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IGNOU Updates Corrections to Statements of Marks and Certificates Guidelines; Review Fee Information

Students would be asked to pay Rs 500 for modifications or alterations to their mark statements, grade cards, or provisional diplomas at the 31st convocation.:

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Last updated on November 8th, 2021 at 01:35 pm

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has released new rules for resolving a variety of student concerns, including name changes and other credentials in the statement of marks, grade cards, and provisional certificates.

“The request of students for correction in the names, spelling, father’s name, guardian’s name, address printed in the statement of marks and certificates after competition of programme will also be entertained even though the degree certificate has already been issued.” according to the notification

For the 31st convocation and onwards, students would have to pay a charge of Rs 500 for any changes or modifications to their statement of marks, grade cards, or provisional certificates. Similarly, from the first convocation to the 30th convocation, a cost of Rs 1500 would be levied for document revisions.

Further Notification stated that “However, if it is established that there is mistake in name etc on part of the university, no fee for this purpose will be charged from the students. The students will have to return the grade card/ provisional and degree certificate, if issued with the previous name.”


Minor changes to the spelling of the student’s and father’s names: Aadhaar card/ self-attested copy of Class 10 certificate issued by a recognised Board of Education

Change in full name: The newspaper cuttings (in the original) are a proof of advertising in at least two prominent Indian daily newspapers concerning name change. Affidavit, in original, on an acceptable value non-judicial stamp paper sworn before first class magistrate detailing the name change

Change in address: Aadhaar card/ any other document issued by the government/ government organisation.

For other details regarding types of correction, visit the official IGNOU website. Click here for the notification.

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