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Through its open and remote learning modes, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides a variety of undergraduate (UG) programmes. A well-known distance learning school in India, IGNOU is renowned for offering flexible and accessible education to a wide range of students. To accommodate the learning requirements and objectives of a varied student community, the institution regularly refreshes and develops its course offerings. The open and remote learning methodology used by IGNOU makes education available to a variety of students, including working professionals, stay-at-home moms, and individuals who are unable to attend conventional, on-campus lectures.

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What Is The Last Date Of IGNOU Online Undergraduate Courses 2023?

Undergraduate (UG) courses are offered by the famous Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), which is well known for its distant learning programmes. You must be informed of the application deadline if you intend to enroll in an IGNOU UG programme for the academic year 2023. The deadline to apply for IGNOU's UG programmes in 2023 is September 10th. If you submit your application after the due date, you might have to wait until the next intake.


Key Highlights of IGNOU Online UG Program

The UG courses offered by IGNOU offer a flexible and inexpensive route to higher education, allowing people to achieve their academic and professional goals while taking into account their particular circumstances. IGNOU is a popular option for many students in India and worldwide thanks to these programmes' reputation for quality, recognition, and versatility.

  • Flexibility: Since the courses are taught remotely, students can balance their studies with other obligations.
  • Reputable Faculty: The courses are conducted by qualified, experienced professors who are authorities in their professions.
  • Interactive Learning: To promote a dynamic educational experience, students participate in a variety of interactive learning activities.
  • Industry-Relevant Content: To guarantee consistency with current industry trends and practices, the curriculum is frequently updated.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before submitting an application for an IGNOU UG course, it's important to review the eligibility requirements for the particular programme you're interested in. Each UG programme offered by IGNOU may have a varied eligibility criterion depending on elements like age and educational background.The Basic Eligibility criteria for the bachelor’s degree course is to complete their 10+2 or equivalent degree.


IGNOU's UG courses range in length based on the programme. UG programmes typically last between 3 years minimum and 6 years maximum. Making sure your selected course fits with your academic and personal goals requires careful consideration of the time commitment needed to complete it.

Academic Fees:

Because of IGNOU's reputation for affordability, high-quality education is available to a diverse group of students. The institution frequently provides many payment alternatives to lessen the financial load on students, and the academic costs for UG programmes are fair. /p>

Under Graduate Courses offered in IGNOU

IGNOU provides a wide selection of UG courses in several subject areas. There is probably an undergraduate programme at IGNOU that matches your interests and professional goals, whether you have a passion for the arts, sciences, commerce, or any other subject.

Courses Name Eligibility Duration Total Fees

Bachelor of Arts

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 10,500/-

Bachelor of Commerce

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 10,500/-

Bachelor of Science

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 15,300/-

Bachelor of Computer Science

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.42,000/-

Bachelor of Library and Information Science

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 7,900/-
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 11,700/-
Bachelor of Social Work 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 17,500/-

Bachelor of Business Administration

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 27,000/-
Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 12,600/-

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Economics

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 11,700/-
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) History 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 11,700/-
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Political Science 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 11,700/-

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Psychology

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 10,500/-
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Public Administration 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs. 11,700/-
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Sociology 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.11,700/-
Bachelor of Science (Honors) Anthropology 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.18,000/-

Bachelor of Arts English (Honors)

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.11,700/-

Bachelor of Arts Hindi (Honors)

10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.11,700/-
Bachelor of Arts Sanskriti (Honors) 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.11,700/-
Bachelor of Arts Urdu (Honors) 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.11,400/-
Bachelor of Science (Honors) Biochemistry 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.43,500/-
Bachelor of Performing Arts- Hindustani Music (Honors) 10+ 2 or Equivalent qualification 3 Yrs. Rs.27,600/-

Admission Procedure:

The university's admissions process must be followed in order to enroll in an IGNOU UG programme. This normally entails completing an online application form, supplying the necessary paperwork, and paying the necessary costs. Make sure you take all the required actions to ensure your admittance.

  • Step 1:Visit to the IGNOU's official website.
  • Step 2: Go to the website for the current admission session and click the Admission Link.
  • Step 3: After registering, complete the form, upload any necessary documents, and pay the price by selecting an online payment option.
  • Step 4: Print the registration number for future reference after it has been assigned.
  • Step 1: Go to an IGNOU regional center nearby.
  • Step 2: Complete the form and include copies of the necessary documents.
  • Step 3: Pay the fees via cheque or demand draft.

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Detailed Program Description

A thorough programme description that details the curriculum, course structure, and learning objectives is provided for every UG course offered by IGNOU. Review this material in its entirety to have a clear understanding of what to anticipate from your selected programme.

Learning Management Services

Modern learning management systems are used by IGNOU to support online learning. These online resources give students access to discussion boards, online courses, and other resources that improve their learning overall.


Even though IGNOU focuses mostly on online learning, some UG programmes may still need or allow for in-person classrooms or practical experiences. To find out the format of the class, be sure to review the course information.

Assessments/ Assignment

IGNOU's UG courses frequently have ongoing tests and assignments to measure your comprehension of the subject matter. These tests are an essential component of learning and go into your final grade.


Exams are administered by IGNOU at certain testing locations around the nation. It's crucial to study for these tests since how well you do will influence how far you advance academically.

