What Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management? - Guide 2024
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What Is IGNOU MBA In Rural Management? - Guide 2024


Distance MBA in Rural Management is a postgraduate course for 2 years along with 4 semesters. The course can be completed in the minimum duration of 2 years and maximum 5 years. The course delves around advanced study of application of management principles to the rural sector, planning, organisation, and control of cooperatives and related organisations in the field of agriculture, implementation of developmental plans and projects that are directly or indirectly through non-governmental organisations, development needs and ground realities of the rural sector are all covered in this academic discipline.

The course offers job options in different sectors such as the private and public. The career after this course goes into the welfare of the society as well. Hence, the students wanting to do this will have a benefit in exploring both governmental and non-governmental areas.


Indira Gandhi National Open University, popularly known as IGNOU is a well-known and recognized university which aims to provide distance and online courses in a variety of specializations. IGNOU is approved by the University of Grants Commission (UGC-DEB) and also accredited by the NAAC with an A grade. The well-established state-run university has been offering excellent distance learning programs with an incredible faculty. Moreover, the university is quite known for offering brilliant MBA programs.

IGNOU; established in 1985, is one of the oldest and finest universities in India. The university is known and recognized by the UGC and NAAC with an A grade. The AICTE has also granted the university accreditation, granting it international prominence. IGNOU provides authentic courses and specialisations in a variety of subjects. The Indira Gandhi National Open University Act of 1985 established the university.

The university is widespread in over 67 regional centres and has 21 schools available with excellent faculty for the students. The university offers a variety of courses in the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certification levels. There are all around 677 courses available at IGNOU in various specializations.

How to get Admission in MBA Rural Management in IGNOU 2024?

IGNOU's curriculum is ideal for people who wish to learn more while working because of its flexibility and affordability. IGNOU programmes can help you gain further information and perhaps a Ph.D. in the area of your choice. In addition, the certification and PG Diploma programmes provide practical knowledge that will be useful in their professional endeavours.

The application process for IGNOU's distance MBA programmes is straightforward and based on a set of criteria. Students must submit an application, along with the associated fees and papers, to the appropriate regional centre.

Students can check an online prospectus to discover if they meet the qualifications for a specific distance learning course. Applicants must have finished their undergraduate studies at a recognised university to be admitted into the distance MBA programme; otherwise, their application will be declined. Also Read: Executive MBA in IT.

Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management good?

IGNOU offers a plethora of courses in different fields of management such as marketing management, human resources management, hospitality management, rural management, retail management, and so on. All the courses serve a really beneficial career for the students willing to go for MBA. Let us take a look at some of the key beneficial points so as to why distance MBA will be a blast if done from IGNOU:

- IGNOU is an approved and accredited university by the UGC and NAAC with an A grade.
- The university is valued and has genuine worth in the market, hence, an MBA degree from there will hold credibility.
- IGNOU is also a really affordable university; it means that the courses offered here are at a reasonable cost.
- There are numerous courses offered by the university and therefore, it provides a diverse environment for the students.
- The university also sets a bar for its incredible faculty and infrastructure.

What is the fee structure of IGNOU MBA in Rural Management 2024?

IGNOU is known for offering courses that are far less expensive. The university seeks to give affordable programmes to students who are unable to attend regular classes for whatever reason. In addition, while an MBA is expensive in and of itself, the course is inexpensive. The distance MBA programme costs Rs. 37,800 in academic fees, which must be paid in advance by bank draught from any recognised bank in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). At the beginning of each semester, students are responsible for paying the academic fee to the appropriate regional cemeteries. The fundamental goal of IGNOU is to provide education to the country's most rural districts.

What is the eligibility for an MBA in Rural Management in IGNOU?

Candidates must meet the basic standards set forth by the university in order to be considered for the distance MBA in the Rural Management programme. The following are the eligibility requirements:

- To apply, students must have a bachelor's degree from a nationally recognised university in any discipline.
- The CAIIB test is administered by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance and must be passed.
- He or she must have worked in the banking and financial services field for at least two years.

What is the course duration for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

The duration of the MBA programs in any specialization is minimum 2 years for 4 semesters and maximum 5 years. The students have to first be eligible for the course by clearing the eligibility criteria along with clearing the entrance examination. The course duration for the distance courses settles a flexible duration for the students.

What are the subjects/syllabus in MBA Rural Management IGNOU 2024?

