What Is IGNOU MA in Geography From Distance? - Guide 2024
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What Is IGNOU Distance MA in Geography? - Guide 2024

Master of Arts or MA is a postgraduate course and its specialization in Geography is specially designed for students who are keen to study the physical features of the earth. IGNOU is a well-recognized university approved by the University Grants Commission - Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB). In this blog, you will find all the important information related to MA Geography offered by IGNOU.

What is IGNOU MA Geography?

MA IGNOU Geography is a two-year postgraduate degree that focuses on providing an in-depth grasp of geographical topics such as geomorphology, nature of geography, economic geography, and so on. Master of Arts with a concentration in Geography is a popular study since it is a professional degree programme that prepares you for careers such as Agricultural Specialist, Cartographer, and Demographer.

IGNOU provides MA courses in a variety of subjects as specializations, including Geography, via distance learning. A Master's in Arts can be pursued in a variety of fields, and one can specialise entirely in one of them. Indira Gandhi National Open University is regarded for having a top-notch faculty for all its MA programmes and, in fact, all distance learning courses. Furthermore, the university's mission is to provide students with easily accessible knowledge, particularly those who are also pursuing a professional. Also Find: Chandigarh Online & Distance MBA.

How to get Admission in IGNOU MA Geography?

Indira Gandhi National Open University has the option of both online and offline admission in any course. However, online admission is the most convenient way of taking admission and offline admission is not an option at most of the regional centres of IGNOU. Candidates can apply for IGNOU MA Geography online by following the below-given steps:

  • Select "Register Online" and then "Fresh Admission" from the drop-down menu to register as a new user.
  • To the best of your ability, complete the application form (contact details, prior qualifications, etc.)
  • For verification purposes, upload all of your documents on the portal.
  • Finally, pay the academic fee for the programme using any of the portal's digital payment methods.
  • After the verification procedure, candidates will receive a confirmation email, which will take about 2 months.

For more information, go to the university's official website and pick the Common Prospectus 2024 option.

Is IGNOU MA Geography Good?

IGNOU is a prominent university and offers more than 227 courses in 21 different streams. IGNOU offers a diverse selection of courses in a variety of subjects. Students who want to earn an MA degree in Geography and pursue a successful career path should apply online. The MA degree in Geography offered by IGNOU is valid and students can apply to lead organizations on the basis of this degree.

Let's have a look at some of the primary reasons why IGNOU's MA programmes are so beneficial:

- MA Geography degree is valid as IGNOU gained an A++ Grade by NAAC and approved by UGC
- IGNOU provides both online and printed study material to students of MA Geography.
- A distance MA degree gained at the university will be credible because it is respected and valued in the industry.
- IGNOU is also a very cost-effective university, with fairly priced courses.
- The university provides students with a vibrant learning environment by offering a wide choice of courses.
- The university is well-known for its experienced faculty and scholars who set the curriculum of the course.

What is the Fee Structure of IGNOU MA Geography?

The total academic fee for IGNOU MA Geography is Rs. 12,600, which can be paid annually by students. MA Geography is offered by IGNOU on an annual basis, with a price of Rs. 6,300 per year. IGNOU is well-known for providing courses that are accessible to a wide range of students. Candidates have the option of paying the total academic cost all at once or paying it on an annual basis.

What is the Eligibility for MA Geography in IGNOU?

The eligibility criterion is a precondition or pre-requisite for students' admission, and each university has its own set of regulations or conditions for establishing students' eligibility. A student must meet the following prerequisites in order to be admitted to IGNOU's MA Geography programme:

1. To be qualified, students must hold a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a UGC recognised university.
2. Students must have a minimum aggregate percentile to be considered for any MA programme offered by IGNOU.
3. There are no age limitations.

What is the Course Duration of IGNOU MA Geography?

The MA Geography programme at IGNOU lasts two years and can be completed in four years. This two-year programme is organised into four semesters in general. On the other side, IGNOU provides an annual MA in Geography. The IGNOU MA programme is designed to be completed in two years, but students can complete it in four years, allowing them to make up for missed exams the following year. Also Read: IGNOU MA Syllabus Guide.

What are the Subjects of IGNOU MA Geography?

IGNOU offers MA courses in the yearly mode and students have to give term-end exams once a year. The curriculum of this course is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of social science or the physical features of the earth. The subjects included in MA Geography are given in the table below.

