Which Is Better? IGNOU vs Regular Online & Distance University

Which Is Better? IGNOU vs Regular Online & Distance University

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a famous open university providing online and distance learning courses in various states of India. The question arises which university you should take: IGNOU or Regular University. So, here in this blog, we are going to show you the comparison between IGNOU and Regular Universities.

What is IGNOU?

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the world-famous university for offering various distance and online courses to students. This university is designed to give each area of the economy a great education at a reasonable price. The university was founded in the year of 1985. IGNOU is one of India's oldest and best universities. The UGC and NAAC have an A-grade recognition. AICTE also approved the accreditation of the university and it was recognised internationally. In several areas, IGNOU offers genuine courses and specialisations.

There are 21 schools with a good faculty for all pupils and the university is prevalent in around 67 regional areas. In the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and qualification levels, the university provides a range of courses. Around 677 courses in different specialities are available at IGNOU.

Explanation About Regular Universities

Regular Universities are those universities in which the students need to attend the college regularly to equip the degree of any course. The regular university offers the policy of regular admissions and classroom learning. Some of the examples of regular universities are JawaharLal Nehru University, Lovely Professional University, Indian Institute of Technical University, Thapar University, Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Technology, etc. These regular universities were established to permit access to education to those who are able or willing to attend the regular colleges. Also Find: Distance MBA Oil and Gas Management.

Comparison Between IGNOU and Regular Universities

Criteria IGNOU Regular Universities
Reputation IGNOU is a well-known university across Asia. Regular Universities also hold a reputation. It depends upon the university.
Location IGNOU has a pan-India presence and also has study centres abroad. Regular Universities are situated in a specific place from where you can not get remote learning.
Admission Aspirants can secure admission in IGNOU courses either based on merit or through an entrance exam. IGNOU accepts scores of entrance exams such as IGNOU OPENMAT, NCHMCT JEE etc to offer admission to candidates in different courses offered by it. In the majority of the UG level programmes offered by any regular university, candidates are offered admission based on the cutoff. However, for the remaining UG and PG courses, admission is offered based on a candidate’s performance in the entrance exams conducted by different universities.
Ease of Attending Classes IGNOU has its headquarters in New Delhi but its study centres are spread all over the country as well as abroad. Also, the university is now emerging into the online world and offering online classes to the students. Candidates need to attend regular classes by visiting the college by themselves to complete the course. There is no option of taking online classes and doing self-learning when you are admitted to any regular university.
Study Material The study material provided as part of IGNOU courses is vaster and contains all the information in an easy to understand format so that the distance learners can do self-learning. Students need to buy their study materials from outside of the university. They have the option of learning from different writers.
Fee Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at IGNOU. But the fee range for IGNOU courses is most affordable all over India according to the number of courses offered by the university approximately from Rs 2,400 to Rs 64,800. Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at regular universities. The fees range of the regular universities is very high in comparison to open universities.
Difficulty Level of Exams The level of difficulty of questions asked is moderate in IGNOU exams and aspirants need to be thorough with the subject at hand to perform well in the examinations conducted by the varsity. IGNOU exam papers are evaluated. The level of difficulty of questions asked in any exam conducted by regular universities are extremely highly and apart from this, students often share that strict checking is done by the teachers.

Main Difference Between Open University and Regular University


The open university has an open admissions policy, as well as distance and online learning programmes.

The regular university is a university at which regular admissions and classroom study are available.


There are no affiliated colleges in an open university and have only study centres and institutes but only IGNOU has recognized colleges in India.

The regular university consists of affiliated colleges and has different study centres and institutes.


The Open University was founded to provide higher education to those who are unable to enrol in a traditional university.

The regular university was founded to allow people who are able or willing to attend ordinary institutions access to higher education. Also Find: Distance MBA Business Analytics 2022.


IGNOU is a great choice for you if you don’t want to attend regular classes to get any degree, diploma or certificate at affordable prices while on the other hand, regular universities have their own values. This blog will help you in comparing the regular universities with IGNOU. Hope you will find this blog informative.


⭐ Which University is Better: IGNOU or Regular Universities?

If you want to acquire a degree without attending regular classes from a world-class open university then IGNOU is the best choice but if you can attend regular classes then regular universities are the best option.

⭐ Is IGNOU a Recognized University?

Yes, IGNOU is a recognized university by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various distance and online courses.

⭐ Does the Degree Provided by IGNOU Valuable?

Yes, the degrees provided by IGNOU are extremely valuable not only in India also abroad.

⭐ Is Ignou Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU is valid for government jobs as after completing the course you will get the chance to apply in the private as well as government sectors.

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