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MBA Student Can Write Assignments

How MBA Students Can Write Creative Assignments by Using Paraphrasing Tool

Instructors often ask online MBA students to be creative in their assignments. However, sometimes the writing skills alone are not enough to add a unique and innovative factor to your assignment. In such a situation, you can try online paraphrasing tools.

Besides removing plagiarism, a paraphrasing tool has several benefits. Among those benefits is its ability to make the text more creative. But how? Let’s find out the answer to this question through this guide.

This guide will describe the different phases of writing a creative assignment with a paraphrasing tool. So, let’s delve into this discussion without wasting any time.

What Is a Creative Assignment?

The purpose of an assignment is to test the learnings of students. So, in creative assignments, students think outside the box and prove their knowledge about a topic. But assignments will only be creative if they contain an ‘innovative’ factor. That is why students should combine the source material in innovative ways to create a creative assignment.

But before writing a creative assignment, let’s discuss why it is necessary to try a paraphrasing tool.

Is an Online Paraphrasing Tool Essential for Assignments?

Is it necessary to try a professional paraphrasing tool to creatively express the information in an assignment? Let’s find the answer to this question through the reasons to prefer AI-based rephrasing tools.

1.  Provide Accurate Results:

Online paraphrasing tools take assistance from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to paraphrase something. So, they rephrase the text by detecting context. That is why modern-day paraphrase generators work better than content-spinning tools.

2.  Faster Paraphrasing:

The manual procedure of paraphrasing something is a mental process because it involves several phases. For instance:

  • Reading the source text thoroughly to understand its theme.
  • Notifying the key takeaways from the source material on paraphrasing task cards.
  • The actual paraphrasing procedure. But if paraphrasing something ruins its meaning, you will need assistance from quotation marks.
  • Proofreading of the paraphrased information.
  • Checking the plagiarism of paraphrased content.

So, the manual procedure of paraphrasing the information is a lengthy task. But that’s where a paraphrasing tool can help you.

A paraphrasing tool increases the productivity of students because it automates most of the above-discussed steps. However, you will still have to proofread the generated output and check its plagiarism to maintain the quality of work.

3.  Some Additional Benefits:

Everybody knows algorithms work at the back end of paraphrasing tools. That is why such tools can do more than paraphrasing. For example, most AI and NLP-based online paraphrasing tools can:

  • Correct the grammatical errors in the paraphrased version.
  • Improve the vocabulary of content.
  • Bring a better sentence structure.
  • Improve the delivery tone of the content.

Besides these, some paraphrasing tools come with built-in plagiarism checkers. So, if you want to check the plagiarism of paraphrased information, you can try its built-in features.

Now, let’s discuss how students can take assistance from online paraphrasing tools for writing creative assignments.

Writing Creative Assignments With Paraphrasing Tools:

Try the following steps to write a creative assignment with a paraphrasing tool.

1. Research the Appropriate Source Material:

A paraphrasing tool can only rephrase the given text. It can’t produce an effective output if the source material is insufficient. So, the first phase of writing a creative assignment with a paraphrasing tool is the research phase.

In the research phase, open the relevant web pages from the first page of SERPs. Then, take ideas and source content from different web pages without copy-pasting the information. For instance, you can take help from paraphrasing task cards, which come with a poster and four task cards. To keep the research phase organized, you can write key takeaways from each web page in a separate task card.

During the research phase, you should avoid copy-pasting the entire content from a single source because it will come under plagiarism. So, taking information from multiple sources in the research phase is suitable. But suppose the results of the first page are insufficient. In such a case, you should not restrict your research phase to the first page of SERPs.

2. Pick the Desired Paraphrasing Tool:

The next step is the most crucial phase of this guide, as it involves choosing the desired online paraphrasing tool.

Due to the advancement of technology, several online paraphrasing tools are available on the internet. However, you should always choose the one that has positive reviews.

For this, you can take assistance from ‘Quora’ or ‘Reddit’ and ask for other’s opinions about the best paraphrasing tools for students. Similarly, you can also consider a paraphrasing tool’s ratings while selecting it.

Most modern paraphrasing tools work on the GPT-3 and the latest AI (ML and NLP) algorithms to provide the best results. So, when choosing a paraphrasing tool, you should read its working mechanism and identify the technologies it uses.

3. Try Its Different Modes:

Paraphrasing tools take assistance from different AI rephrasing modes to provide the ideal results. In fact, some rephrasing tools have a dedicated ‘Creative’ rephrasing mode. So, you can try that mode to make the content of your assignment more interesting and engaging for your instructor.

4. Check the Plagiarism of the Paraphrased Content:

Undoubtedly, plagiarism is a killer of students’ credibility. So, once you have done everything, the last step is to check the plagiarism of content.

As mentioned earlier, most paraphrasing tools have a built-in plagiarism checking module. So, you can take assistance from that module to check the originality of your work. But if your selected tool has no such feature, you can try a separate plagiarism checker.


Generally, the assignments of MBA students are related to the business world. But sometimes, their assignments can also be related to other topics such as politics or social issues.

Either way, an MBA student should always communicate his ideas clearly and effectively in an assignment. For this reason, many MBA students turn to online paraphrasing tools when writing these types of assignments.

We have prepared a comprehensive blog post to help you understand how Ignou MBA students can use paraphrasing tools for their creative assignments. From the procedure of writing a creative assignment with a paraphrasing tool to the reasons for preferring paraphrasing tools, we have covered everything. So, read the above guide and learn the art of adding creativity to your assignment via paraphrasing tools.

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