The IGNOU Rural Management Distance MBA programme is comprehensive, combining management and technical ideas from a number of domains in one convenient location. The following is a list of all of the subjects offered by IGNOU's online MBA in Rural Management programme:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Essentials of Management Financial Management
Quantitative Methods in Business Research Methodology
Human Resource Management E-Commerce
Managerial Economics Indian Financial System
Computer Applications & MIS Management of NGOs & Action Research
Rural Society and Institutions Rural Development: Concepts, Models and Programs
Management of Social Empowerment Management of Sustainable Agriculture
Financial & Managerial Accounting Rural Markets and Marketing Management
Semester 3 Semester 4
Business Laws Organizational Effectiveness & Change
Environment and Natural Resource Management Strategies for Sustainable Rural Development
Energy Requirement in Agriculture & its Management Industry and Agri-Business
Management of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Aquaculture Rural Infrastructure
Computer Applications & MIS Management of NGOs & Action Research
Watershed Management High Tech Horticulture
Global Business Environment & Rural Management Precisions Farming

Distance MBA Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Approvals UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC with A++ Grade
Course Level Post Graduation
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester System/ Year wise
Eligibility Graduate
Admission Process based on performance in entrance exam
Course Fee INR 5,000 to 5 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 3 to 12 lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Amul, Godrej Industrial Limited, Dabur India Ltd, PepsiCo India Holdings, Nestle India Pvt. Ltd, Britannia Industries Ltd, ITC Limited, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, Agro Tech Foods, ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Nandi Foundation, PRADHAN, CARE, SEWA, BAIF, Seva Mandir, etc.
Top Recruiting Areas Insurance Companies, Academic Institutions, Research & Consultancy Firms, Banks, Tata Teleservices, Finance Institutions, ICICI Bank, Amul Shriram Group, Rural and Agriculture Financing, and such.
Job Positions Sales/Business Development Manager, Rural Development Officer, Research Officer, Rural Executives, Rural Manager, Senior Program Officer, Trainer, Researcher, Consultant, Project Coordinator/ Project, Rural Minister, Purchase/Vendor Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Sales Officer, National Sales Development Manager, among others.

How to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management entrance exam 2024?

To apply for the admissions at IGNOU, the students have to sit for an entrance examination for the distance MBA course. To enrol in the distance MBA programme, students must pass the IGNOU common management entrance exam. Students can apply for IGNOU's OPENMAT entrance exam on the university's official website. Candidates must also meet the prerequisites for any of the specialisations they wish to pursue before taking the entrance exam.

Is Openmat necessary for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

At IGNOU's School of Management Studies, students interested in MBA programmes can take the OPENMAT. The OPENMAT, offered by IGNOU, is a national admissions test for MBA and PGDM programmes. NTA administers the IGNOU OPENMAT exam twice a year, in July and January. Candidates with valid grades may apply for any of the cycles. To apply to MBA programmes, management students must take the OPENMAT.

How can I download the IGNOU MBA Rural Management prospectus in 2024?

Students can get a copy of the IGNOU common prospectus by going to the university's website and clicking on the prospectus link. On the IGNOU website, students will see an option for a common prospectus 2024, which they must choose to access the whole prospectus, which will include all information on the courses offered, the pricing structure, the eligibility criteria, and other vital information.

The official website has all of the necessary information for students. Students may discover all of the information they need on the website, from the smallest details about the university to all of the important data concerning the course they are enrolling in. Also Find: Virtual MBA.

How can I download IGNOU MBA Rural Management Study Material in 2024?

The websites of IGNOU include study materials as well as answers to any questions students may have concerning the course. The online lectures are delivered via two virtual platforms: eGyanKosh and Education Broadcast. The college also has mobile applications for soft copy notes and other doubt sessions. The student has internet access to the learning resources. IGNOU e-content is sent to students as soon as they enrol in the programme.

Students can browse the curriculum for any programme using the IGNOU e-content app. Over 2500 courses, study materials, and video programmes are available on the eGyanKosh learning portal. IGNOU students appreciate how easy it is to have all of their study materials in one place.


What are the Top Distance MBA Rural Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

Apart from IGNOU, there are other alternative colleges that offer the MBA program in Rural Management. Let us take a look at the colleges offering the Supply Chain Management course to the students:

1. NMIMS - Deemed to be University
2. Jain University
3. Symbiosis Institute of Management
4. Chandigarh University
5. UPES, Dehradun

Can I get a Scholarship In IGNOU for MBA Rural Management programs?

Students interested in pursuing an MBA in Rural Management can apply for a scholarship through IGNOU. The scholarships are awarded based on certain conditions, such as the parents' income not surpassing INR 3 lakhs. Students must apply for the scholarships using the university's designated websites and platforms. The students will receive an INR 1,00,000 scholarship for the duration of their MBA degree.

