed to be University
2. IMT Ghaizabad
3. Symbiosis Institute of Management
4. Jagganath University
5. Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya
6. University of Kerala
7. Shivaji University
8. JECRC University

Other Management Courses Offered by IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides a number of management programs that can help you gain a thorough understanding of a variety of managerial topics. The management programs offered by IGNOU are as follows:

- Distance BBA
- Distance MBA
- Distance MBA In Financial Management
- Distance MBA In Business Management
- Distance MBA In Marketing Management
- Distance MBA In Operations Management
- Distance MBA In Human Resources Management
- Distance MBA in International Business Management
- Distance MBA in Information Technology
- Distance MBA in Supply Chain Management
- Distance MBA in Banking and Finance Management
- Distance MBA in Hospital Administration
- Distance MBA in Hospitality Management
- Distance MBA in Retail Management
- Distance MBA in Rural Management
- Distance MBA in Project Management
- Distance MBA in International Trade Management

Does IGNOU conduct any Entrance Exam for Admission in MBA Operation Management?

Yes, IGNOU holds entrance exams for admission to the distance MBA in Operations Management program. Students must take the IGNOU common management entrance exam in order to enroll in the distance MBA program. OPENMAT is the name of IGNOU's entrance exam, and students can apply for it by visiting the university's official website.

Can I Get Scholarship In IGNOU for MBA Programs?

IGNOU is a central university, and the Government of India provides scholarships to students. Students interested in applying for scholarships should visit the Government of India's National Scholarships portal. Students can also apply online for scholarships through the site but should ensure that they meet the scholarship's eligibility requirements.

Is There Any Difference Between IGNOU MBA in Operations and IGNOU Distance MBA Operations?

IGNOU offers distance learning and online courses, which means that the university's courses are blended or a mix of online and offline teaching. IGNOU offers only distance courses, hence there is no distinction between IGNOU MBA Operations and IGNOU Distance MBA Operations. Also find: What Is A Virtual (Online) MBA?

Is There Any Difference Between IGNOU MBA in Operations and IGNOU Distance MBA Operations?

To assist students in finding work, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) established a Campus Placement Cell in 2005. The placement cell manages all placement-related activities and assists students in finding suitable employment.

The cell was established to provide campus placements and to address placement-related issues that may arise among students in all programs. On the other hand, at the university's regional centers, the Campus Placement Cell (CPC) organizes placement drives, career fairs, and employability enhancement programs. Campus placement units at distance education institutions actively encourage students to take their courses online while also assisting them in building a solid future. Campus placement units at IGNOU actively encourage students to pursue their studies online while also assisting them in building a stable future.

What is the Scope after Completing IGNOU MBA In Operations?

Students can opt for varied career options after the MBA in Operations Management. There are a plethora of different job opportunities available for MBA graduates. Here is the list of jobs that are available after an MBA in Operations Management:

General Operations Manager Operations Executive
Manufacturing Consulting Manager Area Operations Manager
Plant Manager Operational Research Analyst


⭐ Is IGNOU MBA Operations AICTE Approved?

Yes, IGNOU MBA Operations has been approved by AICTE and also by UGC and DEB

⭐ When to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Operations Management?

IGNOU opens admissions twice a year; January and July. Students can apply for the MBA Operations course by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐How to apply for an IGNOU MBA?

Students can apply for IGNOU MBA just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐Is IGNOU MBA Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, you can apply for government jobs after IGNOU MBA.

⭐Is IGNOU MBA Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get the degrees which will be valid and recognized worldwide.

⭐Is IGNOU MBA Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including MBA are valid.

⭐What is the IGNOU MBA entrance test?

IGNOU conducts an entrance test for MBA which is called OPENMAT.

⭐How to Apply For IGNOU MBA Entrance Exam?

You can apply just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐How many times does the university conduct term-end exams for distance MBA Operations Management in a year?

The university conducts exams twice a year and students can give exams of their concerned program in the months of June and December. If students are unable to give in the month of June then they can appear in the month of December for exams.

⭐How does a candidate become eligible for a term-end examination in IGNOU?

A student needs to be available for the minimum time period set by the university, for instance, a master’s or bachelor’s degree student needs to be available for at least one year of the program.

⭐What is the duration of distance MBA in IGNOU?

The minimum duration of an MBA is 2 years and the maximum duration is 4 years.

⭐Does IGNOU refund the academic fees in case of cancellation of the program?

IGNOU refunds fees only when the university denies admission due to any reason. But in case of the cancellation of the program from the student’s side, the fee will not be refunded.


Distance MBA in Operations Management is a two-year management program designed for students interested in working in logistics and supply chain management. IGNOU offers a variety of MBA specializations in the distance mode, all of which are valid because the university has been approved by the UGC-DEB. I hope you found all of the information about IGNOU's distance MBA Operations Management program useful.

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