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IGNOU Ph.D Program - Is DBA Alternative In 2024?

A Ph.D. program at IGNOU is similar to an advanced educational journey in which students get in-depth knowledge of a given field. It's similar to digging into a topic to gain a thorough understanding. To become an expert in that topic, you must devote a significant amount of time to research and study. This program is available through IGNOU, and it offers a flexible learning environment. You will collaborate closely with academics and researchers, bringing new information to your chosen field of study. It is a tough yet rewarding experience that leads to changes in academics, research, and beyond.

The word DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration. It's a Ph.D. program that focuses on advanced business principles, leadership abilities, and research methods. A DBA program, like a Ph.D., requires extensive study and research in business-related fields, but with a practical, real-world focus. DBA candidates frequently research themes such as organizational behavior, strategic management, entrepreneurship, and global business concerns. A DBA program aims to produce highly trained business professionals who can give significant insights into the business world via rigorous academic study and practical application.

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Does IGNOU offer Ph.D Course?

Yes, IGNOU offers Ph.D. programs but DBA programs are not offered by Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). But you can select IGNOU for a standard DBA program or look at their other undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. But don't panic, many more academic institutions do offer a DBA program with specialization. Through the use of internet resources found on university comparison websites, you can compare various colleges. Check the official prospectus of the university you are interested in for more specific information. The P.hD / DBA program with a concentration specialization has the following key components:

Students get detailed information about the subjects or genres of their Ph.D degree:

  • The program has a duration of 3 years and that splits into 6 semesters.
  • The fee structure might vary as per the choice of university and specialization.
  • Get the P.hD degree from a recognized board.
  • They provide online payment methods to make the fee payment procedure easy.   

Key Highlights of IGNOU Ph.D Courses

The following are the key features of IGNOU's Online Ph.D. degree program. At IGNOU, you may have a complete understanding of every facet of the Online Ph.D. program. You can go through each section to get all of the information you need about the application process. Clicking on the link provided for each point will direct you to a detailed explanation of that topic.

Fees Structure

INR 16,000 - ₹ 45,000

The average fee structure for the Ph.D program lies between INR 16,000 - and INR 45,000 /-, and it may vary as per the specialization course of the Ph.D program. The Ph.D. program consists of 6 semesters, with the total course price determined by the chosen specialization. IGNOU provides flexibility by allowing students to pay their tuition in installments or one big payment. International students can also enroll in the Ph.D program, however, their costs differ from those of Indian students. International students' costs vary depending on specialization, dormitory fees, and other charges. It is vital to understand that examination costs are not included in the program fee.

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Course Duration

3 - 6 Years

The duration of the Ph.D. program at IGNOU varies according to individual progress and the type of research being conducted. Typically, the least time to complete a Ph.D. is 3 years, with a maximum of 6 years. This flexibility enables students to combine their academic interests with other responsibilities, ensuring that they have the time to do extensive research and create high-quality work. Throughout the program, students get advice and assistance from experienced faculty members to help them succeed in their research journey.

Eligibility Criteria

Masters Degree

To be accepted into the Ph.D. program at IGNOU, applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria The applicants must have a post-graduate degree with a good score from a recognized university. The Reserved category students are entitled to a 5% relaxation, with a minimum of 50% grades in their final year. Passing the entrance test is required for admission. Given the demanding nature of the program and the limited number of available seats, taking the admission exam seriously is critical to securing a spot.

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IGNOU Placement

Ph.D. postings at IGNOU demonstrate the university's dedication to academic excellence and research-based professions. While IGNOU can not promise Ph.D. positions, it does provide comprehensive support services to help graduates improve their employability. Graduates possess excellent research skills and topic knowledge, preparing them for success in academia, research institutes, government agencies, and business. IGNOU's vast network of academic and business connections also allows Ph.D. researchers to participate in joint research projects and professional development activities. Overall, IGNOU's Ph.D. program equips students with satisfying employment that advances knowledge and promotes social progress.