Does IGNOU offer Placements?

IGNOU also offers placement assistance to the students in order to guide the students in their career preferences further. IGNOU launched its own placement cell in the year 2005; known as Campus Placement Cell (CPC). The placement cell is there to assist the students with the placement activities and place them for what suits the best for them. The goal of the placement cell was to help students with placement challenges and advise them on the best career route for them.

Moreover, the Campus Placement Cell conducts fairs and drives for placements along with student advising and career counselling sessions. Distance education universities' campus placement sections actively encourage students to take their programmes online while also supporting them in building a bright future. Distance education universities' campus placement sections actively encourage students to take their courses online while also supporting them in securing a bright future.

Is there any difference between IGNOU MBA in Rural Management and IGNOU Distance MBA in Rural Management?

A rural management distance MBA is much less expensive than a typical MBA programme. Working individuals benefit from the MBA distance programme since it allows them to work in a more flexible setting. Because IGNOU solely offers distance programmes, there is no distinction between the IGNOU MBA and IGNOU Distance MBA programmes. Also Learn About: B.Tech After B.Sc.

What is the scope after completing an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

As previously stated, this course has a lot of potential for a person's future and career. Take a look at some of the well-known job options available through this programme:

1. Rural Development Officer
2. Business Development Manager
3. Research Officer
4. National Sales Development Manager
5. Entrepreneurial Work
6. Sales Officer
7. Rural Executives
8. Project Coordinator
9. Business Development Executive

What are the benefits of pursuing a Distance MBA in Marketing from IGNOU?

IGNOU offers a diverse choice of distance and open learning courses, allowing students to advance their education in subjects such as management, business, humanities, science and engineering, and more. Despite the fact that IGNOU offers a wide range of management programmes, the distance MBA is one of the most well-known management programmes. The following are some of the advantages that IGNOU offers to distance MBA students:

  1. The university is well-known and is recognized and approved by the University of Grants Commission (UGC) and NAAC.
  2. The recognition of the university makes it valid and worthwhile all around the nation.
  3. IGNOU offers very affordable courses to the students who cannot afford the regular modes of these courses.
  4. IGNOU also offers a variety of courses and a variety of specializations inside those courses. There are numerous MBA specializations offered by the university.
  5. The university is known to offer a great faculty along with a very easily accessible routine to the students.

Let’s Wind Up

Students with a distance MBA in rural management will be able to land really good jobs with good pay and room for advancement in the industry. IGNOU's degree has a lot of credibility, and it will be a great place to start for students who want to study while also working. If you're still on the fence about going ahead with it, now is the time to decide. Because their lives are already overcrowded, working professionals will find this to be one of the greatest options. I believe you now have a thorough knowledge of the distance MBA programme offered by IGNOU.


⭐ Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management AICTE approved?

IGNOU is a well-recognized university which is globally approved by the AICTE.

⭐ When to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

The university administers tests twice a year, with students having the option of taking their program's exams in June or December. Students who are unable to take exams in June will have the opportunity to do so in December.

⭐ How to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

Before applying for the IGNOU MBA in Rural Management, students must first meet the course's eligibility requirements. Following that, the pupils must take the university entrance tests.

⭐ Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU MBA in Rural Management is valid for government and private sector jobs, for both of them.

⭐ Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management recognised worldwide?

IGNOU's MBA in Rural Management degree will be recognised globally because it is a globally recognised university.

⭐ Is IGNOU MBA in a Rural Management degree valid?

Yes, IGNOU diplomas are recognised throughout the country. The university is well-known and accredited by the UGC and NAAC, which adds to its overall value.

⭐ When is IGNOU MBA in the Rural Management entrance test?

In 2024, IGNOU MBA admissions will be determined by the OPENMAT MBA university-level entrance exam. On April 11th, 2024, the OPENMAT was held.

⭐ How to apply for the IGNOU MBA in the Rural Management entrance exam?

Students must get the prospectus from IGNOU's official website. Then, using the application URL listed above, you can apply for the OPENMAT admission exam online.

⭐ How many times does the university conduct exams for distance MBA in a year?

Students can take their program's exams in June or December, with the university administering tests twice a year. Students who are unable to sit for exams in June will be allowed to do so in December.

⭐ How does a candidate become eligible for a 7term-end examination in IGNOU?

A student should be available for the minimum time period specified by the university; for example, a student pursuing a master's or bachelor's degree must be available for at least one year of study.

⭐ What is the duration to complete an MBA in Rural Management from IGNOU?

The minimum duration to complete an MBA in Rural Management from IGNOU is 2 years. However, the maximum duration to complete the same is 4 years.

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