Career Opportunities - IGNOU Online UG Program

A UG study from IGNOU can lead to a variety of professional prospects. IGNOU graduates have gone on to pursue prosperous professions in a variety of industries, including the public sector, the corporate sector, entrepreneurship, and more.

Online B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

TA specialized undergraduate degree programme that concentrates on numerous engineering and technology subjects is known as a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programme online. Depending on the specializations offered, students can follow fields including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more. An online B.Tech programme typically lasts four years and consists of eight semesters. A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills are included in the programme. In addition to studying the fundamentals of their chosen discipline, students frequently work on practical projects, conduct experiments, and complete internships. Online B.Tech programme graduates are well-equipped for professions in engineering, manufacturing, research & development, and innovation.

Job Scopes
Computer Science Engineer Ceramic Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Production Engineer
Civil Engineer Robotics Engineer
Chemical Engineer Lecture/Professor
Electrical Engineer Software Developerr
Electrical Engineer Software Developerr
Electronics Engineer Product Manager
Aeronautical Engineer Construction Engineer
Marine Engineer Aerospace Engineer
Mining Engineer Telecommunication Engineer
Online BA (Bachelor of Arts)

A flexible undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) online programme provides a wide education in the humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts. Numerous majors are available to students, including history, sociology, psychology, English, and more. Depending on the nation and university, an online BA programme normally lasts three to four years. Critical thinking, effective communication, and a well-rounded education are stressed in BA programmes. In addition to exploring a range of topics and finishing their schoolwork, students frequently work on research projects or internships. Graduates with a BA can choose from a variety of professions, such as those in the arts, education, journalism, marketing, social work, and public relations.

Job Scopes
Radio Operator Content writer
Music Teacher Cartoonist
Press Reporter Librarian
Archeologist Journalist
Marketing Manager Lawyer
Online BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

For anyone interested in a career in computer science and information technology, there is an online Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme. It offers a solid foundation in computer systems, software development, and programming. The normal length of a BCA programme is three years, broken up into six semesters. Database administration, web development, and computer networking are all included in the curriculum. Both theoretical and practical programming abilities are taught to students. Among other positions, BCA graduates can find employment as software developers, database administrators, system analysts, web developers, and IT consultants.

Job Scopes
Software Developer Trainee Technical Analyst
Banking Sector Data Scientist
E-commerce Executive Web Developer
Educator Digital Marketer
Cyber Security Expert Blockchain Developer
Online B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

For those who are interested in careers in business, finance, accounting, or other professions linked to commerce, an online Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) programme is available. It gives a strong grasp of corporate operations and financial management. Six semesters and three years are typically required to finish a B.Com programme. Subjects including accounting, economics, business management, taxation, and marketing are covered in the curriculum. Financial analysis, business ethics, and corporate governance are among topics that students study. Graduates of B.Com programmes can work in accounting companies, banking, finance, tax, marketing, and numerous business positions.

Job Scopes
Manufacturing and FMCG E-commerce and Retail
Hospitality and Tourism Insurance
Government Organizations Information Technology
Education and Research Institutions Banking and Financial Services
Consultancy Services Accounting and Auditing
Online B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)

Numerous science-related majors are available in an online Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programme, including those in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, environmental science, and more. It emphasizes scientific theories and investigation. Depending on the university and the specialisation, B.Sc. programmes normally last three to four years to complete. Students learn fundamental scientific concepts, do experiments, and frequently work in labs and on research projects. Depending on the topic of study, the curriculum differs. Graduates of the B.Sc. the programme can work in research, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, environmental science, and other fields related to science.

Job Scopes
Technology Consultant Research Fellowship
Data Scientist Research Scientist
Physicist Analytical Chemist
Risk Analyst Microbiologists
Online BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

For those interested in business management and leadership positions, an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme is available. It offers a solid foundation in management techniques and corporate ethics. Typically, three to four years long, BBA programmes have six to eight semesters of curriculum. Business ethics, marketing, finance, human resources, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship are among the topics covered in the course material. Case studies and group projects are common assignments for students. For professions in management, marketing, finance, consulting, and numerous leadership positions inside organizations, BBA graduates are well-prepared.

Job Scopes
Business Management Human Resources
Entrepreneurship Supply Chain Management
Sales and Marketing Consulting
Financial Services Government & Non-Profit Sector

Why choose Undergraduate Course?

Choosing the Undergraduate programme at IGNOU has the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: IGNOU's UG courses are made to be flexible in order to meet the demands of working professionals, stay-at-home moms, and anybody else looking to further their education while juggling other commitments.

  • Accessibility: IGNOU provides high-quality instruction at reasonable costs, making it available to a diverse group of students.

  • Recognized: IGNOU degrees have significance in the job market since they are recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and several other regulatory agencies.

IGNOU Online Undergraduate Course FAQ

Do you have any query related to Online Undergraduate Course? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

Yes, you may complete your Bachelor's degree through IGNOU's flexible distance learning programme while working or juggling other obligations.

Yes, bachelor's degrees from IGNOU are accepted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and are valuable for both the job market and further education.

To apply, go to the official IGNOU website, choose the course you want, complete the online application form, and adhere to the instructions for admission.

The length varies according to the particular Bachelor's programme. It often falls between 3 Years minimum and 6 years maximum.

Yes, IGNOU also offers tangible study materials in addition to online resources through its learning management system.

No, there are typically no age limitations for enrolment in bachelor's programmes at IGNOU. Check the particular requirements for your selected programme since eligibility requirements might change each course.

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