Is IGNOU Good for BCA? - Online BCA Ultimate Guide 2024
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Is IGNOU Good for Online BCA? - Online BCA Ultimate Guide 2024



Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU has central offices in New Delhi. The University was established by the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act of 1985 as one of the oldest universities. In both online and online mode, IGNOU offers its bachelor's in computer applications. All the information about the IGNOU's online BCA is available in this blog.

What Is IGNOU BCA/Ignou Bachelor of Computer Application?

IGNOU Online BCA is a course designed for students who want to make their career in the IT field. Students who pass 10 + 2 from a recognised board may be eligible for this course. This course is to be followed by BCA, which provides knowledge in the IT sector or by students willing to pursue MCA or work in the IT sector. IGNOU BCA is a specially designed training course for those who are already working in computer applications but willing to take higher education. In addition, online courses usually charge fewer academic fees and cover a large number of individuals. IGNOU, therefore, offers fewer academic BCA online courses.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is an accredited university by the University grant committee. In India, there are few NAAC accredited universities with an A++ degree and an IGNOU degree. NAAC has accredited the A++ university to offer high-quality training and other related educational services to students. The University has the right to recognise other universities of distance and is a recognised centre. The UGC-DEB also recognises the university for offering different distance courses. In 21 schools and in 67 regional centres, IGNOU offers 227 programmes worldwide. The institution's home office is in Delhi, India's capital. Online BCA is one of the famous programs offered by the university through the online mode of education during which the students can take classes online lectures or access online books whenever needed.

Online BCA Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Degree Undergraduate
Full-Form Bachelor’s in Computer Applications
Approval UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC with A++ Grade
Duration Minimum Duration: 3 years Maximum Duration: 5 years
Age No Age Limit
Eligibility 10 + 2 from a recognized board
Fees Incurred INR 40,200/-for full course
Average Salary Offered INR 3 LAKHS TO 5 LAKHS PER ANNUM

How to Get Admission in Online BCA in IGNOU 2024?

Admission to the online BCA programme, which is available directly through the university's official website, is straightforward and convenient. Follow the steps below to enrol directly in this course:

- The official website of the university is easily accessible.
- Select the new option and register as a new user.
- Fill in the full application form (contact details, prior qualifications, etc.)
- You must upload all necessary documents before submitting the academic fee online.
- Then submit a request form and after verification of your documents, the university will send you a confirmation email.

Is IGNOU Online BCA Good?

The IGNOU BCA course is valuable because UGC-DEB and AICTE have been approved by the university. Therefore, all university courses are valid and internationally recognised. This is an ideal course for students who cannot attend regular classes out of money or time. Here are some of IGNOU's benefits that make BCA a good course from this university:

- The course was approved by the UGC-DEB and has international recognition.
- A broad range of individuals can access the Online BCA programme at reasonable prices.
- Additionally, the course materials are available on IGNOU's various websites and also on the app established by the university.
- Study resources for the course are also available on IGNOU's numerous websites.
- Students may also attend counselling sessions at IGNOU on weekends.

What is the Fee Structure of IGNOU Online BCA 2024?

In the semester mode, the university offers BCA and students can either pay the fee on instalments (on a semester basis). In IGNOU BCA, the total university fee is RS. 40,200, meaning the fee is RS. 6700 per semester. Also Read: Ignou BCA Fee Structure 2024.

What is the Eligibility for BCA in IGNOU?

Every university has its own eligibility criteria to provide admission to students in any course. The eligibility criteria of IGNOU BCA are:

  • The candidates must have passed the 10 + 2 exams with a minimum percentile.
  • The candidates need to make sure that they have completed their 10 + 2 from a recognized board.

What is the Course Duration for Ignou Online BCA?

The minimum duration of IGNOU BCA is 3 years and the maximum duration is 5 years. IGNOU offers 2 extra years to pass all the exams of the course which means students have 5 years in total to complete the Online BCA.

What are the Subjects/Syllabus in BCA Ignou 2024?