Ph.D Admission Procedure

Typically, the application procedure includes submitting academic records, personal information, and needed papers. After examining applications, qualified individuals may be invited to an interview or entrance exam as part of the selection process. The following are the registration steps for a Ph.D. at IGNOU: (1) Go to the https://eportal.ignou.ac.in/entrancebed/ Online SED Service Portal. (2) Create an account by entering some basic information. (3) Click the logic button located behind the registration option. (4) Enter your password and username. (5) Complete the program, qualifications, communication, and personal information. (6) Attach a signature and a photograph. (7) Pay the application cost for IGNOU P.hD. (8) Print or keep the payment confirmation slip for the P.hD. (9) Those who pass the entrance exam and reach the shortlist can move on to the next stage of the admission process. (10) The last steps in the admissions process include verifying paperwork and submitting an admission fee. (11) Admission confirmation for IGNOU Ph.D. programs may be verified online on the university's official website.

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Specializations offered under Onlne DBA or Ph.D. at alternate Universities

It is clear that IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) does not offer an online DBA program but students can opt for various Ph.D. specializations offered at other universities as an alternative option because it holds the same credibility as a regular Ph.D. program. A few major specializations of Ph.D. are mentioned below. like Generative AI, Marketing, Emerging Technology, Social Impact Management, and many more

Human Resources

Generative AI

Emerging Technology

Social Impact Management

Healthcare Management

Data Science

Leadership and Strategy

Technology Entrepreneurship



A few alternate institutions offering Ph.D.or online DBA programs other than IGNOU are listed below:

  • Golden Gate University
  • SSBM
  • Rushford Business School
  • ESGCI International School of Management

Detailed Program Description - IGNOU Ph.D Program

IGNOU's Online Ph.D. program is one of its most popular offerings. IGNOU, the world's biggest open university, provides online Ph.D. programs, among other disciplines. Students from India and around the world select IGNOU for its superior education suited to their unique requirements.

Learning Management Services

The learning method for IGNOU's Ph.D program includes material distribution, assignment submission, and exams. Using the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method, IGNOU uses a variety of online platforms to provide simple access to course materials in both offline and online modes.

Study Material Distribution System

IGNOU provides self-study resources and teacher help using the following methods: IGNOU sends printed course materials to students' correspondence addresses as part of the Ph.D. program costs. The program is led by distinguished academics from major universities.IGNOU's printed study tools are known worldwide for their high quality and extensive content.

Counselling Sessions

Students attend counseling sessions given by the study center coordinator. Each topic normally receives 6 counseling sessions, which are frequently arranged on weekends, notably Saturdays and Sundays.

Study Materials

Individuals who do not wish to purchase printed materials can access study tools online through IGNOU. Enrolled students can access these items over the Internet. They may easily download the courseware from the IGNOU website and access it at any time.

Audio Lectures

Over time, IGNOU has grown to provide audio and video lectures on numerous platforms, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their own homes. The IGNOU makes audio and video content available on the following platforms.

Radio Lectures

All India Radio Lectures, which appear on DD1, are broadcast at Study Centres around the nation. Additionally, live lectures via platforms such as SWAYAM are available for purchase as recordings. IGNOU engages with All India Radio to provide interactive sessions and phone-in programs. GyanDarshan Broadcast, GyanVani, and e-GyanKosh are channels that broadcast lectures and course material.

Alternatives For IGNOU Ph.D Courses

IGNOU offers a Ph.D. program but the course takes time and that will be hard for working professionals to complete their Ph.D. degree along with their work and to ease this problem. Interested candidates can go for the Online DBA program which is offered by various reputed foreign universities and holds the same value and recognition as a regular Ph.D. degree. Here is the list of some of the universities that provide online DBA programs:

Universities offered the DBA Program:

  • Golden Gate University
  • Florida International University
  • Rushford Business School
  • Liberty University
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • George fox university

IGNOU Ph.D. Program FAQs

Do you have any query related to IGNOU Ph.D. Program? Get every details only at IGNOUADMISSIONS portal.

Applicants must have a Master's degree with a minimum stated percentage from a recognized university that meets the standards for the specialization. Prior job experience improves applicants' chances.

The Ph.D. program can be completed in as few as 3 years and as many as 6 years.

Yes, candidates must pass the IGNOU Research Entrance Test (IGNOU-RET) administered by the institution.

Yes, IGNOU's Ph.D. program is designed to fit around the schedules of working professionals, with flexible study hours.

IGNOU offers academic advice and supervision from experienced faculty members, as well as access to research resources and facilities.

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