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Digital Writing Tools for Supporting Students and Teacher
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Digital Writing Tools for Supporting Students & Teachers

Gone are the days of conventional writing when you had to pick a pen and a paper to write a piece of creative writing, an academic assignment or a job application. In contemporary times, where the digital revolution has taken over the world, technology has found its root in the field of writing as well. Nowadays, all you need to pen down your thoughts is a digital gadget like a smartphone or a desktop.

Moreover, not just professionals belonging to different fields can take the assistance of plenty of online utilities, but also students and teachers in the field of academics. The availability of these services has enhanced the productivity level. In addition to that, these services also provide room for learning new skill sets.

In this blog post, we are going to enlighten you about some of the most remarkable tools that are used worldwide to make the writing process easier. Let’s discuss them below.

Use Online Utilities: Better Your Writing Experience

Writing is a tedious and laborious task, especially when it comes to academic writing. It does require a lot of research and deep study to write down a comprehensive article on any topic. But, you can make your life easier if you have some idea about the below-mentioned tools.

Paraphrasing Tools

A paraphraser is used to rephrase or rewrite a sentence without bringing any change in the meaning. It could be helpful when you have to write numerous articles in a single day as a student. Instead of jotting down every topic from scratch, you can seek help from different sources and gather some chunks related to your topic. Afterward, all you need to do is place that material in an online paraphrasing tool. It will automatically generate a completely new edition on your selected topic that will be free of any kind of plagiarism. 

Similarly, teachers can also seek assistance from such a rephrasing tool while writing research papers if they cannot do enough analysis of the topic due to other academic commitments.

In addition to effective use of technology in writing, there are many other ways in which a teacher or an organisation can utilise it to manage administrative functions. With the way technology is finding new uses in diverse domains, teachers are also using it for management of the overall administrative functions of schools. In addition to writing tools, school management softwares are a handy technological function that allows teachers and in many cases the administrators of schools to efficiently manage their data and school functions in a hassle-free and error-free manner. Such softwares are being increasingly developed by top IT firms and taken up by schools and educational institutions.

Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism checker is another sumptuous facility that can help students and teachers in the writing process. They can easily escape every kind of penalty if they get their work checked through this service before submitting it. There are several such utilities available on the web that are easily accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7, without restrictions. You can find out the best online plagiarism checker and use its services as per your needs.

A plagiarism detector simply highlights any kind of duplicated textual lines in your article, either intentional or unintentional. You just need to paste your text into any of these services, and it will bring forward the results on your screen in a matter of a few seconds. Following the results, you can easily eradicate all the copied text and replace that with the new one. As a result, your academic integrity would not be questioned, and you would be able to win the trust of academia.

Grammar Checker

Some students don’t try to write due to the fear of making mistakes despite being able to pen down extraordinary pieces of information on various topics. They feel that the number of grammatical mistakes in their articles will leave a question mark on their abilities. But that’s not a big issue. They can use a grammar corrector to find grammatical mistakes in their writing. A grammar checker will not only detect their mistakes but also rectify them. As a result, they will not only learn the art of using accurate grammar, but it also boosts their confidence in believing their capabilities of writing.

Text Editor

An online text editor is another outstanding tool that can help in the writing process. An advanced online text editing facility never requires any complicated procedure to follow for creating or modifying the text. Using this service, you can make changes to your plain text file per your needs. This facility allows you to change the font size, bold or highlight the headings and also integrate images into your file to make them look more eye-pleasing.

Google Docs

This is another fantastic facility that helps in writing quicker with a lower error ratio. The built-in intelligence feature of this service saves your time by giving spelling and grammar suggestions. Additionally, you can also easily edit word files online without converting them. The best thing about this facility is that you can edit and create without an internet connection. 

Moreover, the changes you make in documents get saved automatically, and you could also undo those changes by tracking the document history. Furthermore, if you are working in a group, you can share the document link with others instead of sharing the complete document and making the changes per your group commitments.


Technology is a great facilitator of writing, just like every other field, if it is used honestly. This can help in bringing innovation to make the writing process easier and more interesting. However, there must be a fine balance between the relationship between both to maintain the graph of human-oriented knowledge and learning. We really hope that this article has given you enough insight related to the tools helpful for writing.

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