The IGNOU Online MBA in Financial Management curriculum is comprehensive, covering all managerial principles from a variety of disciplines in one place. All of the subjects offered through IGNOU's online MBA in Financial Management programme are listed below:

BCA 1st Semester
FEG-02 Foundation course in English-2 4
ECO-01 Business Organization 4
BCS-011 Computer Basics and PC Software 3
BCS-012 Mathematics 4
BCSL-013 Computer Basics and PC Software Lab 2
BCA 2nd Semester
ECO-02 Accountancy-1 4
MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming 3
MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 4
MCS-015 Communication Skills 2
MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics 2
BCSL-021 C Language Programming Lab 1
BCSL-022 Assembly Language Programming Lab 1
BCA 3rd Semester
MCS-021 Data and File Structures 4
MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems 3
MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BCS-031 Programming in C++ 3
BCSL-032 C++ Programming Lab 1
BCSL-033 Data and File Structures Lab 1
BCSL-034 DBMS Lab 1
BCA 4th Semester
BCS-040 Statistical Techniques 4
MCS-024 Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming 3
BCS-041 Fundamentals of Computer Networks 4
BCS-042 Introduction to Algorithm Design 2
MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design 2
BCSL-043 Java Programming Lab 1
BCSL-044 Statistical Techniques Lab 1
BCSL-045 Algorithm Design Lab 1
BCA 5th Semester
BCS-051 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
BCS-052 Network Programming and Administration 3
BCS-053 Web Programming 2
BCS-054 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques 3
BCS-055 Business Communication 2
BCSL-056 Network Programming and Administration Lab 1
BCSL-057 Web Programming Lab 1
BCSL-058 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab 1
BCA 6th Semester
BCS-062 E-Commerce 2
MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management 4
BCSL-063 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab 1
BCSL-064 Project 8

Is There Any Difference Between IGNOU BCA and IGNOU Online BCA?

IGNOU is one of the renowned online and distance learning universities. Only distance and online courses are offered in the university. We can say now, that both of you indicate the same course in online mode whether you say IGNOU BCA or IGNOU Online BCA.


IGNOU is an online and distance university providing various courses through online and distance mode of education. Students considering IGNOU's Online BCA are able to take this into consideration because they offer both online and printed material as well as tasks. IGNOU offers courses or a mix of online and classroom learning. Online courses and distances. Therefore they are all the same, whether it's IGNOU BCA or IGNOU online BCA.

What is the Scope after Completing IGNOU Online BCA?

In technical fields such as software development and website development, students with an online BCA degree can benefit from a range of opportunities. In addition, students can find jobs with government agencies, security/monitoring firms and other organisations. Some popular jobs available after BCA are as follows:

  1. System Engineer
  2. Software Tester
  3. Programmer
  4. Backend Developer
  5. Web Developer
  6. Software Developer
  7. System Administrator

What is the list of Study Centres for the IGNOU Online BCA Program?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) operates through a decentralised education system. The online BCA programme, in which students can take classes from university, has over 60 IGNOO Study Centres. It has centres for study, amongst others, in cities like Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Dehradun. Also Find: Top 7 Distance and Online BCA Colleges

Final Words

For those that are not comfortable in regular college for any reason, IGNOU Online BCA is a three year UG course. IGNOU Online BCA students have a valid degree, affordability and study material online. I hope that you have found all of the information you wanted for IGNOU Online BCA.


⭐ Is IGNOU Online BCA AICTE Approved?

IGNOU has been recognized by both UGC-DEB and AICTE. Hence, all the courses of IGNOU including Online BCA are AICTE approved.

⭐ When To Apply For Ignou Online BCA?

IGNOU opens admissions twice a year; January and July. Students can apply for the Online BCA course by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ How To Apply Ignou Online BCA?

Students can apply for IGNOU Online BCA just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.

⭐ Is Ignou Online BCA Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU Online BCA is a valid course for government jobs.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online BCA Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get degrees that will be valid and recognized worldwide.

⭐ Is IGNOU Online BCA Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including Online BCA are valid.

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