Year 1
Climatology and Soil Geography
Nature of Geography
Economic Geography
Quantitative Techniques and Digital Data Processing
Soil -Water Analysis, Surveying and Field Report
Geohydrology and Oceanography
Historical and Political Geography
Geographical Thought
Cartographic Techniques and Map Projection
Thematic Mapping and Geographical Information System
Year 2
Social, Cultural and Settlement Geography
Population and Human Development
Regions and Regional Entity of India and West Bengal
Applied Statistical Techniques in Geography
Advanced Geomorphology
Environmental Issues In Geography
Urban Geography
Resource Planning and Development
Regional Planning and Development
Land-use Planning and Rural Development
Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

How can I Download IGNOU MA Geography Prospectus?

The prospectus is available on the university's official website. A copy of the prospectus will be sent to them via the website. On the IGNOU website, there are two prospectuses accessible; students interested in MA should choose Common Prospectus 2024.

The prospectus includes all important details about the course, university, faculty, specialisations, and other issues. By reading the prospectus, students can gain a complete understanding of the course and its various elements. The prospectus will also include information on the fee structure, eligibility requirements, and other pertinent information. As a result, students can obtain a copy of the prospectus by visiting the Common Prospectus

How can I Download IGNOU MA Geography Study Material 2024?

Students and teachers can access IGNOU study materials through a variety of channels. Students can get study materials and other program-related information via online repositories like eGyan Kosh and IGNOU mobile apps like the IGNOU e-content mobile app.

Students can seek up the curriculum for any programme they're interested in using the IGNOU e-content app. They're all on eGyanKosh, a digital platform with study materials and online video lectures for more than 2500 different courses. IGNOU students enjoy how easy it is to gain access to all of their studying resources.

What are the top MA Geography Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternatives?

If you are looking for other colleges to pursue MA Geography in India then you can find numerous colleges offering MA in both distance and regular mode. However, you should look for universities that are approved by UGC-DEB. Here are the top MA colleges that are approved by UGC-DEB:

  1. Annamalai University
  2. Jaipur National University
  3. Sikkim Manipal University
  4. Jain University
  5. Karnataka State Open University
  6. University of Mumbai
  7. Kuvempu University

Can I get Scholarships in IGNOU for MA Geography?

IGNOU is a central university and it offers scholarships to students in collaboration with the government of India. Scholarships are only given out if specific criteria are met, such as the combined income of the parents not exceeding INR 3 lakhs. Applications for scholarships must be filed through the portal of National Scholarship. The students will receive a scholarship of INR 1,000,000 for the course of their MBA degree.

Is there any Difference Between IGNOU MA Geography and IGNOU Distance MA Geography?

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a university for online learning with plenty of courses, all are in the online and distance mode. Working professionals or job goers can take advantage of online and distance MA programmes, as they can work in a more flexible environment. All the courses of IGNOU are in the distance mode that means IGNOU MA Geography indicates IGNOU distance MA Geography only. There is no difference between IGNOU MA Geography and IGNOU distance MA Geography.

What is the Scope after Completing IGNOU MA Geography?

MA Geography is one of the professional degrees and it imparts knowledge of the nature of geography or physical features of the earth, economic geography, oceanography, and so forth. Students of this field can lay their hands on jobs like:

  1. Cartographer
  2. Demographer
  3. Surveyor
  4. Town Planning
  5. Remote Sensing
  6. Energy Analyst
  7. Air Quality Analyst
  8. Land Use Planner
  9. Forest Administrator

What is the list of Study Centres for IGNOU MA Geography?

IGNOU has more than 67 regional centres, 54 of which provide MA programmes throughout India. These include New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Nagpur, Panji, Bihar and others. The IGNOU prospectus shows a complete list of regional centres. To achieve this, firstly, grab a copy of the website prospectus and search for regional centres on the last pages of the prospectus.


⭐ Is IGNOU MA Geography AICTE Approved?

Yes, IGNOU MA Geography has been approved by AICTE and also by UGC and DEB.

⭐ When To Apply For IGNOU MA Geography?

IGNOU opens admissions twice a year; January and July. Students can apply for the MA Geography course by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ How To Apply for IGNOU MA Geography?

Students can apply for IGNOU MA Geography just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ Is IGNOU MA Geography Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, you can apply for government jobs after IGNOU online MA Geography.

⭐ Is IGNOU MA Geography Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get degrees that will be valid and recognized worldwide.

⭐ Is IGNOU MA Geography Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including online MA Geography are valid.

⭐ How To Prepare For IGNOU MA Entrance Exam?

You can take help from the previous year question papers in order to get an idea of the types of questions that come in the exam.

⭐ How To Apply for IGNOU Online MA Entrance Exam?

You can apply just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

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