What Are the Fees for IGNOU M.Sc? - Complete Guide 2022
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What Are the Fees for IGNOU Distance M.Sc? - Complete Guide 2022




IGNOU is the most famous university for offering numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate course through distance learning mode of education. MSC program is one of the programs offered by IGNOU through online and distance mode of learning in an affordable fee structure. Here, in this article, we are going to share the detailed fee structure of the IGNOU MSs program.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a world-renowned university offering many open courses at a low cost. The fee structures of practically all courses in comparison to other institutions are relatively lower and inexpensive. Similarly, the fee structure for IGNOU MSc is designed to enable students to take part in the top open university in the world. The charging structure for the M.Sc distance depends on the student's speciality. Also Read: Jain Online & Distance University

What Are the Fees for Ignou M.Sc?

The MSc program from IGNOU consists of 16 topics, further divided into 4 segments. The two first segments cover the specialist subjects and the two other segments with the key topics. It is because if any students cannot complete all the courses, it is offered with exit points because it has the IGNOU modular approach in its curriculum. If the first grade of a certain degree is completed, the student would obtain his/her post-diploma from this particular degree.

Detailed Fee Structure

The fee structure of distance and online MSc course is different for the different specializations. The fee structure based on different specialization is mentioned below in the table:-

Courses Code Fees
Master Of Science (counselling And Family Therapy) MSCCFT Rs. 33,600
Master Of Science (Environmental Science) MSCENV Rs. 15,000
Master Of Science (food And Nutrition) MSCDFSM Rs. 32,400
Master Of Science (hospitality Administration) MHA Rs. 10,000
M.Sc (Mathematics With Applications In Computer Science) MACS Rs. 26,400

The fee for the programme is to be paid year-wise. For example, M.Sc. in counselling and family ṭherapy the fee is Rs. 14,000/-. For the second year of the Master’s Programme, the fee is again Rs. 14,000/-. The fee should be paid in lump sum along with the filled-in application form. In the 2nd year also, the fee is to be paid as per schedule without waiting for any communication from the University. The same has to be followed for the other specializations.

For the second year of M.Sc., the concerned Regional Director will send you a programme Re-registration Form along with proper guidelines. If you do not get the form, you may contact your Regional Centre.

IGNOU M.Sc Fees for SC Students

Fees are not deductible in respect of the MSc admission for reserved students at IGNOU. The fee structure of IGNOU MSc is not subject to an exemption. The fee structure has however been devised to make it easy for students and each group to afford. The fee structure of each MSc specialisation is different and the same fee structure has to be paid by the students of both general and reserved categories. Minority students like Sigh/Islamic must also be given the same form of tuition to get admission to the IGNOU MSc.

IGNOU M.Sc Online Exam Fee Payment

An important prerequisite to give an examination of any MSc program is to fill up the examination form. A copy of the exam form is included in this Program Guide. Photocopying and using this form. Only one form must be submitted for all subjects in one term test. For each course, you have to pay the exam cost of Rs. 120/-.

Credit card/debit card/net banking is available for submitting the examination fees. Students can also complete physical forms. The filled-in examination form 28 is to be drafted to either The Registrar, SED, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi - 110068, the concerned Regional Centre, or any other IGNOU Regional Centre in the country.

(i)For the June Term-end Review and December Term-end Examination, the date on which a form for the examination is submitted is 31 March, without late charge. The late-fee examination form as specified in the following is accepted: TEEs for June from 1 February to 31 March, TEEs for December 1 August to 30 September.

(ii)Examination forms with the late fee are accepted as given below:

  • For June TEEs: 1st April to 20th April (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 300/-) 21st April–15th May (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 500/-*) 16th May-28th May (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 1000/-*) Late fee will be decided from time to time, which will be notified in the online examination form.
  • For December TEEs: 1st October to 20th October (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 300/-) 21st October–15th November (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 500/-*) 16th November–28th November (Rs. 150 Examination fee per course + late fee of Rs. 1000/-*)

Late fees will be decided from time to time, which will be notified in the online examination form.

Ignou M.Sc Registration Fees

A pre-determined registration cost is due while admitting to the MSc course in IGNOU on behalf of the registration fee. The registration fee for IGNOU MSc is Rs 200/- and the first half-year fee is payable.

On admission, there will be a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 200/- in addition to a first six months/year programme cost that is not transferrable. At the moment of cancellation, the registration fee will not be refunded. Also Find: Ignou M.Sc Syllabus 2022.

Students seeking cancellation and reimbursement of their study requirements shall take account of their requests pursuant to the University's refund policy as detailed below.

  • Fees will be refunded after deducting an Rs.1,000/- processing fee if the application is received within 30 days of the deadline for submitting the application.
  • Fees will be refunded after deducting Rs.500/- from the amount due within 15 days of the last date for submission of the admission form.
  • After deducting Rs.200/- from the total amount of the fee paid before the deadline for submission of the admission form, the money will be refunded.
  • Both the last date for submitting an admission form without a late fee and the last date for submitting an admission form with a late fee will be taken into consideration. There will be no refund for any late fees, however.

The applicants shall submit a formal request for reimbursement of (a) to (c) of the above list to the Regional Director responsible. The problems will be resolved as soon as possible if the RC determines that the money is being lent to the IGNOU accounts.


⭐ What is the Fee of IGNOU M.Sc?

The fee structure of IGNOU MSc depends upon the specialization you select to study. The fee structure lies between 10,000 - 35,000.

⭐ Do I have to Pay the Registration fee for M.Sc in IGNOU?

Yes, you have to pay the registration fee while taking the MSc from IGNOU. The fee for registration is Rs. 200 and cannot be reimbursed.

⭐ Is there any Value of an M.Sc from IGNOU?

For those not able to attend normal sessions, MSc from IGNOU is a valuable degree that provides opportunities for entry-level work in the IT field.

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