What is a cubic foot and how to calculate it?

The term cubic feet is generally used to represent the volume of a cube-shaped or three-dimensional body. Usually, the engineers and engineers and constructors use this term. The term cubic feet represent the product of three lengths in feet.

If a 3D object has a length of 1 ft, a height of 1 foot, and its width is also 1 foot then its total volume is 1 cubic foot. Generally, it is represented by cu ft or ft3. The term cubic feet are the regal unit of 3-Dimensional objects. This term helps engineers to measure the quantity of material used in construction.

Further in this article, we will describe the basic definition of this term, some different scenarios, and ways to calculate the cubic feet will be discussed.

Definition of the cubic foot:

The cubic foot (symbol ft3 or cu ft.) is an imperial and US customary (non-metric) volume unit used in the United States and the United Kingdom.

How to find the volume in cubic feet?

If the length, width, and height are in feet then we can calculate the volume in cubic feet by applying the following formula:

Volume in Cubic feet = Length (feet) * dimension (feet) * Height (feet)

In some cases, we face difficulties to calculate the volume using this formula, because this formula is only applicable when all dimensions are in feet. In the next section, we have provided the conversions to sort out this problem.

Conversion of quantities:

If the length, width, or height of an object is not in feet, then we can convert it. The following conversion methods will help you a lot in this task.

·        Meters to cu ft:

If the given parameters are in meters, the procedure of conversion is quite simple:

  1. Take the internal product of the parameters
  2. Multiply the product by 35.315.


Product of parameters * 35.315 = answer (cubic feet)

·        Yards into cu ft:

If the dimensions (length, width, and height) are in yards then follow the below steps:

  1. Take their product
  2. Multiply the product by “27” and you’ll get the answer in cubic feet.


Product of parameters * 27 = answer (in cubic feet)

·        Centimeters to cu ft:

If the dimensions are given in centimeters, then:

  1. Take the product of the quantities and then
  2. Divide the product by 846, then you’ll get the answer in cu ft.


Product of dimensions / 28316.846 = answer (in cubic feet)  

As we have learned the conversion of other units into cubic feet, now we are going to discuss the conversion of cubic

·        Cubic feet to cubic yards:

To convert a value (cubic foot) to yd3, multiply it by 0.037037 as:

1 Cubic foot = Cubic yards / 27

·        Cubic feet to cubic inches:

We can convert the cubic feet into inches by multiplying the value (in cu ft) by 1728 because 1 cubic foot has 1728 inches in it. After multiplying you’ll get the answer in cubic inches.

·        Cubic feet to cubic meters:

To convert cubic feet into cubic meters simply multiply the value by 0.02832 as:

One cubic foot = 0.02832 m3

1 cubic meter = 35.3147 cubic feet

Examples section:

In this section, we have tried to cover all the steps of calculating the volume in cubic feet. This section contains two subsections.

Section I:

In this section, we will discuss the problems in which the given parameters are in feet.

Example 1:

Evaluate the volume if height = 5.4 feet, length = 13 feet, and width = 29 feet.


Step 1: Extract the data.  

Height = 5.4 ft

Length = 13 feet

Width = W = 29 feet


Volume (Cubic feet) = Length (feet) * dimension (feet) * Height (feet)

Step 2: Putting the given parameters in the above formula

Cubic feet = 5.4 * 13 * 29

Cubic feet = 2035.8 ft3

Example 2:

Calculate the volume of a large cinema hall in cubic feet if:

height = 50 ft

Length = 100 ft

width = 70 ft


Step 1: Extract the data.  

Length = 100 ft.

Height = 50 ft.

Width = 70 ft.

Step 2: Calculation.


Volume (Cubic feet) = Length (feet) * dimension (feet) * Height (feet)

Volume = 70 ft. * 50 ft. * 100 ft.

Volume = 350000 ft3   

To get rid of these lengthy calculations, you can take assistance from the cubic feet calculator and can get a step-by-step solution to the given problem.

Section II:

The problems in which the given data is not in feet are discussed in this section.

Example 1:

A giant uniform cuboid has a length of 3 meters, calculate its volume.


Step 1: Extract the data

As it is mentioned that the giant cuboid is uniform, so the dimension and height will be the same as the length.

Step 2: Conversion

Multiply the data by “3.281” to convert it into feet.

Length = 3 * 3.281 = 9.84 ft.

Width = 3 * 3.281 = 9.84 ft.

Height = 3 * 3.281 = 9.84 ft.

Step 3: Apply the formula.

Volume = Length (feet) * dimension (feet) * Height (feet)

Volume = 9.84 * 9.84 * 9.84

Volume = 952.76 ft3


Step 1: Extract the data

Length = 3 meters

Width = 3 meters

Height = 3 meters

Step 2: Insert the values in the following formula

Length (meters) * width (meters) * height (meters) * 35.315

Volume = 3 * 3 * 3 * 35.315

Volume = 27 * 35.315 ft3

Volume = 952.76 ft3


In this article, we have studied the basic introduction and uses of the term “cubic feet”. We have also studied the basic definition and the most valuable conversions of different units into feet. The method of converting cubic feet into other units is also described briefly.